Hello and a very warm welcome to my studio.

I have been a visual communicator most of my working life engaged in advertising, marketing, creative agencies, public relations, promotions and a solid decade in international brand management.

My self led initiation into painting began in 2001,  in a cold, damp boat shed on a 10 acre block in Rotorua in the middle of winter. I had 6 brushes, a few tubes of paint, a table built out of an old door, a mat to stand on, layers and layers of clothes and a large 1.4m canvas. The Navigator came into being.

The sheds have changed shape and location over the years, including a few in Northern NSW.

The current shed is in Whitianga, the toolkit has expanded, the lessons have morphed from teaching myself to teaching others, running workshops, paint and sip events and carefully selected private coaching.

My days range from working with clients on their marketing and communications planning and campaign design, developing commissions with clients and working on my own visual art, sculpting and continuing to learn and develop the skills and competencies that art gives us.


In the page that follow you will find a small selection of work available for sale,  ideas for teambuilding and workshops to assist develop the acumen of art and creativity in your business. I also run weekend ‘escapes’ to help you kick start your art journey.  

If you would like to learn more – I would love to connect and have a chat about what I can do to guide your path through the deep learning that art provides.


Looking forward to chatting soon!
Love and bless




I am committed to a life with purpose, I invest in others for impact – developing the skills and competencies of self leadership through conscious living and creative intelligence, to create a culture of care.

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