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My work as a spiritual artist and sacred communicator enables me to create works of art that are unique within their own right.  I have a huge passion for colour and texture as well as working with the Sacred Divine Light Source.

In my work as a spiritual mentor I facilitate the changes needed within the human biology and biography to align clients closer to their soul and spirit and bring forward more of their authentic alignments.


The art is a byproduct of years learning to communicate visually, downloading energy and tapping into the unique vibrational frequencies of earth in order to find new ways of living and healing, primarily myself and more recently working with others in this new era of vibrational change.


My art is designed specifically in order to connect you with the earth changes, to bring forward earth stories and human relevance to those images.

I teach spiritual intelligence individually because I believe that each of us is here for our own specific purpose and no one size fits all. 

I hope you enjoy the artwork!



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