Lightworkers are defined as those beings on earth who have the unique ability to work with light, to unify their energy fields with earth and heaven, to combine and command light for the greater good of all and to bring peace to earth.

We are here on earth at this time to move the energies, to shift the polarities and create unification of all beings on earth for the greater good of all.

We have a deep sense of mission and overriding purpose to our lives and find ourselves completely unsettled when we are not in alignment with that purpose.


A few other dimensions of our reality include:

  1. Learning to live within the realms of light bridging the light between heaven (universe) and earth

  2. We are comfortable with creating change and have a deep resolution that things can be better than they are right now

  3. We have a deep or evolving connection with Earth and the realms of earth including ocean, water, sky, tree and other tribes of earth.

  4. We have some insight or understanding of the larger creative process inaction at this time

  5. We are committed to our own vision/mission and working towards making it happen

  6. Committed to the PATHWAY  of continual learning, growth and development of our skills and craft. We operate with the power of Integrity, embrace the concepts of excellence and raising the current global awareness to operating from a position of  Truth, Unconditional Love, standing in our own light and power. 

  7. We are committed to working with the White Light and Higher Intelligence for the greater good of all on earth and its journey.


Experience Matters

Choosing a lightworker to assist with your healing journey, or your training and development in this amazing  craft – is critical.

You need to know:

– that they have done the work themselves and are continuing to work on their personal growth and evolution.

-that they have a solid foundation for their craft and that they are operating from a place of integrity and unification

– that they are actually working with the Family of Light, Beings of Light, Angels and Above.

For me, the work began when I became a Reiki Master/Healer Teacher and then evolved to training with Charles Virtue as an Angel Practitioner in 2008.  From there, my work was led by the Sacred Earth Elders of Australia where I learnt to connect and communicate directly with  Beings of Light on Earth, the Cosmic star tribes and Sacred Earth Elders.

I have dedicated my life to this work for over 23 years and can assure you, it’s both challenging and rewarding.  It pushes you to the boundaries of your own understanding about life on earth and at times you will be pushed to move through your own self imposed limitations.

And you will rise, stronger, more powerful, more forthright and less interested in the colour of your toe nails and more interested in the light of the sky, the colour of the trees and reality of the world that exists around you.

If you are ready to become a warrior of light, then I hope the following pages give you some inspiration and insight into the journey we will be taking.

I teach in person classes around New Zealand and am in the process of organising suitable venues for these to now activate. If you ware interested in becoming part of the rising revolution of light, then please do email me or connect direct so we can discuss what you are looking for.

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