The Homecoming

Tribes of sails head for the mainland after years away at sea. Radiant light casts itself into the world through the colours of the Sacred Rainbow arching behind.

However you see the light it will shine and reflect just as the mighty light reflects on the water, the energy of the sail in full regale gives sense of power, movement and momentum to those who choose to sail their own journey. Being alone, is not alone. You are always present in the Presence of the Great Ones.




Phoenix Rising

21 October 2019 Visions of Phoenix risings from ashes, new beginnings, healing, strength, health, vitality, love, self love. Welcome this day dear one from the tribes of light who work with you in this sacred space as you move from conflict and deeper into your own...

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Love is the journey.

  Love is a many faceted and multidimensional ‘thing’. An energy within its own right, love has the ability to carry you through the most challenging of situations, to clear your mind, to open your heart and to enable you to become more than you currently are and are...

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Power of Chaos – The ReCreation Story

  Power of Chaos - acrylic and mixed media on canvas. with crystals and resin. As many of you know I work predominately as a Spiritual Artist, and I have been nudged to I pull this out of the studio and share it with you right now. Why now? It's important at this...

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The Renaissance of Love

Love of earth, love of all creatures. love of people. love of life. Love that knows no boundaries, no constraints and certainly no limitations. Love that invokes a unique sense of wisdom, clarity and unification of all aspects of self.  Love that unites, grows...

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Our Deepest Wish

Our deepest desire is not to know that we can make money and be successful…. Our deepest desire is to know that we are loved and lovable That we are part of some bigger picture That our lives count for something and are of value. That we ourselves have a sense of...

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Turn the World

Spiritual Intelligence has for centuries been limited to the realms of the philosophers, visionaries, clairvoyants and religions but consider this. What if  – every day people like you and me, could learn to access the power of that intelligence and learn a whole...

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I give you Me

I hold the earth in my orbit as a mother holds the child in her hands. I carry your world and life in mine. I turn your world, I breath life into your being. I blow seasons and winds of change in ways you do not, cannot see. I swirl the oceans with my finger in sacred...

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I see you

“I see You” she said. “I see you, each and every one of you. I see your light, I see your joy, I see your essence,  I see your powers of recovery from where you have come from and I see how amazing you are.  I do what I can to give you love, to give you...

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Lean ‘Up’

“If you give me the pen I will write it for/with you”  she said…. In todays world we spend a lot of time loking down. Looking down at mobile phone screens, looking down at the floor, down at each other and even worse, down at ourselves. We have a remarkable rate...

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I am here

I am the stars, I am the sky I have the power to make you fly I am the earth I am the sea I am the heart through which you see The world, the life, the smallest pea All intrinsic parts of me I am Goddess I am Fire I am LIght I am the one you pray to in the night. I am...

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You are Me & I am You

“What is Spiritual Intelligence?” I asked “An interesting question you pose today dear one.  The power to access your infinite wisdom and that of the universe lies within you. In order to learn to listen, to feel that sacred voice first you must learn to depart...

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Take the stage

The star maiden took her place on the stage and softly the lights changed and dimmed leaving the massive hall in beautiful serene darkness. the audience rustled and shifted, stopped and sat silent waiting for her to appear like the Goddess she was known to be. On...

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Rise up Tribes of Light

Star Walker stood in her own space, her feet planted deeply in the sand. The cast of the moons light followed its own path, an almost direct silver gossamer bridge to earth upon which she could travel. This night, on the eve of the new moon, she stood quiet, soft and...

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At the deepest core of my being

The journey to loving self again is a 5 stage process that leads you from uncaring about yourself through to learning to reconnect with Pure Love and all of Life. A couple of years ago my medical professional offered me a prescription to ‘get me through’ a few weeks....

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