The concept of meditation is ancient and brings us great many benefits across all aspects of our life - including health, wellness, attitude, ability to work positiively with the realities of change and developing trust.

It gives  us a 'method' to learn to access a different perspective, higher wisdom and opens the gates to new knowledge and attitudes that enables us to live happier, healthier lives.

Like all things - it only works when you do it and like any muscle, it takes time, effort and attention to grow the right balance and harmony within self and to find our own unique style.

Many of my clients move to music, do yoga, run or swim and ask me .... why do I need to meditate. 

Answer - you don't - but it will help you to improve your results.

It takes us into learning to by pass the conscious mind and step change our performance and move ourselvse into the creative centre which in turn changes our cellular structure and opens new neurons and pathways that give us the internal confidence to change what we are doing externally.

If you would like your own personal copy of the guidebook I use with all my students, please  email me for your personal pdf!

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