Reiki is the ability to create direct connection with Light Source Energy for the express purpose of creation – of healing, of change, of a better way of life.

Open, Awaken and Activate your Innate Universal Intelligence.



Reiki creates a direct connection to the Universal Light Source Energy that can assist, guide and accelerate your personal and professional growth and development. To open your connection to the power of vibrational/energy healing, to awaken your infinite abilities and to accelerate your capacity to heal, transmute the old and shift into a new shape in your life, wellbeing or business. It also enables you to find clarity, calm and creativity in times of change. Teaches you to calm your mind body connection so you can read situations more clearly. Opens you to new infinite wisdom, new ideas, creativity and concepts that enable you to move through life with more trust, deeper appreciation of the world we live with and to grow a deep appreciation and connection with Earth. And for some, to learn to work with Earth Energies, to activate healing for earth, and all her wonders. And others, to learn to lead. Self, others and improve the way we run and organise our workplaces. Whatever you need help with, you will find a way to improve the result with a little Light on the subject!

  As you step your way through the levels of development, you develop your innate Spiritual Intelligence with guidance, practice and commitment to your own growth, healing and evolution.

SQ is the intelligence with which we:
• Clarify our personal vision and continue to develop and unravel the depth and reality of it.Address, learn and solve problems of meaning and value

• Learn to live with the principles and develop appreciation for our own integrity
• Evaluate our own behaviours and actions for meaning – giving context and understanding to ourselves that opens and develops personal awareness, understanding and sustainable change for self.
• Learn to  see the holistic perspective, the patterns, the connectivity of things in order to see how the presenting events more clearly.
• Are able to assess 1 course of action or life path is more meaningful for ourselves, than the other
• Open to our creativity
• Identify and adjust our personal boundaries by learning, defining, discerning and reframing.
• Learn to discriminate and discern relationships and situations differently
• Provide our own sense of balance in life
• Aim to transcend our current position or lifestyle to raise ourselves above where we are now and move toward greater levels of personal empowerment.
• Learn to create our own sense of purpose and meaning for our lives.

As the Creative Force that lives in the centre of our mind, SQ provides us with the ability to develop higher awareness of our own selves, and to use the knowledge we have gained to solve problems, creatively apply ourselves to moving ourselves beyond our current situation.

It allows us to bring into play ALL the aspect and dimensions of our self that contribute to a holistic lifestyle and transcend all the individual parts and combine them into creating one whole new picture, idea or perspective.

At its very essence – SQ provides us with the avenues and accesses to non linear thinking that keeps us trapped in habitual thinking and behaviour patterns, that ensure we continue to create more of the same for ourselves and enables us to break with the patterns of the past, and create new positive outcomes for ourselves.


Reawaken your connection to Light Source Energy, discover the power of the core values, activate self healing practice and open to higher vibrations of light and healing for self, family & friends. Explore uses, guidance and frameworks to enhance wellbeing. 5 original hand positions taught by Dr Usui, working with water, food, earth and garden for well food creation.


Introduction to human energy bodies, understanding light frequencies, learn 3 powerful healing symbols to improve mental/emotional balancing, distance healing and amplify energy. Explore the power of 7 human energy centres, how we create disease and imbalance, the journey of integrity, why humans don’t heal and 5 stages of the journey of healing. Hands on healing full body treatments for humans, animals and earth energy healing.


‘Medicine’ is the journey of integrity and learning to love again. Explore the power of change and what it means to you, different attitudes of change and a becoming change catalyst.
Explore and activate Master Healing Symbols and the pathway to your own empowerment. Activate deep body healing with light touch massage, moving energy blockages with light and colour.
Invocation of Unification, integrity to impeccablilty, pillars of perserverance. Commitment to excellence & self leadership

LEVEL 4 – Sacred Earth Craft

In Sacred Earth Craft we learn to step into the sacred earth energy, to work with the natural resources of Earth itself, to appreciate its ancient history and how we can assist, guide and help with the massive work that is needed to be done to represence the earth energy that is so badly being eroded at this time.  Here you will lean deeply into your intuitive creative self, developing spirit sight and presencing energies, working with light, expanding your own light body to connect and communicate with Nature Spirits,  working with pure creation energy. Working as light wave, energy, signatures, love as source. Step into Earth Energies, structures, ages, earthscapes, teachers and totems. Spirit of Sky, Water, Air Earth, Fire. Sacred Earth Craft.

LEVEL 5 – High Level Healing

Working in Quantum. 12 Constellations of Light Source, Stepping into Power. Discoveries re personal power, tribal, transactional and transformational. Leadership definition, communication styles, designing the future through Achievement Commitment & Trust. Visioning & Value Creation.