Spirit Speaks

Working with Spirit is part of my amazing career and offers YOU the opportunity to connect directly with the Spiritual Realm and  High Level Guidance including the Angelic Realm for your own growth and development.

Working with different communication tools including writing, cards, crayons and drawings, or direct channeled communication you are offered insight and direction into your life story to guide, clarify and assist with your life purpose. Due to high demand, sessions are strictly by appointment and must be booked in advance. 

Hands on Healing

Working on the Reiki  Table has similar benefits to massage - deep relaxation but on a completely different level. 

You remain fully clothed, are led through a simple quiet visualisation to shift into quiet space and then we begin working through your energy body to identify and recalibrate areas of disturbance that require shifting in order for your energy to flow more fluently. 

Your body is relaxed, your mind is put to peace and you emerge lighter, brighter with less tension and a greater sense of calmness.

Also great for alleviation of painful body pain including sciatica, neck and back pain, muscle fatique and rebalancing mental and emotional issues.  

Spiritual Development

Working with Spirit takes courage, time and investment of self and at times, having a spiritual mentor enables your growth and development,  guiding you to explore your own gifts and talents, to find clarity and solutions and to support you through your transitions zones. Students are encouraged to walk with GRACE and to learn the true value of their own craft.

Foundations learnings include core modules to build strength, courage and trust and then learning is tailored to the individual passions.

For further information about tailoring your own development plan, please contact me. 


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