“The only healing worth undertaking is one that creates enduring and sustainable change for the greater good.” 

 Reiki is a holistic energy medicine that is practiced around the world.

Brought into being by Dr Usui in 1922, Reiki enables us to develop direct connection with life source energy, to use the energy to heal ourselves, to create positive change in our lives, to lead ourselves more effectively, to begin to use the energy to heal others and earth.  

Through the daily practice of Reiki you can expect to improve your vibrational frequency, shift your mind set, heal your heart of life events,  increase your depth of resilience, learn to handle your triggers differently, find gentle loving care, nurture and unconditional love  is only a thought away.

  • “The mind acts like a beacon – where you point it is what you create, attract or end up finding’. Reiki enables us to move ourselves through the causes of suffering and to cultivate the causes of happiness.”

Reiki has numerous benefits across the spectrum of life, health and overall wellbeing, quality of life and even in business.

For those that are seeking treatments, Reiki can assist on all levels of physical, emotional and mental discomfort, gently guiding the resolution of old injuries, surgeries, rehabilitation and cognitive functioning clearing the fog and brain fatique of executive burnout.

Learning Reiki, adopting the philosophies and bringing yourself into attunement with the life source energy enables you to experience the ability to heal yourself, balance your own chakra and energy systems and to give rise to the changes your seek to create in your own life through the gentle dissolving of old fears and outdated belief windows.

As you advance to Level 2, you are invited after training & certification to establish your own practice, to start to work with others, earth and animals if you so choose. At this level you learn 3 of the sacred symbols that enable you to move energy, to work with light and condition the causes of pain and suffering from the past, and to effectively learn how to create distance healing.

Level 3 – Master Healer Teacher enables you to begin the journey of Empowerment – learning to take the power for the greater good of all.  Here you learn 9 dimensions of leadership for self and eventually learning to work and lead others with the foundation of Reiki firmly at the core of your being and business.

 Beyond those 3 levels, I also teach 2 more – Sacred Earth Craft and also Living as Light working in the Quantum Field that enables you to move through higher dimensions of light and working with Light Source Energy, establishing a working relationship with the Elders of Earth and learning how to actively engage Reiki in your business and for a rare few, to move further through the dimensions to become highly skilled, well grounded, proficient and professional energy healers.  



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