As a full time artist and teacher, I am constantly challenged to learn more, discover more and connect with more light and colour through my work.  Art provides a powerful vehicle for development as well as  a significant catalyst for connection and downloading information, expanding self knowledge and visual story creation. Beyond telling the story, Art for me create pathways that teach me where and how to create, evolve and shift my perceptions, challenge my current reality.  

The images in The Gallery are a hand picked selection of the current work in the studio and are all available for sale.

All work is created on locally NZ created high quality canvas and are usually mixed media – including watercolour, acrylic, inks, texture and different methods to achieve the results we are looking for. 

Please connect direct if you are interested in one of the pieces – costs exclude packing, freight and insurance.


Sacred Geometries

Modern #1

60 x 90 cm on Canvas

Acrylic, Charcoal & Mixed Media

New energy, new vibrations for earth and new beginnings as we emerge forward through the old paradigms and into the new light that await.



Modern #2

102 x 102cm

Acrylic, Charcoal & Mixed Media.

Sacred symbols of peace and harmony representing the harp of light activating new song lines through life and country.



Good Morning Sunshine

60 x 90 cm Mixed Acrylic on Canvas

Morning drive over the hill from Matarangi to Kuaotunu after long sunrise walks – sunshine bouncing new beginnings into the land and ocean – higher light and brighter days are coming!



Mid Summer Roadie

60 x 90 cm Mixed Acrylic on Canvas

Camping gear loaded, the mid summer road trip revealed all kinds of stories and situations. Memorable moments driving on dusty gravelled roads, hot summer sun scorching the land and the smell of dry earth through the car windows.  Gold rays stream forth from sunrise through the heat of the day. Whats around every bend is a new story of heat, drought and hot summer days. 


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