Standing Strong



Designed to give you time to GROW  each of the workshops is crafted to provide you with a different aspect of your personal or professional development. Time and space to  reflect, observe, grow and move into new frontiers of your own knowledge and craft deeper appreciation for the work you are creating. 

STRATEGY First - 2 day workshop

Your business is a unique and intrinsic expression of your own journey and like art, it needs time to move, grow, change and evolve with your new learnings and inspirations. It also needs a good dose of reality to keep you on track, focussed and aligned with your own sense of direction and outcomes that you want to create for yourself.

Strategic Planning from the beginning gives you the right tools, provides clarity re actual direction, builds the right roadmap and enables you to make informed and accurate choices re your marketing, target audience, appreciation for their needs and understanding how to speak to them in a way that meets their needs and yours.

Finding YOUR Voice in the clutter of the current environment requires a sharpness and skill that is lost by mass media marketing. 

This 2 day workshop will give you the tools and space to review and refresh your thinking, consolidate current strengths, design strategies to address areas that need improvement or shoring up, to identify where you need new resources and find a new sense of motivation, confidence and commitment to where  you are going and what you are doing.

Reality check -  Its not sexy,.  But if you want real confidence in your own abilities this will enable you to find the course of action that you need in order to create the first step on your journey to becoming the business owner you want to be. 


Beliefs & Boundaries - 1 day workshop

Pivotal to your marketing success is to understanding the 'core conditioning' of your own beliefs and self imposed boundaries that in turn will be subconsciously limiting your ability to perform at the levels that you want to. Your beliefs determine the results you achieve.

By taking a journey through the knowledge bank of your current foundations you will learn where you are holding yourself back, how you are limiting your own performance and design new strategies to kick down the walls to your radiant self and build the business forward.  It also enables you to find a new way to speak to your audience with confidence, congruency and consistency that they need to begin their process of engaging with you the right way. 


Creating Clarity - See the Vision  - 1 day workshop

Combining the power of creative and strategic self we take you on a journey through different  core dimensions of life and business in order to help you 'see' what you need to see about what you are truly aspiring to.  Often we 'hide' the truth from ourselves with different distractions and this workshop is designed to strip away the clutter and get you on path and on purpose.


Sabbatica Xtrentia - the Journey Back to Love 


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