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the journey back to soul self

Composition of Learnings


Walk Gently


Messages from Home


In the beginning


The Invitation


Turning the world

Accepting the Force


Significant Self



Awakening of Spiritual Self

Essence of Spiritual Intelligence

Power of Integrity



Participle #1    Meditation


7 Steps to new insights


Participle #2    Emerging New Balance Point

Dynamic Integration


Balance Point


Participle #3    Learning to Listen

Listening &  Discerning

Comprehensive listening


Participle #4    Leading Self


Accepting responsibility



Participle #5    Multidimensionality

Disciplines of



Participle #6    Visioning

We are what we seek

Old vs New





Participle #7    Being all the Love you are







Participle #8   Creating new Perspectives



Becoming Integrity


Participle #9    Pathway home

The Encounters

Counter forces of Personal Evolution

Celebrating Fear

Authentic Confidence

Confront the Power of Pain

Creating with the Energy of the Future


 Walk gently upon this earth for the world will hear

All that you are

And all that you are being

Be as light as a feather

And filled with GRACE

For all that is life

Is filled with the richness of purity and light

Know that your life

Is about to begin

For the essence of being

Comes from deep within.

Open to the power

Of all that you are

And let your light shine

No matter where you are.

And so it is, now and forever more.

Messages from Home

Sabbathica – The Sacred Journey Home


Sabbathica is dedicated to the ancient beings of light who govern this planet, who guide and restore our balance, who, through their gentle guidance bring us back to the place inside ourselves that we hold of the utmost value. That place of truth, of light and of being the greater being that exists inside ourselves.  The wiser, truer energy that works with us for the highest good of all mankind, creatures and the planet.


Sabbathica is a journey of light, for light, because of light and brings humans to a new awareness, an awakening of our truth, our authentic selves, a place of light, of love, of goodness.


Sabbathica is dedicated to the numerous beings of light, guides, guardians and teachers that work endlessly to help those of us in search of a greater meaning, truth context and the lightworkers way.


For ours is a journey that is guided by the heavens, by the great unseen in the wider scheme of things, and the knowledge that we carry inside us.  It governs our lives as an unseen calling that few ever take the time to acknowledge or listen to and provides the constant calling to go ‘home’.


This inner calling, the quiet inner desire to ‘go home’ calls many on the journey to the light, and brings with it a number of challenges, temptations.  The pull to get in to the dramas and energy demands of the past and our need to be as others would have us be,   to have the courage to walk away from the conformity of life as we know it, and to truly learn to trust the power and the calling of the inner voice.


Only in this way do we learn to understand the true power of who we are.  Only in this time and space as we walk the path, do we learn that we are truly more than we ever thought possible, and that our lives could actually consist of a great deal more.  That we could BE, a great deal more.


The ultimate goal is love.  A real, unbending love that is all things in the universe of life.  Love that goes beyond the pull of carnal knowledge ( sex as love, as touch as love, as words as love, doing for others as love).  It takes us on a journey into new realms of trust, truth, challenge and control, and brings us to a new point of understanding about ourselves, our true identity and our true sense of wonder at life itself.


This journey happens for all of us, at some time in our evolution, and as more and more souls begin to resonate with the new energy of the coming times it will become apparent that we have laid dormant for many years waiting for this time.  For the time is now, to begin the journey to the light, and to open yourself to the point of power that lies in your life.  This power is not power as others would know it.  This power comes from a deep and intrinsic sense of rightness, born of the power of integrity and knowledge of self, unified and encased in the human body.


This journey is the journey that allows the inner callings of home to be the leader, and to be followed, in trust, in faith and in authenticity that allows each being to find their own way home.  To the light.  In whatever way is right for them.


This journey enables and allows you to remain true to who YOU are, and not become a by-product of all the different principles and requirements of those around you or conforming to the latest trend or myth, or hype.  This journey is quiet, it is done of and for yourself because you are called to do it.  Wanting to do it, is not the same.  You, those of you, who have this calling in you will know.  You will respond to the words on the pages, you will know within yourself that this is what you want and you will know that you are in the ‘right’ place. 


There will be times that you will plateau, that you will get frustrated, that you will want to walk away.   And you will always come back to the journey, wherever is right for you to begin again.  That may be three steps backward, it may be on a different road, but the path is the same.  The journey home is the same end result.  So trust yourself and your own inner wisdom to know what is right for you.  Know that at any point in time you are being the best you can be and that nothing in the world will compare to the feeling that you get when you learn that you have joined the dots, found some more pieces of the jigsaw and put more of the journey behind you. Know that wherever you are, you are a student, because you can never be anything more in this lifetime.  There are no grand masters here, only those who have walked the path longer than others.  And still we learn.  Still we learn that we have more to clear, more to heal, more to bring to light of ourselves.  Know too, that all your darkness is a good and healing place, for in these places lies the greatest clues of our healing and the greatest ‘medicine’ of all. (‘Medicine’ is based on the ancient cultures of dealing with the whole, bringing into harmony that which is out of balance, and takes the form of talking, listening, herbs, vibrational medicines, and physical exercise).


Sabbathica is that journey. That walking forward in your life, to find your true purpose, your own voice, your own light and the inner radiance that we know exists.


Give yourself time to learn the steps to your inner wisdom, and you will find that you have more knowledge, greater understanding, and a wiser and more gentle approach to life regardless of where you come from or who you have been.

Essence of Teachings:

The essence of all teachings is the ability to learn to develop our innate Spiritual Intelligence and foster our inner wisdom through the power of integrity.  The ability to learn to discern the correct energy balance between the future and the past, developing the self discipline to carry on in the face of adversity and perceived challenge.   Knowing self beyond all things is the one mantle that we can truly own – beyond physical, material and industrial.  Knowledge of self is the most powerful thing we can cultivate – beyond money, material possessions and the materialistic self.  Self knowledge brings the value of the being to the full sense of worth and intrinsic understanding of the life path that we must take.  Regardless of those around us who would have us do it a different way or those we see doing it differently.


Stay in peace, throughout your journey.  Know that conflict is your friend and the greatest tool for teaching you where you are out of alignment with self and others, and that through the power of differentiation and alignment with the true infinite power of yourself, you awaken the learnings of the ancients and provide yourself with the ability to learn to become all things in your own life.


This is not a journey done as a team – but it is a journey that requires a few great ‘friends’ who are with you along the way.  They may be doing it their way, but it helps to know that you are not alone, and that somewhere along the way, the experience and learning that you have one day, will serve others in a different way.


Live long and prosper

Elohim of Light

In the beginning….there was only pure light.  The essence of all being came through from the power of light and our existence today is dependant on our ability to learn to reconnect with the essence of all that we are.  Regardless of the science, the power of light’ whatever you perceive it to be, is the one thing that remains constant in this universe, and the one thing, that with it, all life would wither and die.

What we are about to share with you is the journey that has been immortalised through time and space, and one that is sacred to those who walk the path of truth, justice and unconditional love.  Your role is to listen, to learn, and to participate where you are required, but ultimately to take this truth and learn to live with as much of it as you can.  For now is the time, the hour of greatest need in the history of humanity for each and every being on earth to learn to remember, who they are, why they are here, and what they are here to do.


Yours is the simplest job of all, all you have to do it listen.  And be.


In the beginning there was, as we said only pure light.  This light is the foundation of the world and is the original reality upon which all of life is based.  When we speak of the Original Reality, our understanding of that is this.  The original reality is the core essence, nucleus of all beings and their universal, original reality.  If all beings can learn to accept the power of evolution, and as part of that evolution the history of mankind can be rewritten into a new way of thinking and being for everyone.

In the beginning the world existed as a place of peace, harmony and all was divinely integrated for the purpose of bringing maximum light for the planet and those who inhabited her.  There was peace on earth, and the power and balance of life was created through the individuals ability to transcend the lower body emotions of anger, greed, selfishness, hatred, aggression, victim -hood and slothfulness, for the purpose of bringing themselves to a higher sense of life and a higher way of being.  The principles, morals and ethics of the time were beyond that currently experience by the human race and were largely dependant on the individuals ability to transcend the need to be either masculine or feminine and to bring their lives into complete unity by working and operating from the combined platform of strength, created by focussing on the power of creation, and maximising their ability to create by unifying the dynamic forces of both the masculine and feminine.

(The power of the masculine energy enables us to align with logic and power of the rationale mind, the power of the feminine aligns us with the power of feeling and sensing.  Combining these two energy fields enables us to learn to experience life on a different plane or platform.  To then align ourselves with a higher consciousness enables us to bring about the changes in our own lives and the lives of those around us for the purpose of enabling the whole of creation to evolve.  This any many more aspects will be covered in the coming days and you will discover new and different perspectives of truth from within yourself and those you work with).

In those days there were no boundaries or limitations on what was ‘right’ to believe, and there are many different points of ‘lineage’ that lead us to understanding the appreciation of both the feminine and masculine energies was embraced and used for the benefit of all beings.

The days of change and separation came about through the misappropriation of sacred knowledge being taken from the ‘pagan’s (in Latin pagan means country district or village dweller) and turned into something evil and unclean by those who would prefer to have influence over the wealth and wealthy.  The ‘Pagans’ were punished for living their own authentic life, based on the heritage and traditions of their people, their tribes.  The drive for social and political conformity annihilated the traditions of valuing the earth, the elements, the sky the power of the divine in the great landscape of life, and all power was re-allocated to those ‘in power’.  As far back as the ancient civilisations (Egypt, the Mayans, the Celts, and the Moors) all held their own unique way of honour the greatness of all life.  And all roads lead to the same end.  

And today we stand in awe as we try to relearn what they already knew, before the real knowledge was extinguished.  That the power of life is light – from the sun, from the universe, and that without the sun, the moon will not exist without the rain the earth will wither and die, without the ability to learn to flourish from within the soul of man will wither and hide, dormant, awaiting for the day that it can be reincarnated to rise again.

The Invitation

Begin a journey into the future like never before

A great many ideas in this frame will challenge and upset you, and for that we do not apologise.  We give you this text now solely for the purpose of opening your heart and mind to the possibilities that exist beyond your own limitations and invite you to consider what lies beyond the doors and shutters of your current thinking, and hope that one day you might consider that these words, concepts and ideas are worthy of living, of dusting off and bringing back ‘into the light of day’.

The Aspiration

Understanding the Challenge


The power of the present lies in our ability to discern our own truth and understand the powers that lie latent within, and for the development of our own ultimate truth, unconditional love, and the creation of our own lives.  The traditional models for motivation have withstood the tests of time, and for a number of years we have held the concept of the aspiration of the soul as being something that we get to ‘later’.

In the beginning there was love, light, simplicity and life was as we say, uncomplicated.  The advent of all the ages of man have led us through the mechanical, industrial, technical and cyber space developments but still we struggle as a race with our fundamental human needs for a sense of understanding, purpose, meaning and context to our lives – the answer to the ultimate questions like – what is this all for, what am I here for, why am I here, what am I here to do?

A great many models and ideals have been built on the frame of understanding the power of the material and physical as the driving forces for life.  Ours differs from this as we are learning to understand the relationship between the forces for change, and the process of evolution that humans are engaged with and the emergence of the new, younger generations brings a new way of being into the mix of life as we know it. 

Turning the World

Hierarchy of Needs

This is a model that many has used, honoured and gained great understanding of the power of human motivation, and understanding of many great aspects of our lives.  Countless of us, from a number of generations, have lived with, lead with, managed by and learned to be comfortable with.


The creator of this well known and well loved theory of motivation, Maslow, invited us to consider that  each of us need to fulfil basic human needs before we are able to reach a point of Self Actualisation.  The point of realising and developing our own human potential for life, for fulfilling our own purpose and for doing what we came here to do - follow our passion and create the life we want to live.

He also offered that when one of the lower areas was threatened, we would retreat downward into that ‘zone’ again to correct the imbalance and then when we felt ‘safe’ would revert to the level of development we had previously attained. 

The three key components of his Hierarchy of Needs are as follows:

  • Individuals are motivated by the desire to fulfil certain needs
  • These needs are arranged in ascending order of importance
  • That all people have the same array of needs.

It puts the reality of our world firmly in the need for physical comfort, for seeking approval and acceptance from others and firmly puts the focus on achieving ones true potential at the end of the human development chain.

Admittedly, through the process of maturation, or evolution we all at times feel the need to address certain aspects of life to recreate the balance required, however, this does not need to be at the expense of our own true and natural selves.

Equally, this idea that we have lived and used for so many years brings nothing to the conversation about the evolution of the individual beyond the realms of Self Actualisation, and the great beyond.   It speaks of nothing to do with the evolution beyond the physical and emotional, and leave the entire conversation of spiritual intelligence off the agenda.

In today’s environment and acceptance of Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence, we must by now start considering that there is more to the process of human motivation and development, than simply the physical, social and hierarchical needs of the being.

The model we are about to introduce you to, puts the responsibility for our happiness and evolution firmly within our own grasp, and challenges many of the traditional models and beyond.

Significant Self

The Inner Being

Proposes that when the individual focuses the development and fostering of the original states of self,  that all other elements of the creation of that being align with that express purpose and bring to the individual, the life that they are destined to live.  This in co-existence with the divine laws of the universe provide the being with the ability to create a new reality for themselves, in a pathway that is more closely aligned with the process and powers of evolution.

It brings into being a new sense of ‘reality’ for self and those around us, that enables us to learn that when things are ‘right’ in our own space, we are ‘right’ in our space with others.  It shares the frame of self leadership and our ability to provide for self and others, by honouring that which is within self, for the greater good of all, but not at the expense of self.  It brings new sense of order – not of selfishness, but of selflessness, as we learn to strip away the conditioning and demands of materialistic living, and brings us into new realms of self understanding and our role in the world.  It brings us into direct alignment with our requirement to BE ourselves as only our inner selves knows, understands and appreciates.

It brings into being a further dimension of being, that enables the individual to learn to be led from a different direction – the force of self, rather than the force of physical need.  It brings into conversation, the point of discussion that if beings are evolutionary, and the world has moved on, then why has our sense of motivation not moved on?

If, the generations of today, have the majority of the physical needs and requirements taken care of, does it not make sense that their start point is vastly different from those of the past?  And if, when viewed in context of the new young adults that are emerging in the world, would it not appear that they have some inner knowing about themselves that we as adults have strived for years to understand? 

In as much as it puts the concept of self actualisation at the centre or core of the individual and that this could be misconstrued as selfish or self centred, these doctrines are those based on ego rather than love.

In the fullness of time the individual will learn that trust, faith, truth, unconditional love and the ability to create with their own light and power, provides them with the full sense of purpose, context, meaning and fruition of all that they are and are capable of rather than conforming with the older manifestation of success and materialism.

‘Collectively’ we admit that we ‘know’ that when the individual is happy, centred, and calm and engaged in their passion, they are more productive, happy and balanced and the need for material or external gratification becomes secondary. Yet we continue to live by the old model.

However the essence of the concept is that when we are focussed on the cultivation and fosters of our Significant Inner Self, when we are ‘on’ centre, ‘on’ strategy and working with our inner guidance, talents, strengths, thus utilising and trusting in what we are, our connection with the world, ourselves and others, we increase ability to create and to empower ourselves and those around us.

That energy then flows through all aspects of our lives, through our job, our career, our relationships, as we learn to live with our Significant Inner Being for ourselves, and leave others to learn their own lessons and do what is right for them.

And when we align with a higher will in our lives for the highest good of others we make space in our lives for a greater and more significant self to continue to emerge.

The essence exists within each and every one of us to consciously open ourselves to the infinite power that lies within, and to learn to foster, evolve and emerge as ‘light’ beings, creative, joyful and heartfelt, aligned with the highest form of evolution known today and live our lives as the purest form of integrity.  Aligned in every movement of our day, with ourselves, awake, alert, attuned, connected with ourselves, with our source, and with the knowledge that we are living our ultimate truth.  We are living our ultimate life.  We are living the highest form of life available at this time – as an enlightened, evolved being, fully committed and completely aligned to their own life path, as part of the divine plan, for the greater good of all humanity.

To learn to live our life as ‘light’ in our own lives, to create and accept love in all forms, within our ‘human’ physical identity.  We have lived and walked the path of separation for centuries, deliberately and consciously walking away from the deep intrinsic inner knowing that we are light, with an infinite capacity for love, and that we are the essence of the universe that we live in and that we are creating.  Continually.

How does it work?

The 12 invitations form the cradle or vessel through which we are able to learn to move and grow our awareness and learn to operate from a higher level of personal integrity than we previously experienced.  As we learn to live and grow into each of the 12 invitations of the White Star Sutras with growing confidence, we learn to step into new ways of thinking, feeling and being with ourselves and those around us.  It takes us through our own unique journey of discovery, as any and all of the sacred teachings do – for the express purpose of inviting new realms of knowledge, connection and catharsis into our lives.

So how do we achieve this?

The Need:

Above and beyond all things, our own need for things to be different for ourselves provides us with the motivation to become ‘transparent’ and stand in the place of openness and grace.

The Belief:

The ultimate belief that we can achieve it, we can be love, we are love and we are being all the love we are, in that moment. 

The Responsibility:

We give our self permission to create something different with our lives and to take responsibility for that creation rather than following the ‘norm’ based society we live in and to truly, deliberately move ourselves back to the Essence of all we are.

Responsibility to ourselves, to our healing, our own destiny and the alignment with our pure potential are what motivate us to continue our learning, self evolution while trusting that all happens in divine right time, and that nothing is ever a co-incidence.


Empowerment is a state of being that we achieve when we move beyond the mind set and behaviours of dependency and learn to lead ourselves to create the life that we desire and require for ourselves. 

Empowerment requires us to live in a continual state of self evolution and generative understanding for the root cause of our beliefs and conditioning that make us behave in particular ways, and to bring to the surface the need, desired out come and to learn to put that outcome at the fore front of our behaviour and to then learn to bring that outcome into being – for ourselves.  Free from dependency and expectation that others will do it for us, achieve it for us, or even enable us along the way.  For ours is a life of simplicity – determined by our own ability to rid ourselves of complexity, fear and being ridden with concern of what others think about us, to and learn to stand in our own light and power fuelled by the passion and light of love. 

The Light at the end of the Tunnel

Learning to create our own light, learning to be our own guidance, learning to listen, to truly engage in the power of listening is the force of life that so many of us seek in our relationships with others.  Learning to stand on our own, connected and aligned with the power of the universe, engaged and content in the knowledge that we are ourselves the creative force in our own lives, challenges and confronts us beyond measure.  Learning to live with the challenge, to respond and even accept that challenge is what leads us from strength to strength in our lives – creating the character that develops the back bone of our inner selves.  For only through the willingness to learn to see and accept the challenge and the learning do we learn to enable ourselves out for the dependency of and on others, and learn to be all that we are.

Em  power

Em – to take.

Power – the force

 Power Of Life – Accepting the Force

Taking the Power of Life in to our own hands requires us to learn to do things we may never imagined that we would embark on, step into or become.

Taking the Power Of Life, evolution into our own hands enables us to have the courage to step beyond the boundaries and limitations of the past and to take the initiative in our own life. 

Taking the power to learn to be all the love that we are, to learn to be ‘light’ – free and unburdened by the scars of the past, the fear of the future and to learn to live in the present in the best way we possibly can at that very moment. Open, alive and free from the ‘burden’ of responsibility and learning to accept the freedom that respons-ability brings with it.  Learning that respons- ability is the essence of our “ability to respond” to the calling from within, and to create as well as respond to the opportunities that are presented to us.

  • Learning to accept the power of the Life Force that exists in the world, and learning to work with that force for the positive.
  • To be pro-active in the change from a position of authentic and positive intention for the highest good of all – including self – consideration of the greater good.
  • Learning to identify the negative forces in our own lives, including our mindset, motivation and intentions and learning to bring ourselves into the full recognition of the pain that we are causing for ourselves, the harm that we are creating – in ourselves and others.

The light that we seek in all our lives lies hidden in the most obvious place – exactly where it was planted long ago.  The hidden secrets of learning to bring that light out into the light is the challenge, as we strip away the confines of the person that we have become, and open ourselves to the wider and greater possibility and connotations of the world we are creating. As we evolve further and further through the dialogue with self and others we come to expect and in some cases demand further and more of ourselves as we know that the more we become, the more we are capable of becoming.

And so it is – the journey, the light at the end of the tunnel – only ever becomes as bright as we are prepared to let it be.  The answers lie all around us.  The question is – are we prepared to see, to open and be willing to accept the power that is in our very own hands?

The process of evolution of becoming and empowered being leads us on our own journey through the past, through the future, and more importantly into the present.  Learning to take the power of the present- to align with the Life Force that is all around us and to learn to create – for ourselves.

Creation – is a process of evolution that brings its own challenges and rewards.  It leads us through many pathways, some direct, some indirect into a place of ‘being’ that awakens the deepest innermost desires from within, and allows our spirit to begin to lead the journey – for ultimately we learn to accept that we know nothing of love, nothing of how to truly BE with others, and the more we learn, the more we know we don’t know. Henceforth comes the recognition and willingness that we are not what we thought we were, and begin to unravel the minefield that we have created for ourselves.

Relationships bend, people move into and out of our lives, and the life that we knew is no longer a part of who we are, and the more try and force ourselves to go back into it, the more damage we do to ourselves. We learn new definitions of courage and strength, and people and situations that would previously have made us walk away become learning experiences that we choose to engage with for the specific and realistic purpose of learning – learning to see, learning to be.

Learning – is defined as a specific, sustained and demonstrated change in our behaviour. 

Becoming an empowered being – brings us to a point of recognition that we are response – able for our own healing, being the cause for our own rehabilitation from the habitual suffering we are causing ourselves and others, and ultimately the cause of our own happiness.  Becoming an empowered being awakens our desire to assist others – borne of compassion and understanding of their suffering as we work our way through our own.  Releasing the need for judgement and censure, and opening the gateways of the mind and heart through creating a new and different perspective, greater understanding and awakening new recognition of old and inherent knowledge that lies within us each and all.  We become open and willing to stand in the space of vulnerability and openness, and feel the pain of opening our hearts to new possibilities, new levels of discovery and new understandings of love in all its simplicity.  Love beyond the limitations of desire, want, lust and greed.  Love that speaks of wisdom, caring, knowledge, understanding and connection.

Empowerment then, is the journey of learning to love, learning to create, learning to become the essence of all that we ultimately are. 


The Awakening of Spiritual Self

Spiritual Intelligence.

The essence of our Spiritual Intelligence is founded on the core and simple principles that we at, at minimum at least three ‘parts’. 

  • Our ever present soul which guides and leads us through our life, our lessons and our growth.
  • Our luminous energy field, through which we learn to interpret information, energy data, and through which we bring about a great percentage of our healing, knowledge and development on all levels.
  • Our human body, which is the physical and last manifestation of our form in this lifetime.

The foundation of the human entity is that we are on earth to:

  • Evolve, move and remove the causes and conditions for suffering and separation
  • To remember that we have the full and complete ability to create everything in our lives
  • To bring ourselves to a point of ultimate recognition of our own role in the world today.

There are three truths which are absolute:

  • The soul of man is immortal and its future of a thing whose growth and splendour has no limit
  • The principle which gives life dwells in us, and without us, is undying ad eternally beneficent, is not heard, smelt or seen, but is perceived by those who desire perception.
  • Each man is his own absolute lawgiver, the dispenser of glory or gloom to and of himself, the decider of his own life, his reward, and his punishment.

Our ability to foster, nurture and develop our Spiritual Intelligence is the basis on which our changes are born.  For only through the power of learning deeply of ourselves, our own beliefs and conditions, aspirations and temptations, and counter forces for change, are we able to then move ourselves forward.

Without it, we stand transfixed in the headlight of life, wondering why others are having, doing and being all things we could be.

And so it is.

Spiritual - means having the nature of spirit, of concerned with or affecting the soul.  That which is traditionally believed to be the vital principle or animating force within living beings.  The core of the motivation that drives us as human beings.

The basis of Spiritual Intelligence comes from:

  • A deep intrinsic knowledge that you are more than you are being, and a desire to connect with that knowledge and bring it back into the light of day.
  • An overwhelming desire for things to be different for ourselves and our lives.
  • To develop more meaning and context in our lives, with a clear sense of purpose and direction that is self determined, self led, self governing and self perpetuating.

Spiritual Intelligence is the intelligence with which we:

  • Address, learn and solve problems of meaning and value of our life
  • Learn to live with the principles and foundations of integrity
  • Evaluate our own behaviours and actions for meaning – giving context and understanding to ourselves that opens and develops personal and situational awareness, the ability to create understanding and sustainable change for self.
  • Are able to assess 1 course of action or life path as more meaningful for ourselves, than the other
  • Are open to our creativity – in all facets of life and work towards understanding that we live by our values and definition of success.
  • Identify and adjust our personal boundaries by learning, defining, discerning and reframing.
  • Learn to discriminate about our own sense of morals
  • Provide our own sense of balance in life with the ability to bring self back to a calm and centred point within self.
  • Learn to live in a state of continuous self improvement by constantly learning to remove the layers of conditioning and habit and thus allow more ‘light’ into our lives in a move toward greater levels of personal empowerment.
  • Learn to ask IF we want to be in certain situations or would I rather change it?
  • Learn to create our own sense of purpose and meaning for our lives.
  • Clarify our personal vision and continue to develop and unravel the depth and reality of it.

As the Creative Force that lives in the centre of our mind, Spiritual Intelligence provides us with the ability to develop higher awareness of our own selves, and to use the knowledge we have gained to solve problems, creatively apply ourselves to moving ourselves beyond our current situation.

It allows us to bring into play ALL the aspect and dimensions of our self that contribute to a holistic lifestyle and transcend all the individual parts and combine them into creating one whole new picture, idea or perspective.

At its very essence – SQ provides us with the avenues and accesses to non linear thinking that keeps us trapped in habitual thinking and behaviour patterns, that ensure we continue to create more of the same for ourselves and enables us to break with the patterns of the past, and create new positive outcomes for ourselves. 

The transformative power to help us to understand what we want,

and how to change it.

A few of the benefits:

  • Learning to live, work and play with deep intrinsic integrity provides us with a solid structure from which to then create the meaning and purpose of and for our lives.
  • We learn to live with an evolving sense of purpose beyond the material, and align ourselves with creating an emerging sense of creating a better balance for ourselves, founded on the knowledge that we living the life we truly want to, and are becoming the person we truly want to be.
  • We deal with the moment, living with current reality and able to discern and perceive the forces for change that lie within it.
  • We create a stronger, more ingrained and authentic sense of character and focus on creating a better situation for all, based on the big picture rather than involving ourselves in personality conflicts.
  • Our sense of our self knowledge is evolving as we learn to unlock the limitations of our past and our past behaviours and make new informed choices for ourselves.

We also develop our:

  • Ability to create change for self and trust self to do so through the power of meditation & mind strengthening/focus
  • Connection to life and with others
  • Appreciation for our own uniqueness
  • Understanding of life as a bigger picture, and participate as part of a larger creative process
  • Acceptance that all learning is lifelong
  • Awareness of where we need to grow and our own areas for development
  • Commitment to our own vision and making it happen
  • Commitment to living with and operating from a position of truth
  • Appreciation for situational awareness
  • Whole brain thinking
  • Appreciation for the world we live in and learning to work with it for the good of all.
  • True authentic confidence



Dimension I:  Meditation

Living and Leading with Integrity requires a unique balance of Mindfulness. This is where the power of meditation comes in, as we learn to harness the power of our mind, to manage it positively and constructively in full knowledge that what we learn to determine to be truth for ourselves, becomes the guidance system or radar against which we learn to then discern and regulate the power of the thoughts, ideas and influences of others.  This in turn provides us with the foundations of learning to connect with our own internal guidance system, and become less dependant and responsive to the opinions and impressions of others, or to simply do what we have always unconsciously done.

Dimension II:  Thought, Words and Actions

The power of living and behaving congruently, exercising alignment between the power of our thoughts, words and actions enables us to learn where we are standing out of order with ourselves, and where we have the most opportunity to learn and grow.  The power of learned congruency is that it enables us to identify the key areas where we are not trusting ourselves to deliver the outcomes that we require for ourselves, it highlights our hidden agendas and expectations of how we would prefer our lives to be, and shows us where we need to take the lead role in our own lives to provide the structure, framework and support to ourselves to start the journey back to ourselves, our desires and often hidden or forgotten aspirations that we have held or parked in order to serve another (task, priority, person, project etc).  This is where we learn to engage the power of self observation, to learn to see ourselves and our behaviour more clearly and learn to understand what we are contributing to the current situation that is our current life and reality.

Dimension III:  Feelings, Belief & Intuition

Opening ourselves to the power of understanding of our feelings, our emotions and the source of their origin, often leads us through the gateways of the unknown aspects of self, and into the source of identifying the power point of healing the wound of origin that has led us to think, feel and react to the events of our lives so predictably.  Our beliefs provide the blue print of our existence, and what we believe influences how we behave, our ability to live and create our lives effectively.  Learning to then connect with the power of our intuition, the energy data that surrounds the events of and in our lives, then provides us with the ability to learn to connect with a far higher level of intelligence and understanding about the direction we are leading ourselves as well as providing the basis from which to then make more informed choices for ourselves.

Dimension IV: Self, Higher Self and Unification

Acceptance of self as part of a larger system, connection with the greater wisdom that lies within, and the power of unification with the Great Spirit, all enrich our abilities for discernment, connection, concentration, the provision of context and increases our entire capacity for life, fluidity and remaining in ‘synch’ with ourselves. The ‘pinnacle’ at this level is the realisation and acceptance of our life’s vocation, purpose or ‘calling’ as we step further into the realms of self realisation.   The gateways of the past begin to drop away, the possibilities of the future open before us, and the blank canvas that is our life begins to show itself as the power of the desire to ‘BE’ all that we are, propels us forward into the realms of the unknown.

Participle 1:


On average we think somewhere around 60,000 thoughts a day, and realistically, most of those are completely random – to give you some insight:

  • The human mind is like a heat seeking device. It is constantly working, like radar, out there pulling in information, data, and sources of information. It finds what we need, draws and pulls us toward information that we require and visa versa.  It follows the path of least resistance, enjoys the haven of habit, and loves doing what it’s always done. 
  • The Luminous Energy Field, (the aura) also collects information and data about our thoughts, ideas, feelings, situations and events, people which links directly through our energy centres (chakras) to the human endocrine system, through our physical body, the mental mind, and then around the circle again.  It alone determines what to keep and what to discard based on the core subscription and core conditioning of the individual.
  • The ‘Physical Self’ – the feeling body/mind, is the one that works through our biggest organ, our skin, through to our intestinal system and lower abdominal systems. The one that we use to get in touch with our ‘gut’ feeling, our ‘carnal’ knowledge, earthly, of the flesh.

Meditation teaches us the ability to learn to determine more accurately the

thoughts we want to think, the beliefs that we want to carry forward to bring

ourselves to a point of being able to break the habits of the past and create new

and different concepts and ideas for ourselves.

Learning to detach ourselves from the clutter of our mind, we begin to learn to see

the powerful force that our mind is, and once we learn the real art of observation,

we can then learn to change cycle of habits into the Virtuous Cycle.


Snapshot into the  Human ‘Mind’



The Brain is not the mind.  The brain is the grey matter that lies between the ears safely ensconced in the skull and carries the ‘grey matter’ with which we govern our physical body.  The software that runs the hardware – it knows what it knows, and only through learning and conscious effort can we improve what it – the brain, does.

It is accepted that we have a Conscious and Sub Conscious mind.  Most of us use somewhere in the vicinity of 6-10% of our total mind capacity.

The Conscious Mind has the ability to reason and decide on the most advantageous course of action, yet, this cannot be implemented unless the Subconscious Mind agrees and directs its energy in that direction.

The Subconscious Mind has no critical ability therefore cannot censor information – therefore it acts the way it has been programmed.

Most of our “programming” occurs before we are old enough to discriminate between what is useful, helpful or positive, and what is not, and the Subconscious Mind accepts as absolute truth ANY idea allowed to enter it.  The IDEA then becomes an integral part of our beliefs and consequent behaviour.  This information, the events and entire situation surrounding that event or learning are then stored in our Luminous Energy Field.

Therefore, most of us are “programmed” by the beliefs held by those who influenced us through the formative and subsequent years of our lives.

What this means to us, is that unless we tap into those beliefs, and go through a housekeeping exercise of what is useful to us, what no longer fits, and then either discard or replace those beliefs, most of us will spend our entire lives recreating the same habits we learnt in those early years.

What we can also learn from this is that if the Conscious Mind changes its opinion after something has become embedded in the Subconscious Mind, the Sub Conscious will not change with it automatically.

The two parts of the mind will differ and the Subconscious will be the dominant one.

Knowing this, we can now understand that the Subconscious Mind is the primary driver and source of energy that propels us forward, and that unless THAT mind is changed, old habits will continue to dominate.

Therefore, as our Subconscious Mind will believe what it is told, and we have on average 60,000 thoughts per day (even if we are not conscious of them) we must create new positive, constructive ideas for ourselves, to replace the negative ones, and reinforce daily!!

Our ability to manage ourselves is dictated by our ability to manage Our State Of Mind.  Most of the time we have limited awareness of where or how we operate, simply that we do.

Learning to improve our levels of self awareness and self knowledge give us valuable keys to opening new understanding about ourselves, and why we behave the way do.

The Human Mind operates on different frequencies, much the same as radio or television, and whether we are aware of it or not, we broadcast out our thoughts and intentions to the universe!!!!

Our mind frequencies basically dictate how alert or relaxed we are.




Positive Indicators

Negative Indicators


Day to day operating, awake and active.  Normal circumstances we operate at 14-28 cycles per second.  When stressed this increases further up the Beta range.

Normal stress levels include healthy heart rate, effective and clear decision making, ability to communicate and operate healthy and effective relationships, undertake tasks simply or minimal complication

Difficult decision making

Shortness of breath

Panic and anxiety


Rising blood pressure

Adrenal overload

Distress mode

Relationships become difficult and strained

Over complication





Chemical dependencies


Relaxed, meditative state

7-14 cycles per second, calm and at ease, and able to rejuvenate our whole system

Attentive, alert, effective listening communication, task accomplishment



Light Sleep or deep relaxation or deep meditation

4 – 7 cycles per second

Quiet time, beginning or end of each day before/after sleep



Deep Sleep.


Why does it work?

Many of us move through our life believing that we have no or limited control over our minds and that “this is the way it is”.  Through a process of learning simple tools that enable us to relax and focus our mind, we increase our ability to stay calm, focussed, relaxed and able to extend our powers of concentration, solve problems, and manage ourselves more effectively and efficiently than ever before.

What happens when we meditate?

When we meditate we engage a different ‘way of being’ with ourselves.  We are taught to focus our mind and our attention on the simple exercises and to then practise these exercise that help us to create a state of mind that allows us to relax, centre and focus our attention.  In every day practise people are now feeling the significant benefits of true relaxation, better sleep, improved health and well being, the ability to stay calm and focussed and often to change the outcomes of events by letting go of the need for tension and allowing the process to evolve the way it always does when we don’t interfere!!!

The practise of meditation is a very personal thing; therefore the experiences are unique to the individual.  At its most simplistic, we strip away the clutter of the Beta Waves, and bring ourselves down the scale to lower our brain wave frequency and move ourselves into greater alignment with the natural rhythm of our body, the vibration of the earth.  We ‘step’ away from the clutter and demands of our life and learn to step ourselves into a new space of peace and tranquillity.



What will it do for me?

Ø  Improving concentration and insight

Ø  Increase connection with peace and quiet 

Ø  Improve health

Ø  Visualisation and goal setting

Ø  Manifesting change

Ø  Developing intuition

Ø  Lowering blood pressure

Ø  Finding inner guidance

Ø  Releasing personal limitations

Ø  Healing for self

Ø  Reducing muscle tension

Ø  Elimination of head aches

Ø  Reducing the need for medication in some instances.


7 Step Process













Intention       A commitment to self to make time for self, and creating new habits for self with clear goals and outcomes.

Action            As with all things, the result is in the doing. 

Relaxation    Holding a clear determination to relax, unwind, and let go of tension, associations with the events of the day and to bring mind back to the still point.

Focus             Bringing all attention into the present moment, being in the present time and space and focussing all attention on one point of time.

Connecting Enjoy the experience of being connected and in harmony with self.  Learning to explore and question, to listen and to deliberately find the answers to our own questions and to give ourselves permission to simply be.  With time we learn to become completely open and still in this space, a simple vessel open, transparent and aligned with greater beings and teachers whom we merge with to share love.

Releasing     Remaining in a state of detachment, we bring ourselves back into the present surroundings

Reflection    A time of observation to reflect and review what we have learnt, experienced, to write, and to learn to extract more information from our time with ourselves and record our feelings, thoughts, emotions, insights.


Discipline for Healing, Evolution & Connection

Meditation means to reflect to contemplate to consider, reflect up or ponder. 


  • Is the process whereby we gain control over the mind and lead it back to its virtuous and creative self.
  • enables us to create new habits, diminish the harmful thoughts, deeds and action we commit to ourselves.
  • requires a strong positive discipline that is hard work and both physical, mental and emotional application.
  • requires time, effort and discipline to overcome the numerous hurdles we will put in our own way.
  • teaches us to break the cycle of habitual thinking and allows us to create new and different concepts and ideas.
  • allows us to access the power of the subconscious mind and to then truly begin to tap into our true and infinite potential
  • enables us to transcend any situation we find ourselves in and to free ourselves from our own mental and habitual afflictions

The facts remain: = that which we independently determine to be true or worthwhile, is the most powerful learning we absorb.  Personal experience and application are the only two ways to ensure that maximum benefit and learning is gained.

                                     Negative                           Positive


















Love & Trust




Self Belief


Patience, Tolerance

Moving ourselves through the layers and levels of meditation becomes something that we learn, that we do not ‘do’ – we become.  It becomes a way of life, living in a mindful state of living awareness, open and receptive, living and breathing in life, in moment, in love.   Meditation does not accurately describe the result as it conjures up fixation of stagnation.

True state of being, as reflected in the 5 states of our essence, lead us to learn to live vibrant spontaneous lives in full and complete connection, awareness, centred, fully aligned between self and Significant Self, and with an increasing capacity for living, loving, acceptance.  It moves almost into a living state of attunement with the essence of life, that moves us through the stages of growth simply by being in that state.  Events and situations are observed rather than immersed in, and we learn that where we stand in heavy emotional situations, that we have the greatest opportunity for learning, healing and moving ourselves through to new levels of being.

It brings to the surface of self, new visions of consciousness, awareness, without content or specific thought, the power of absolute unification.

Participle #2

Emerging the New Balance Point

“Back to Centre”



Truth – is an evolution.

  • As we evolve to higher vibrational levels we reach for higher truths.
  • Truth we hold now will need adjusting as we evolve
  • Open mind is critical.

Universal energy permeates all things.

  • Focus on Blending– not separation
  • Focus on Harmony – not discord
  • Focus on Unity – not polarity.

Responsibility is the key to Balance for Power

  • Increase personal power as creator
  • Increase personal responsibility
  • Create a reality of your choosing
  • Lead yourself – always
  • Become citizens of the universe.
  • Learning to live our lives ‘at centre’ requires us to confront certain old habits and beliefs about ourselves.
  • Awareness that becomes knowledge of where we are out of balance with ourselves and where we need to re-establish ourselves, and bring ourselves back to centre.
  • Understanding where we need to invest more of ourselves in ourselves and how we can create new habits that support that new intention.
  • Sensing where we are being too passive, or too aggressive, where we are pushing too hard, and where we are not pushing hard enough.
  • Being in constant communication with self about the truth for self and always bringing self back as close as possible to centre.
  • Integrating Reason + Intuition + Inspiration
  • Involved and participating buying into the hype of the world
  • Exercising the power of forgiveness and compassion – releasing the past to allow the present to be all it is.
  • Being self sufficient and balanced in all we do, including all facets of responsibility and empowerment.



The Concept of Dynamic Integration requires us to live our lives as congruently as possible incorporating all major and minor parts of our lives into one completely integrated picture.

For many of us there are times and places in our development when we feel that we must choose one way over another, one course of action over another.

And so it is true for many of us that are developing our ‘spiritual’ muscle.  We find that we are challenged to leave behind the old practises, and move into a new way of being that often challenges us to let go of the past way of being and adopt more passive behaviours.  This within itself creates conflict as we are torn between the concepts of trust and allowing what will be, to be and the more masculine attributes of assertively defining our goals and then moving in the direction toward them.

It requires us to develop and become aware of all the parts of ourselves that are our strengths and to work with those.

It requires us to balance our Masculine and Feminine traits and to live in harmony with both of those – in balance.  Or even better, to strip away all the ‘other’ parts of self, sub personality and sabotage behaviours and align with the simplicity of becoming an instrument of Divine Will.

For all of us the challenge of living our lives in either passive or active mode is one of the things that we constantly struggle with, in the spiritual sense.

Is it for our highest good to continue to push for dreams, goals etc or do we simply wait and see what how the ‘divine plan’ unfolds.

The simple answer is that the time has come to blend the two disciplines together – or better. To learn to create a new balance of being focussed and directional, as well as  trusting ourselves and our instincts in the path that we seek.  Creating our lives as we go, for the canvas is in all truth completely blank, and what we choose in the moment of our thoughts, deeds and actions, contributes enormously to the overall outcome we create.

Our Spirit, the Great Spirit, the ‘universe’ can only create for us, what it can create through us – thus we truly become a vessel for the creation of our own lives.

The time has come to truly put into practise the concept of balance, and learning to balance the masculine and feminine attributes within ourselves enables us to do this.

To accomplish this, first we must understand what we mean by Feminine and Masculine attributes.

For many the concept of feminine is likened to the frilly, pretty, sexy, stereotypical nurturer who has little or any perceivable value to add to the world other than the decorative value.  It is perceived as emotional, girly and unstable.

Equally, masculine can be attributed with as many ‘less than favourable’ attributes – bullying, excessive macho behaviour, domineering and egotistical - traditional hunter gatherer mentality.

The challenge here is to learn and understand the reality of what the two independent parts of ourselves truly bring to the table, and their potential contribution to our achievement of balance and harmony.




Trusting in Higher Influence



In touch with inner self.



Listening and working with own inner guidance and radar system



A sense of Knowing and understanding



Self, others and earth



Open and comfortable with ‘being’ and receiving, allowing and accepting



Curious, questioning and learning

Open to new information and change


For self, others and environment

Sharing love and experiences


Experienced through life, the feminine learns to support without engaging or fixing for others.


Exercising Loving Kindness, Acceptance and seeing the good in all people situations and events.



Able to see different perspectives and views of the same gathering information from each to create a new outcome




Goal oriented and focussed on achieving results


Proving protection for self, family and standing up for what believe in.



Black & white/fix it/do it.


Decision Making, rational thinking, assertive in behaviour – moving forward.



Ensuring all are provided for and cared for, food, shelter, protection, help and support




Asserting self as leader – imparting wisdom and direction for others where necessary, mentoring, and passing on the legacy through the spoken word.


Questioning & Expanding

Seeking new horizons, new territories, new ideas and frontiers to conquer.


Direction Finder

Determining direction and how to move into new – aware of self and environment and what needs to be done to maintain ‘the good of all’ – seeking and finding.


Alert & Aware

Balanced and posed in self, aware of changes in energy in self, environment and world around them, ready to respond to need when called.

This list is by no means comprehensive and each person will discover their own Masculine & Feminine attributes as they continue to develop.  Remain aware and open to your own behaviour and learn to understand where to operate from which ‘zone’ of self.



Choice is a process of creation itself.  Our physical world cannot be controlled – the task before us is to master our own inner responses to the external world through our thoughts and feelings.

It’s not what we choose that matters – it’s our reason for making a certain choice that provides the power and the peace of mind that we seek.

The Challenge: 

To learn what motivates in all of our events and situations, and to learn what makes us make the choices that we do.  Every choice contains either the energy of fear or faith.


















Empowered, is the reality of taking back our own power.

Em – Powered by our emotions, belief, conviction, inner knowing that we are destined for greater and better things.

Em – (Latin) to take

Focussed on achieving our true capacity for life and living.

Power – Energy, vitality and responsibility.

Empowerment – taking our own power

Participle #3

Learning to listen to Significant Self

The process of Inner Listening begins with a very simple reality – we need to clearly understand the question. And we need to listen. Actively.  To our own words, thoughts, behaviours and we need to learn that the truth of ourselves is shown to us by what we actually do, not what we talk about doing.  This process of self listening and observation often takes time to master, as the natural human tendency is to create dramas that enable self to continue to stay in the current comfort zone.  Discipline is required to focus, to attend to our mind and to be open to receive the answers and insights that we require to uncover the next level of awareness and light within self.

This can be achieved in a number of ways and the answers will come when they are ready – and no amount of pressure on self will make it happen any sooner.

At some points in time the process for discovering the answers is as simple as asking for them, asking to be shown, and then letting the universe provide you with the signs and signals to move yourself forward.

At others we need to actively engage in a Questioning Process that allows us to access a higher level of intelligence and understanding.

QUIET:           Allow yourself to become absorbed in QUIET

BELIEVE:       Believe that you will receive the answers – more belief, more receptiveness, = more guidance!!

ASK:               Ask the questions that you need help to – 1 at a time.

RELEASE:     Release attachment to the answer/outcome and open yourself to Receive.

LISTEN:         Messages come in different ways – pictures, feelings, words, lists, vibrational, a sense of knowing.

TRUST:          Learn to ‘receive’ in different ways – writing, journaling, creative expression, walking.



Accessing the infinite guidance of the Universe

Working with Significant Self – acting on insight.


Each of us has our own unique Self, and learning to connect with this opens many doorways for our personal unfolding, as we begin to learn to trust the guidance that we receive. 

It is like having a wise and all seeing friend or teacher that works with you to help you heal, to learn to make better decisions, to trust yourself and the choices that you make, to help guide you through the journey and enables you to become more and more empowered within your own life. 

Your Significant Inner Self communicates with you through impulses, feelings, inspirations, images, textures, feelings, emotions, ideas and thoughts as well as through many different physical manifestations.

  • Part of the Spirit of Ourselves that we all access and utilise at different times a higher dimension of ourselves that is pure unconditional love,
  • Unconditional love that can be used to create whatever we desire in our lives, clear negative blockages and resistance points in our lives, whether it be us, those around us or problems that come into our paths. 
  • The true wise and amazing self
  • Connected to the universal mind,
  • Has ability to see far beyond the current line of vision

As you learn to operate with and as your Significant Self:

  • Your intuition will expand
  • The changes that you desire to make will happen with greater ease and flow.
  • You will experience increasing insights, revelations and expanded awareness.

Your Significant Self communicates with you:

  • Through your intuition and feelings
  • By sending you co-incidences
  • Synchronicity – in the form of pictures, news, books movies and anything else that will give you the messages you need to hear.

We are operating as our Significant Self when:

  • We are operating from a place of great peace, tranquillity and inner wisdom and when the space of love is easier to be in than the space of fear.
  • Receiving creative insights and continually in flow with these insights and influences.
  • Working with light to create and become lighter and brighter for and of self, and to share that light of self, with love, with others.
  • Focussing on how we can serve and make a difference in the world.

Growth comes from increasing contact with our Significant Self and allowing IT to become the creative director of every part of our lives. 

The truth of working and living with Significant Self and learning the difference between the guidance received, versus listening to your intellect, will lead you to ultimately learn to trust your own guidance.


Our first expression of Power is in our own choices.  Learning to choose the thoughts and concepts that we allow into and to reside in our own head is the first and foremost choice.

Choose only thoughts and feelings that resonate within your heart.

As you read and hear messages, take only those thoughts that add to your being and resonate within your own heart.  Leave the rest.

We ask you not to pay attention to those messages that invoke fear – as they are not from a place of love and trust.  We recognise and understand that you need reassurance, particularly in the early days, and also know that the only way to develop that trust is to put the true guidance into action, thus developing the trust and knowing that you can have in the true guidance.

Significant Self guidance is often very quiet and more subtle, and is often the message that follows the first one we hear.  The Intellect is quick to jump in with traditional fear based responses, and to want to keep you trapped in the old habits, patterns and behaviours we are trying to help you overcome. 

To learn the difference – try the following exercise:


  • Ask the Question
  • Become very, very quiet
  • Wait until you sense an answer that is reassuring, loving, quiet and positive.
  • If you have a choice to make, choose what you are drawn to and what you would LOVE to do. Take the action you know your heart is leading you to do.



Throughout our lives we are often bombarded with message of speed and convenience – distractions that take us away from our selves and from learning to listen and act on the guidance that we receive when we ask the questions.

Never ever feel guilty about taking time to think or listen.  This is your natural state and one that requires conscious cultivation in a world of high pressure, timelines and deadlines.



When we are trying to create something and it is becoming a struggle, and we have to push hard, force the issues - we need to recognise that we are ‘going against the flow’ /natural or higher order.

A few obstacles may arise to test our choices that allow us to become stronger or more definite, but when the going is too tough – sit back and listen to what you really want to do.  Working in a natural state of flow feels like a balance between the current that carries you and your own effort and ideas that flow to support and help to process move along.


If however, you are feeling like too many closed doors, feeling tired and drained by your efforts, or doing it because you feel like you have to – STOP & look for something that you WANT to do.



Pieces of your own jigsaw are only revealed as we and our beliefs are ready to accept them and they come in moments of reflection, meditation, walking or in the shower – or other non invasive places in our unique and creative lives!!!!

They are the creative breakthroughs that give us new insights, new visions of what is possible and a greater understanding.

We nurture our ability to receive insight and revelation by believing in them and their ability to help and guide us, as well as putting them into action but will only receive them at a pace that is right for us.

  • Too fast – confusing or too challenging for the belief system
  • Too slow – frustrating and stagnating.

Trust that you are receiving as much information as you can process and handle at any point in time. 




Each insight or revelation comes with its own energy – usually high at the beginning and then the excitement begins to fade.

Now we have the task of carrying out the insight and fitting them into our life.



  • Comes from putting insights into action
  • Doing new things
  • Learning new skills
  • Taking risks
  • Venturing into the unknown
  • Will challenge you to expand potential, to create, to think differently.



Gives you the skills to create a better life, more abundance, and more aliveness.



Work with your own uniqueness and release the need for validation from other people – they are not living your life, and they will not receive the same information as you. 

Develop the courage in self to believe in own revelations and insights.

Do not wait for ‘external support’ to believe in yourself and your own insights.

Combine – action, insight, trust in self and own ideas, application and persistence – the recipe for success.


Emotions are the conduit between our Significant Self and our Physical Being.  We encourage you to ‘feel’ as it is the quickest way to move you into a higher, clearer states. 


Emotions are a human experience, and are the mind/body catalyst or reference point for us to learn where we need to look, grow, release or expand.  They provide a reference point for our self-development as a living trigger to show us where we need to grow some more.

Emotions hold a valuable learning blue print for us to develop our understanding of ourselves with.  They are valuable assets that we all have, that enable us to understand the reality of our thinking and beliefs, and ultimately the fuel that propels our thoughts into manifestation.

Emotions = Energy in Motion.

When Emotions are calm, you will hear guidance mentally, take action and find life flowing smoothly. 

When we don’t follow the whispers – it will feel harder.

Strong Intense emotions signal we are not following the path, and own inner wisdom.  The further we depart from our own innate sense of knowing, the harder things become the more intense and turbulent the emotions.

When you are feeling a negative emotion - ask yourself what is needed to make things work more smoothly?

EVERY Negative emotion signals that there is a message from ourselves that needs to be listened to.

When the message is clear – act on it and change the situation.

Emotions are the mind/body catalyst or reference point for us to learn where we need to grow, look, release or expand.

As we achieve higher levels of Self Mastery we can recognise the flashes of anger or irritation learn to process these feelings and the ‘cause’ in an instant, ask what we need to learn and then let it all go.

Working directly with our Feelings – learning WHY we feel the way we do, and releasing our expectations that we can change other people, are things we can do to free us of some of the ties that bind us to the past way of being.

“Waiting for others to act in a certain way to be happy ourselves is making our happiness dependant upon something other than Self.”

In essence, it’s giving away our own power, and developing dependency ON OTHERS, to make our lives the way we want them, rather than Owning the Power of our own lives.


The concept of Core Emotion takes us into the reality that we all ‘bring with us’ a core concept that we carry with us all our lives, until we identify and release or replace it.  The deep feeling we have had all our lives – optimism, happiness, complacency, pessimism, resentment, disappointment, betrayal, inadequacy, loneliness.

Reflect on how you FEEL most of the time and ask to be given some guidance on who to overcome it and release it. 



For every positive emotion there is a direct and co-relating opposite.  Emotional calm comes from finding the Balance Point where we bring all emotions into balance with Significant Self.




Whatever we think, say believe and hold to be true,

the universe has a standard response – And so it is.






If you are in Emotional Crisis or turmoil – do whatever is nurturing for you.

  • Make time to be by yourself
  • Nurture self in other ways
  • Love yourself and ALL emotions as they come up
  • Take time to examine what positive you are learning from the chaos

Crisis offers the opportunity to reach the deepest level of your being and know yourself and Higher Self in new ways.

We can change and release emotions more rapidly by thoroughly experiencing them when they appear:

  • Allow yourself into feeling the pain
  • Identify where does it sit, what does it look like, colour, shape, size
  • Experience the emotion, feel it and send light to it.
  • When you FEEL the negative side – dissolve it and ask to be shown the positive side

Meditation, walking, painting, swimming or nature all calm the emotional body.

Do what you need to get yourself Back to Balance.

Remember, any guidance that is received, is just that. Guidance. 

Working with Significant Self becomes a positive “in the flow’ experience, where things fall into place naturally and seem to simply flow.  The further we distance ourselves from our Higher Self, the more we feel that we are struggling against the current, that there are too many closed doors and it is all getting too hard.

When you begin to feel this way:

  • Stop and ask yourself – where am I not connected?
  • Look for something you have been wanting to do, and potentially been avoiding or putting it off, or putting your needs second to other peoples.
  • Listen to the guidance you receive
  • Get Into action with it!

Participle #4

Leading Self

Leadership is a journey that takes you into places that you possibly never dared to even dream about before.  It is a journey of the heart that takes courage to look at your self, and to truly see what is inside your ‘self’, what you consciously or unconsciously endeavouring to create and the intentions that you hold for yourself and others. 

Leadership is a challenge.  It takes you into realms of understanding that you have only ever heard other people talk about and that some people call the stuff of gurus, but its not.  It’s the stuff of Hearts, Minds and Souls that at some point merge and form a connection point, in order to create something that is powerful, transforming and transitional – ultimately in your own life, externally in the lives of and with others.

Leadership is a challenge – because by its very definition you cannot follow, you lead.  And then at times you will need to follow – and learning to know the difference.  And sometimes, it’s a very lonely process, we feel isolated and alone, like no one has ever walked this path before us.  And they haven’t, they’ve walked theirs, but really, are they that very different?

Leadership will make you uncomfortable because it is everything that we are taught not to achieve.  Don’t stand out, don’t make people notice you don’t talk to loud or someone will notice, don’t get involved because then you will have to take responsibility for something.  Don’t be different or people will think you’re weird.  Don’t dress different, be good, behave, conform, do what everyone else does so you don’t stand out.

Leadership is an “inside- out” process.  It doesn’t begin by going out and getting some.  It begins, by going within, and finding out that you really are.  It begins with a desire or intention to become or create something different of yourself, your life or even your business.  It begins, within, because you are tired of the way things are, or have been and want them to be different.

It begins, because you want it to.

Traditionally leadership is considered within the context of an organisation or community.  It is interesting to reflect and engage with the learnings from that platform, but to also remember that these leaders themselves are individuals who have learnt, grown and expanded their own consciousness to a point where they are able to create sustainable change through their own sense of self, trust, instinct and knowledge, thus enabling others to grow and develop their talents, skills and learning. 

The ripple effect is the essence of leadership where we are able to guide, influence and encourage others to step into their full potential as we ourselves, step further into ours, no matter what our ‘position’ in life.


Do you do what others expect of you or think is best for you


Do what your own heart desires and knows to be true for you?

Do you do it in all aspects of your life or only some?

Do you follow and develop your talents


Operate based on other people’s knowledge and truth?

Do you research and formulate your own thoughts and beliefs founded on your own opinion, or sit and regurgitate what is in the media as being ‘gospel’.




Goals & objectives


Plans & strategies

Planning & budgeting

Targets and goals

Attaining resource

Organising staff and resources

Management of people and human effort

Evaluation and correction of performance

Problem solving and decision making




Authority levels


Problem solving & Decision Making




State of mind

Giving of time, knowledge, experience,

Works with peoples heart and spirit as well as their mind

Developing sense of community and belonging

Acknowledgement of effort and contribution

Personal presence – influence, guidance and standards are felt and known whether personally present or not.

Deals with complexity, control and co-ordination

Provide the Logic

Creates the future, change, respect and caring.

Provide the Love

Leadership then is the art and science of providing a sense of direction, clarity and understanding about the values and integrity and ethics of the organisation or self.  Developing a sense of knowledge – in themselves and others that enables each other to grow, to learn and develop their own unique talents to contribute to the overall good of the whole.  The creation of super ordinate goals that transcend the goal of the individual and focus on the greater good of the whole and providing the stewardship for that goal to come into creation.

Accepting Responsibility

Moving beyond states of dependency and reliance on others to achieve or help us achieve our desired outcomes including our own happiness, requires us to shed the behaviours and conditions learnt in our child state and move ourselves through the stages of human development for and because of ourselves. 


  • Accepting full and complete responsibility for our own actions, behaviour, thoughts and decisions and the positive and negative consequences of those.
  • Accepting that we are the primary force for change in and of our own lives including everything we are doing, being, having, thinking and feeling.
  • Understanding the payoffs and trade offs for each of our options and choices.
  • Practising Acceptance - never blaming others or ourselves.
  • Allowing ourselves the beauty of “Unexpected Learning Moments” - to learn from our mistakes and not be afraid of making them. Failure to learn from them however is wasting time, effort and energy.
  • Being Aware – of when we are Not Being Responsible – so that we can change it.
  • Managing the Self Talk –deliberate attention to positive nurturing thoughts to open gateways of the mind and lead us, and consciously eliminate anything that erodes us.
  • Being Aware – of why we don’t want to change and why we are resistant to it, and why we choose to remain where we are.
  • Figuring out what we want and acting on it – dreams, aspirations, goals, AND action plans
  • Being aware of the Multitude of choices that we have in any situation & making the choices that nurture and enable our development or forward momentum.
  • Knowing or at minimum being open to understanding what we are being stubborn about, holding onto that is disabling our ability to move forward and why we are holding on to it.

Leadership = Love


“Attitude of Love”

Love is the power of life, the power of growth, the power of forgiveness, the power behind all major life changing forces even though we may not understand them at the time.

Love is a very pure and simple thing that gets changed and distorted based on our own personal fear barriers – we fear looking stupid, being rejected, humiliation, embarrassment, and in this day and age we run the risk of being seen as ‘inappropriate’.  We also have lived so much of our lives based on the model that emotions are soft and weak that we avoid the concept of ‘emotions’ all together.

Unfortunately in this day and age, many people live their lives in a state of complete poverty.  Poverty and deprivation from the single greatest source of life there is.   Poverty of mind and heart -never knowing and understanding the true power and acceptance of love that love can bring to self.

Our current reality is that businesses and organisations “organise” human beings effort to achieve predetermined results.  All of work requires interaction with other people, either beside, in front of, serving, being of service to, or with.

Love or lack of it, is the force that can change or dramatically alter how we are in all our other relationships, including that with ourselves.

Love then can be described as:

Desire            for a better life, to serve and be of service to others, to grow, to expand.

Feelings:       Our thoughts, beliefs, ideas and concepts that contribute to how interact with others.

Thoughts:     What we think about ourselves and others, how we use our thoughts to create positive or negative outcomes

Actions:         How we put our love in action through our deeds and actions or acts of service.

Words:          The choice of words, how we use them, are we building or destroying ourselves or others with our choice of.

Gifts:              Tokens of appreciation reward or recognition that highlight that we have been thinking about that person or appreciate what they have done for us.

Gratitude:     An attitude of thanks and gratefulness for all our blessings.

Giving:           of our time, effort, energy experience.

Listening:     The actionable act of simply listening to another and being totally

present with them while they talk.

Communication:    The act of Dialogue rather than Debate.

Energy;         The amount of energy we put into our goals and projects. The focus and strength of commitment we invest in what we are doing.

Belief:            In the basic goodness of everyone and their ability to make a contribution to our lives and that each one has something special to offer.

Learning to love again requires us to open ourselves to the possibility that

there is more to learn and more to understand than what we have previously


Learning to love again takes us through a minefield of emotions and ideas

That we have to challenge ourselves and our beliefs to understand if what

we think is actually true.

Leadership in its purest form is our ability to guide, conduct or influence. 

  • First and foremost we must be able to lead ourselves out of the habits and lifestyles/management styles of the past and create new dynamic way of being that embodies and encapsulates all we desire to be, and all that we are.

Reality is the only thing we deal with

Truth is the basis of all change.



Participle #5


Significant Self Leadership Experience = Multidimensional.


Lead the individual to learn to see both the Holistic and the Elements at the same time - to develop the ability to see both the big picture and to understand the individual elements of the overall plan at the same time.


It enables the individual to learn to see the dynamic interchangeable energies of relationships – between people, situations, the community and the environment.


Develop stronger ability to see situations from multiple perspectives - to discover new insights, truths, and learnings increasing capacity for potential options, solution and new outcomes.


Enhance the ability to develop creative solutions by determining more accurately the root cause, and working toward the perpetual evolution through primary issues.


Increased levels of comfort operating outside of comfort and predictability, embracing ambiguity, uncertainty, and flexibility to adapt and evolve rapidly in line with emerging new information and directions.


It is understood and exercised that each is responsible for own outcomes, and basis for all work is to leave situation, individuals or environment as good as, if not better than when first discovered.

Power of And

Conflict between heart and mind is minimised, decision making is simplified through the elimination of either/or, the power of logic and deduction, and replaced with expansive, uplifting concepts.  Individuals learn to move beyond the paradigms of habitual thinking and open themselves to new horizons of opportunity. Hinges on strategic alignment of hearts, souls and minds, “And” becomes the catalyst for clarity, and enables finding new priorities and solutions, and enables insight into the many paths toward achieving the same result or better.


Is embraced as equal parts of the whole that contribute to clarity, creativity and understanding of greater potential, ingenuity and potential to stimulate empowerment and innovation


Becomes the primary focus for communication as a source of increased learning, expansion of knowledge, understanding and focussed on the emergence of new, non confrontational outcomes.

Developing Multidimensionality

 Situational Awareness & 6th Sense, developing GQ


Becoming familiar with the concepts and ideas of living and working within an

‘energy pool’ gives us the ability to learn to ‘read’ the energy data thus enabling us

to see into situations more clearly than previously.

By increasing our natural powers of perception we open ourselves to seeing,

learning and discovering new and different perspectives as well as potentially

leading ourselves to the point of being able to clearly identify the root cause of the

given situation rather than the constant merry go round of dealing with the effect. 

As with all ‘healing’ or rebalancing, only once the root cause has been correctly

identified, are we able to restore it to its correct balance.

Situational Awareness teaches us to read both ourselves, the situation and to

determine the most beneficial outcome in that situation beyond what is

necessarily being presented as the ‘facts’.

Learning effective questioning techniques enables us to determine more accurately what we are seeing and more importantly sensing, that enables us to validate our ‘feelings’ and provide the balance between the senses and the rational mind that is required for sound judgement and decision making.

Learning to tune into the energy, to listen to our bodies responses to it, teaches us to begin to develop Higher Sensory Perception that we are all equipped with, but choose to ignore.  The tool is there if we choose to reawaken it.

  • Learn to evaluate and discern based on the drive for things to be different
  • Add the dynamics of mental , logical , emotional and energetic aspects of the situation
  • Balance with how we Feel about the different options
  • Ascertain the best course of action based on the combination of thought, rationale, feelings and ‘gut instinct’.


Learning to access the Emotional & Feeling Self


The ability to have sense of a situation, know what we are feeling, why we are feeling it, and how to respond in an appropriate manner.  Self awareness.

The ability to learn to correctly pinpoint and use our emotions as tools to help us with our process of evolution, leads us to greater self understanding and acceptance that we feel the way we do for specific and identifiable reasons, and that we are not necessarily just ‘flying off the handle for no reason’.

We then learn to uncover why we feel what we do, to identify whether it is now real and relevant in our lives or whether it is a pearl of wisdom that we inherited for no particular reason, and that we can now release the pattern that holds and continues to create that feeling.

Our Emotions hold the key to helping us unlock infinite knowledge and truth about ourselves and as such, are one of the primary tools to developing greater self knowledge.


EMOTIONS AS LEARNING TOOL – Blueprint for Healing.

Emotions hold a valuable learning blue print for us to develop our understanding of ourselves. We say blueprint quite deliberately here, for each of us carries a unique bundle of energy that is the manifestation of all our lives events, feelings, thoughts and propositions that will either create our own unique energy signature Whatever is it that we need to learn, to let go of, our emotional blueprint holds a great many keys to our evolution, healing, coming of age, and the development of our inner wisdom. 

This blueprint is activated immediately upon conception as we begin our lives as the perfect combustion of the two power forces in our universe – the masculine and feminine – and whatever the feeling and emotion at that time, and the subsequent 9 months of gestation is coded into us.  The experiences of our birth, our first moments on earth, the entire proposition is right there, for all to see sitting in our energy field.  The ability to learn to accurately access and work with our emotional blue print releases limitation of separation, harm, causes of suffering from within us that we need to eliminate in order to restore ourselves to our rightful state. 

They are valuable assets that we all have, that enable us to understand the reality of our thinking and beliefs, and ultimately the fuel that propels our thoughts into manifestation.

Emotions = Energy in Motion.

Using that Energy – helps us to make it easier to bring the things we want into our lives.  When E-motions are calm, we hear guidance mentally, take action and find life flowing smoothly.  When we don’t follow the whispers – it will feel harder.

Remember - Strong Intense emotions signal we are not following the path of guidance – our own inner wisdom or higher.  The further away from Self, the harder things become, the more intense and turbulent the emotions.  To grow with Joy, it is important to follow our own Inner Messages, and make small easy changes.


If feeling a negative emotion - ask Self what guidance is needed to make things work more smoothly?


EVERY Negative emotion signals that there is a message from Self that needs to be listened to.

Emotions are a human experience, and are the mind/body catalyst or reference point for us to learn where we need to look, grow, release or expand.  They provide a reference point for our self-development as a living trigger to show us where we need to grow some more.

We choose the intensity of our emotions – based on our own unique learning needs.  As we grow through the development of our different levels of awareness and knowledge, we gradually escape the habits and repetition of the past, of our own emotional, behavioural, intrinsic drives and motivations and begin to remember that we are more than simply mortal. 

Emotional Evolution toward a state of calmness, understanding, awareness and self- acceptance – a state of Relaxed Attention.


Understanding why we do what we do.

The Mental Body

Rational – having or exercising the ability to reason. 

Reason – the basis or motive for action, decision or conviction. 

The underlying fact or cause that provides logical sense.

Hidden in all our minds is a great and infinite capacity for life, as well as for repetition.  As part of our healing process, our mind needs to understand or have rational reasons for things, including understanding and explanation.  Often we think or believe that we can simply heal parts of ourselves without understanding the core or root cause of the issues. However this often leads to repetition of the event or issue and the mental aspect of self usually needs some plausible, recognisable ‘light bulb’ moment that enables it to release and let go of the issue.

We each have a need to understand why things are the way they are and to be able to develop ourselves, we need to learn the balance between learning to understand ourselves, and learning when we simply need to trust the process of life and accept that things are a certain way and release the need to continually “change the world”. 

Learning to discern the difference is probably one of the greatest challenges that face us – working out what we actually need to know, and what we don’t.

We have been taught to have a strong drive based on our ‘training’ as children to see evidence of things, rather than learning to exercise trust as the core of our choices, decisions and life stream.  Think about the amount of time as a child or adult that you have spent trusting yourself through painting, writing, drawing or any other creative endeavour, compared with the evidenced based things we do. 

The reality of it – Proof has become our way of life and unfortunately we DEPEND on other people to provide it. We have lost our own innate ability to trust ourselves because we have transferred dependency on Truth – to others, rather than relying on ourselves.

We still need to have explicit thinking, problem solving, and reasons why, following process & obtaining goals.  Failure to engage this intelligence results in ‘arrival’ without understanding of process, journey or learnings and will for a while cause a potential internal rejection of all things proposed and never migrate to the category of ‘learnt’.



The Human body has a unique way of holding all our intelligences together, as well as giving us the ultimate understanding of the influence that our thoughts and beliefs have on our physical being.  The ultimate ‘reality’ or ‘proof’ that what we think – we become.

The body is the direct result of everything that has happened during our lifetime, including being a Direct Result of all of our thoughts, beliefs, actions and events of that lifetime, and holds all our memories at a cellular level as well as holding all those events in our ‘energy body’ or auric field.

Learning to access the truth through honest evaluation and acceptance as well as taking responsibility for that body, will often lead us to faster and more effective ‘self healing’ than if we choose to stay in denial about our physical pain – that is ultimately directly related to our emotional pain.

As Louise Hay teaches us – all dis-ease comes from a thought we think or belief we have.  Learning to listen to our body and engage with dynamic and meaningful communication with it enables us to truly begin to understand our real and unmet needs on all four levels.

“The barometer” for all other levels, the Human or physical body is the final outcome of everything that is ‘going on’ for us at that point in time.  Whatever is ‘going on’ in all our other aspects of self, will eventually resonate in the physical – no matter what it is.

Listening to the physical signs that are intrinsic within – gut instinct, self knowledge, sense of knowing.  Understanding things beyond current ‘conscious’ knowledge and becoming aware of perceptual changes in knowledge, physical needs, physical environment and working toward creating positive change in those environments.


Each part of the body ‘talks’ to us in different ways and much the same as each part of the face, and feet represents different organs and allows us to see the whole picture.




Our mirror to the world

Social mask

Contains emotional issues

Heart pain stored in chest between ribs and insides of shoulders

Emotion stored in belly

Unconscious thoughts and emotions

Hide issues not prepared to handle

Emotional disposal area for what we don’t want to acknowledge

Fear and anger stored in shoulder blades, between or either side of spine.







Male aspects of character

Holds anger





Feminine aspects of character

Holds sadness and grief



The transformative power that helps us to understand what we want, and how to change it.


 Spiritual Intelligence is the core, the vortex of power that drives us to strive, to remember who we are, to become, to expand, to generate and maximise all the power and intelligences we have.  To learn to exercise our ultimate power as the light that we are.


 Learning to completely invest ourselves in the Present with all aspects of ourselves in the moment – to make the highest and most intelligent choice at that point in time.

The basis of Spiritual Intelligence comes from:

  • An overwhelming desire for things to be different.
  • To develop more meaning and context in our lives.
  • To find the answer to the questions about your reason for being, why you are here, what it all means and where you fit into the big picture.

Thus, it enables us to understand when we require more meaning and context for our lives and that we want things to be different.  We may not know how to create that change, but Spiritual Intelligence is the innate ability to know and understand that we want things to be different and to feel sufficiently restless that we need to create, change or do something about the way we are living our lives.

Spiritual Intelligence provides the core motivation that drives us on to bigger and better things for ourselves, to begin the quest for the ultimate understanding – who am I, what did I come here to do, and how can I make that happen.

Spiritual Intelligence provides us with the ability to lead our self through ever constant change, and to create the lifestyle and outcomes for yourself through the employment of insight, direction and momentum.

SQ is the intelligence with which we:

Learn to live with concentration, centred, connected, providing our own context, and increasing our infinite capacity for life, love and learning to live as our Significant Self.



Global Intelligence, “Greater/Gods Intelligence” is the ability to operate at a high level of dynamic integration of all the current dimensions of intelligence as we know them.

Spiritual Intelligence demands that we learn, develop and access the truth of events and situations through the utilisation and integration of all available data and information including rationale, verbal, physical, emotional and energy & sensory data.

This interpretation requires us to engage in previously unchartered levels of personal development that enable us to access and utilise all four major intelligences and develop higher levels of perceptory awareness, skill & competency.



GQ – the combination of all data to reach of new point of learning, revelation, knowing, and understanding.

Those who have operated from this zone include :LEONARDO DE VINCI

Albert Einstein, Mozart, Beethoven.  The inventors & leaders of the world who have dared to dream, dared to be different and dared to listen to a higher intelligence.

Participle #6


For many of us the concept of having what we want is as foreign as learning a foreign language.  But for today that’s exactly what we are going to have – because we deserve it.

Working out what it is that we want, requires us to consider the implications and trade offs, and to ensure that we are putting our needs and our self ‘in centre’.  Not selfish, simply in the centre rather than at the bottom of the list.

Learning to live our lives differently than what we have in the past and learning new ways of being and behaving.

The power of the present allows us to constantly reinvent ourselves and to let go of the past and to begin the process of reprogramming our selves and regenerate a new way of living.

This process also requires us to have and live by certain goals and ideas that we ourselves have created and the power of the integration process is increased as we move ourselves through the old patterns and behaviours BECAUSE of the goals we have set or defined for ourselves.


  • Define the Life Style that you want to live, the changes you want to create.
  • Now determine what it is that YOU need to do to make that happen.
  • Now work out HOW you will make that happen – what do you need to let go of, rearrange, put in different priority order?



Remember the old story of the Wizard of Oz?

First there was the Rainbow Song

Then Dorothy met the Good Witch of the North and she gave Dorothy her Red Shoes.

Then there was the Yellow Brick Road

Dorothy and Toto embarked on a huge adventure to Emerald City to find the Wizard of Oz.

Along the journey she found the Scarecrow in the field – and all he wanted was a Brain.  Then they were joined by the Tin man – who simply wanted a heart

They were then joined by the Lion – and all he wanted was courage.

And so off they went to meet the Wizard of OZ.

The Wizard then gave them a task to do – to get the broomstick off the Bad Witch of the West during which Dorothy and Toto are captured by the Witch and the three friends have to find a way to save them.

The Scarecrow makes the Plan

The Tin man is Filled with tears

The Lion Leads the way

The rescue of Dorothy allowed them to all learn that the Scarecrow simply suffered from disorganized thinking, the Tin man needed to learn to love, and the Lion needed to trust his own wisdom and courage that lay deep within.

As for Dorothy – the lessons of living with gratitude and learning to be thankful for her Aunty Em were joined by the understanding that our hearts desire lives inside our own true self, and we have to find things out for ourselves.

The story ends with Dorothy in her bed – staring at the people around saying ‘there’s no place like home’.

Our choice – to travel the yellow brick road – or be already there!




Creating the Void:

Determining the gap between where we are and what we want and then trying to build a bridge to it.

The New Way





I AM ………….

I HAVE……..

Invokes THE power of the present, to move into the new way of being and speeds up our development as we break free of the chains of habit and repetition and give ourselves permission to be all we can.  By converting our energy, focus and attention onto the positive we move into that dimension with less effort and more confidence because we are focussing on the strength of self, and our ability to achieve, receive, believe.

Focus on what you are doing right and use that as your leverage point.

Being successful is something we can all develop, because it is a skill that we learn based on certain predetermined facets of ourselves.

It requires us to explore our innermost desires and the outcomes that we require for our life, and to learn how to release the need to conform to other peoples definitions of success and to live by our own.

Success is as simple as ‘being and doing what you want, the way you want, how you want’.


Our own personal measure of success is dependant on our values, the things that are important to us, and the aspirations that live deep within. 

We learn and continue to learn that if we listen solely to our head, that some part of us always feels left behind, not listened to, left out, so we end up feeling “this is okay but there’s something missing” – which often translates into empty achievements, frustration and a sense of having done it, but it could have been better.

When we then learn to engage the power of aligning head and heart it creates a better effect, a deeper sense of determination, of being willing to engage in higher levels of self trust and self understanding come into play – its almost as if a part of you that has stood in the shadows for too long, finally comes out and stands in place, waiting for you to recognise it. Mind + Feelings = okay.

The third dimension is: Inner Guidance from Significant Self + Feelings + Mind. 

As we learn to access this Power of 3, it enables us to learn to see more clearly what it is that is the driving force, the true inner most callings vs the emotional and mental desires, wants and needs.    It leads us to learn to understand the power of the ‘inner calling’ rather than withstanding further replication of the material focussed and acquisitive nature of our material self.


1)   Accept the concept of possibility power & imagine accomplishing truly ambitious goals

Believe that anything is possible of willing to focus, commit and concentrate. Dream as big as you can – this will stretch your thinking beyond the current self imposed limitations and take you into the world of
”imagine that”!!  


2)   Continually reinvent the vision  

As you reach the markers and milestones along the way, refresh and rejuvenate your visioning, to ensure that you provide focus and track your development through the journey.


3)   Engage & energise.

 Always put them in writing and then energise with “Power Tools”.  Use proven techniques like vision boards, affirmations, daily gratitude practise, and constant affirmations to self, of what you are now being.


4)   Value your goals & yourself

They are the ‘Roadmap’ to achieving your dreams & you are the one who is achieving them.


5)   Eliminate conflict between goals

Establish priorities, review and where necessary apply problem solving techniques to remain focussed, on track and achieving.  Become aware of your own negativity, conflict and self eroding behaviour such as procrastination.

‘What is the great spirit inside me stirring me on to do?'

Firstly, let us remember that a major part of our life’s purpose is to grow and evolve, to move ourselves beyond the limitations of our human emotions and to bring ourselves into a new and ever evolving points of awareness and consciousness, and that we are here to learn the lessons that we need to do that.  Each of those lessons will unfold to us, as we learn and move on from the last one.

Secondly, this then brings into play the conversation about what else we do while we are here – and how does our Purpose translate into something tangible? 

The reality of our own success and the translation of that success into our lives, comes through an intrinsic sense of understanding as to the power of our purpose.

If wisdom is the translation of the power of understanding, compassion, insight, reflection, and learning, how do we begin to define the purpose of our ‘work’?

Purpose – and how that translates into ‘what we do and how we do it’ , is something that we all strive to understand – for and of ourselves, and in the process of this journey is something that enables us to learn to connect with our true essence and Significant Self.

Learning to uncover the purpose into which we invest ourselves to make a difference in the world, is often as simple as looking at what we do best, what we enjoy the most, what are the things that we are REALLY good at, and what are the things that we do so effortlessly?

It requires us to know ourselves to the point of remembering.  Remembering is the power tool of learning about our true, authentic purpose.  In the light of standing in a moment in time, and moving self into the process of remembering, we ignite a sense of recollection about what it was we came here for.


The Process of revelation of that remembering can often create itself in a number of ways - self revelation through meditation, journaling or moments of insight. Awakening to a Truth.  Committing to use our own unique talents. Hearing the answer clear and loud in the middle of your sleep.  Dreams. Feeling a certain way when you do things.  Feeling a deep inner connection to be somewhere or do something. 

Talent is a mental or physical aptitude, specific natural or acquired ability, natural endowment of ability of superior quality.  Talent is an intrinsic potential to do something well.  What you do best is already determined, choose to fully utilise your talents.

The primary block to our awareness of our talent is fear.  Fearing the outcome – blocking the talent – we convince ourselves we have none.

Windows that helps us to learn to see and discover our Purpose:


Yearning                 A pull toward an activity most often felt after we have seen someone else do it.          A heartfelt magnetism.

                                   Yearning is one of nature’s pointers that we are heading in the right direction.

Satisfaction           It feels good, our skill improves easily with practise, strong feelings of contentment, doing something meaningful.  No matter how high the pressure goes, even when we are tired, we find contentment and challenge in our work.

Rapid Learning     Where our latent leads us we go – quickly.

                                   It feels like we have been there before.

De ja vu                   Having moments of ‘remembrance’ is a key that we are heading in the right direction and our understanding of that direction then begins to consolidate as we learn to trust those little magic moments – like snap shots in time that remind us that we heading in the right direction.


  • Those things we hold in high value toward contributing to living as Signficant Self and improve quality of life.
  • The way we want to live our lives, the way we want to be, and behave

Through the process of developing understanding commitment and

connection with our value set we begin to define our own conscious code of

conduct which in turn provide a clear line of behaviour – remember we teach

others how to treat us, and we learn where we are ‘blind’ to the actions of others. 


Truth                          Honesty                    Courage                    Simplicity

Compassion           Co-operation                       Freedom                   Peace           

Understanding      Charity                       Responsibility                     Tolerance

Integrity                   Trust                           Purity                         Unity 

Gratitude                 Humour                     Persistence             Patience

Justice                     Equality                     Harmony                 Love

  • Define or choose your top 7 values – the ones that you most want to learn to develop and work with
  • Mind Map the values and create a clear simple & visual understanding of what you want them to be, how they look and how you are going to make it come alive – what you are going to do to put that into action.
  • ‘Consolidate or redevelop’ you’re thinking so that you are ‘evolving’ your learning as you go.

Living our values requires courage, persistence and determination, a willing

acceptance of change and the flow of life.  Things can and very often do,

Change and sometimes we just don’t know why – they just do.

People in your life will challenge and try to hold you where you were, where

they are comfortable with you being.  Courage and determination along with a

heartfelt persistence will bring its own rewards.

Challenges of life and our relationships will ensure that we are constantly ‘testing’

our values.  There are some that prefer to rank our values and have

a clear point of deliverance as to the boundaries and linear structure that enables

clear and distinct decision points.

Others prefer the flexible approach, to ensure that they are able to move their

values around to suit the situation.

GRACE = Gratitude, Respect, Acceptance, Compassion, Empathy

Creating the Vision

Direction, alignment and inspiration

Vision – in the ‘purpose of life’ context, is defined as the ability of think about or plan the future with imagination and wisdom, creating a heart felt, intrinsic sense of how it will FEEL as that being, what you will be DOING as that being, how you will be BEHAVING as that being, how you will SPEAK as that being, how you will LIVE, as that being.   Be-coming that person.

This then provides the ‘guiding light’ for your life, your goals, your direction and ultimately some of your decisions.

Why a Personal Vision is Essential

The development of our personal vision provides the immediate and transitory tool that we all need to keep us focussed on what we are doing, and why we are doing it.  Traditionally in business sense, the Vision is a long-term view of the life or business we want to create for ourselves and lays the strategic foundation and focus for the business to align with.  It then translates into key markers for the business including the strategic plan, the business plan, the organisation charts, structures processes, procedures etc that are all aligned to ensure that the vision is delivered.

  • It clarifies the direction for change simplifying hundreds or even thousands of more detailed actions.
  • It motivates people to take action in the right direction even if first steps are painful
  • It helps co-ordinate the actions of different people in a remarkable fast and efficient way.

Direction is critical to the change process, because inevitably we will want to stay in the most comfortable place for as long as possible.

Make sure your vision is directed toward a dream, a fond hope, something you would really like to accomplish, to do, what would please us the most

Be courageous in your dreaming and don’t limit yourself to what you think you can do or be.

The power of ‘Infusion’ and imagination work best here.   The fastest way to make this happen is to simply become it, even though you know that you will need to learn a lot along the way – by standing fully in the space of ‘BE IT NOW’. You give yourself the greatest chance of becoming it.

Life is as creative process, and as such we are often called to bring our skills to the fore in order to overcome greater hurdles, challenges or capitalise on opportunities that may have not previously been available.  In order to create the positive outcome for ourselves, first we must see, it believe it, and imagine ourselves doing and being in that successful environment.



Imaginable;              Conveying a “visual picture” of what our lives and the future looks like in the NOW.

Desirable:                 A heart felt desire to create that outcome, and ideally connected with our personal talents, passion, values and purpose.

Stretching:               Must provide a sense of aspiration as well as believability, to ensure that we continue to grow, attain, redefine and stretch further.

Focussed                  A clear simple message that motivates action and guides decision making

Flexible                     Strong in intention, but flexible enough to allow, encourage initiative and alternatives in the face of changing conditions.

Communicable       Easy to communicate, share and remember. Can be successfully explained and understood in 2 minutes or less.

Personally Directed          It must be written for you by you and focussed on the “I am”

Commitment                       It must commit you to action – no it’s, buts or maybes.

Positive                     It must be positive and written with positive intent, positive energy, and positive focus.

Participle #7

Being All The Love You Are

An energy within its own right, love has the ability to carry you through the most challenging of situations, to clear your mind, to open your heart and to enable you to become more than you currently are and are experiencing.

The power of love is as ancient as all time and has been taught, sung about, written about and its virtues have been talked about for absolute eons.

Centuries ago, love was an almighty and everlasting appreciation for the gods, the world we lived in, for the things we receive and an acceptance of all that life had to provide, to give and to be.  Love was the overriding force for all there was, within the ancient civilisations from the Mayans to the Incas to the Ancient Egyptians; they all loved and worshiped their gods, their crops and their deities.  For as long as man has existed there has been an overwhelming flow toward love, however in the current day and age the flow of love has been contorted, disempowered and distorted to become a thing that we use to punish, to with hold from ourselves and or another, is something that we use to get what we want out of others, or because of others behaviour.

Love is the reality of all we are.  Love has the power to ignite the passion for love, to provide purpose and clarity in all our lives, and to be the one, omnipotent force that brings us to the point of submission within ourselves.  Love has the ability to create, to be the driving force to provide motivation in all we do.  For without the love of what we do, we do nothing.  We simply exist.

Love, is what we all strive to achieve, to have, to give, to receive, and to be part of.  Love is the energy that keeps the world flowing and moving – even though many would argue that money is what makes the world go around.  Love is the omnipotent presence of a life force that can only be felt, shared and given.  Until we learn to open our hearts and learn to enter into a healthy cycle of giving and receiving we can only ever guess what love is, what it feels like and how it could possibly be.

For many the process of love is a difficult and challenging tribulation, fraught with the challenges of relationships, filled with an emotional rollercoaster that takes us through the biggest highs and the lowest lows, and feels like it is stopping us achieving our goals.  If only we knew and understood that it is love itself that is providing us with that learning, we could then open ourselves to the possibility of that love and let it flow through our bodies.

Love is a process of awakening.

As we learn to move beyond the behaviours and patterns of the past, we learn new and different ways of being. We learn to become one with the world and universe around us, and love becomes a simple way of life.  We learn that all we held precious is actually nothing more than an illusion and in the end the only thing that really matters is the quality of life we create for ourselves and others through our own endeavours.

Living as our Significant Self, enables us to grow new strength of ourselves.  It brings us to higher and greater points of recognition of our love, our capacity for love, for service, for being of service for and with others.  It gives us the capacity to learn to live with truth beyond the presenting information, and to learn to see further and deeper in the situation or ourselves in order to learn to find greater capacity for and of self, for the challenges and situations that life presents.  It teaches us to learn to see ourselves beyond simply the carnate (physical) being that we think we are and learn to escape the trappings of emotional ties and attachment to previously important outcomes, to step outside the habit of being and doing what we have always done, in order to create a different outcome.  It teaches us to learn the art of problem identification and solutions beyond the mere physical attributes of our comfort zone, and strive to higher, stronger, more formidable and fortuitous solutions for self.

Developing Character

Character is defined as the  moral and ethical fibre of our being, developed through the experiences or rich tapestry of life, that contribute to who we are today, and will be in the future.

  • A combination of qualities or features that distinguishes a person or group or thing from another.
  • The combined moral ethical structure of a person or a group
  • Moral or ethical strength.
  • Having the courage to live by our Inner Truth and continue to do what we know is the ‘right’ thing to do.
  • Upholding a commitment made
  • Congruency of all facets of self. In the first instance we learn to align our words, with our thoughts, actions and feelings.  As we step through the gateways of our personal evolution, we learn to lean into the spirit of self, and learn to trust both the external forces and internal forces.  We gather strength and momentum as we learn to lean on the inner guidance more strongly than the supposed logic of the situation.  We learn to listen and intuit the guidance that we receive from our body, the tension that is created through certain concepts, people or situations, we learn to move ourselves into greater states of awareness as our body and physical intelligence teaches us what is right for us.  We learn to honour the voice of guidance, and the ‘gut instinct’ with the alignment of the mental.  So with time the eventuation of full alignment with Significant Self, Spirit and the process of unification of all aspects of self are able to become as one, and we begin to operate as fully integrated aligned and dynamic forces in our lives.  We learn to trust ALL the signals, not just the things we think are going to give us a solution in the short term and we learn to extend our horizons of thinking into the future in order to align the present more correctly for self.

Self Discipline                    Strengthening self to act in accordance with inner promptings. Cultivation of inner capabilities, fine tuning abilities to become a force that can be directed.

Living Inner Truth              communicates through faint whispers, thoughts pictures, concepts ideas and feelings.  Every human being is born with this capacity.  Can’t passively wait for it – must go in search of it.

                                                            By turning inward and asking:

  • Is this the way I want to live my life?
  • Is this the way I want to be treated?
  • Is this the way I want to treat others?
  • Is this action going to turn me toward or away from spirit?

Remaining Detached:      being part of a larger system, whether work or home, the environment requires us to hold ourselves connected to the ‘greater good’. Refrain becoming engaged in actions or activities that require you to lose sense of self, direction and purpose.

Might:                        We are greater than we think and we often undermine our might by thinking less of ourselves than serves us. Learning to access our personal power or ‘might’ gives us the power to move beyond the present, into difficult situations and literally ‘take the bull by the horns’ to put into action what it is that we need to do.

Wholeness              being whole and complete, focussing on the wholeness of self not just aspects of separate pieces of information.

Goodness                 Human decency including fairness, politeness, respect.  Quality of self and own behaviour, thoughts etc.

Courage                    Proceeding in spite of fear. Valour, Courage and boldness, speaking the truth, being candid when it may be dangerous or uncomfortable

Acceptance:            learning to affirm, accept and embrace life.  Accepting that things are they way they are – we cannot change those but we can change our attitude or reaction to them.

Do no harm            Never, ever go so far that it harms self or others.  If it doesn’t feel right, stop, leave, and go back to the place you felt okay with yourself.

Owe nothing          Minimise debt and keep in ‘good balance’ with all energy flows including money, relationships and keep as much as possible in the positive/credit.

Make Choices;        Love it, change it or leave it.

No matter whether its relationship, job, or whatever, never ever stay stuck, blaming everything else for your happiness or lack of.

  • Love it – accept it and accept the healing that comes with hit.
  • Change it - change what you can, including yourself if you are part of the problem
  • Leave it – dust yourself off and move!


Listen                                    The answers always lie inside us.

KEY QUESTIONS:               Is It Legal?

                                                Is it balance and fair to all concerned?

                                                How will it make me feel about myself?

                                                What is the outcome this could create?

                                                Is this helpful or harmful?


Never go beyond your own sense of rightness.  That sense is Inner Truth Calling.


























We erode our own character with these very simple little ‘games’ we play with ourselves to avoid having to take responsibility for our own behaviour.         

Playing favourites

Using energy, words, and behaviours to make people do things for you based on your own agenda, which just so happens to change every time.


Speaking of another brings bad energy to self and creates morbid and hostile feelings.  Also fair to understand that what we give out – we get back.  And what we say about another will always get back to them.

Withholding information

Deliberately withholding information, minimise contact, erode conversation, avoid confrontation or conflict

Doing favours’ with an expectation of return

Beware your own hidden agenda and ‘picture books’ that come in disguise “if I do this for them, then they will owe me”.  Believe me, they will never get it.  If you do someone a favour – have no expectations.

Manipulating others to achieve an outcome that is for our benefit

Extracting more than your fair share, over extending commitments from others that are well past the realms of reasonable – taking more than you give or have agreed to give.

Being different in different situations, with different people

Pulling energy from another through our words, actions, behaviours (playing victim, interrogating them, pretending to be their friend and then attacking them, withholding self emotionally or any other way, bullying others.)

Eroding self or another

Through our thoughts of unworthiness, self abuse, self criticism, lack mentality and poverty focus

Playing to win at the cost of another

Getting as much from another as possible, well beyond the realms of what is right, what is balanced for all.  Deliberately creating win/lose scenarios.  Taking more of another – time, patience, pushing boundaries too far, selfish and childish behaviour resulting in energy imbalances between individuals.

Debate vs dialogue

Power of ‘I’ vs power of ‘WE’.  Dialogue enables new outcomes to emerge; debate requires one party to prove that they are stronger and more ‘right’ than the other.

Doing things ‘we know are wrong’ for us, others and the situation regardless of the outcome

Substances, addiction, exercise, anything that we do in excess or avoid that brings harm to inner self and sense of self worth.  Keeping self trapped in status quo for fear of making different choices and what that means to self and those around us.

Making choices based on instant gratification –

Short term gain vs long term value.

Doing things that we ‘know’ intrinsically are wrong for us, in spite of self warnings and knowledge

Failing to heed the warning bells, to listen to the body, to the heart, the gut, the physical stress, the emotional upheaval and carrying on regardless in order to appease a different value (need for acceptance?)



Experience is the only thing that will create depth of character.  Lack of experience manifest in feeding the ultimate preservative – fear.  It preserves us from fully experiencing life, the challenges we face and moving forward in spite of them.


Increasing our Capacity

The Lessons of character are learnt through our ability to increase our capacity for love, forgiveness, releasing, and letting go.  They give us the power of perspective that can only be provided through time, effort and alignment with a greater force than can be imagined on earth and speak to us of our need for greater union with a force that provide that strength.  Particularly in times of great challenge – physical or emotional.  Courage to learn to ask for help from a higher force is required, in order to find the answers to questions that we cannot fathom for ourselves, and have in all truth, very little capacity for finding based on the realms of our limited conditioning of this lifetime.

Many people live our lives based on exactly the same information that they had accumulated of themselves up to the age of 18 – at which point they decided that repertoire of information was sufficient to life a whole, fulfilled and successful life.  Their capacity for love, forgiveness, openness to learning, curiosity of life, ability to use their imagination remained exactly the same.

When we are born, we have an infinite capacity for love, life, trust, and everything in our world is based on the premise that we are safe, we are good, and that we are truly loved.  Through the power of the experiences that we have as children, the life we have as we grow up, the experiences of our encounters with others, with life, we learn to form ‘views’ of life – our own and those that we inherit.  In turn we adjust our willingness to learn to love – and revert to the context of love as a physical act, companionship, friendship as the key markers for our capacity.  We live a life of existence – ensuring that we protect ourselves from ‘harm and hurt’, until we are ready to grow beyond that conditioning and learn to love fully and completely again.

(Age is indicative only, as the process of maturation is evolutionary and in fact more accurately reflects a spiral that we move up and down).

In a great many instances, it is the ‘life crisis’ that brings about the transition into learning to awaken to the greater capacities life, of the awakening of curiosity again, the desire to learn to truly live again, and to feel the immense gratification of learning to love again, beyond all previous experiences.  Many suffer badly through this, with major physical pain or illness.  Others have what we call a ‘mid life crisis’.  The ‘pull’ is the same.  The requirement of the ‘self’ to bring ‘itself’ back into alignment with the love and purpose that they are here to experience and create. To learn to love again – to remember what real love is.

For many of us, we live our lives based on the template or ideas that are buried deep inside, that have become a way of life based on nothing other than a deep desire to fit in, to be as other people expect us to be, to live a productive yet reasonably unfulfilling life measuring our life on the asset base, the children, the grandchildren. 

Power Point:  We believe what we believe because that’s what we believe, but we are ‘soft wired’ and we can change that. It’s not cast nor fixed in stone, it’s only a belief and it can be changed.

Life is a continuous cycle and journey of evolution.  Until we accept the possibility that we are fixed in one point of time in our lives, we limit our ability to move, to grow or to access the willingness within that enables us to forgive, let go, release and surrender to power of love and let that be the guiding force in our lives.

Love is a concept, a vibration an idea that is as real as fear, but most of the time we let fear rule our lives.

Love is the omnipotent life force that we all live in, even if we don’t recognise it, and the impact that we have on the world and environment around us.

Love is the power to create, to change, to instil in ourselves a new set of values, a new way of being, for ourselves, because of ourselves, and with ourselves that enables us to achieve greater personal satisfaction and success than we have ever previously dreamed possible.  Love, is the essence of all we are, all we can become, what we do, how we are, and how we can be.

Love is the power of life, the power of growth, the power of forgiveness, the power behind all major life changing forces even though we may not understand them at the time.

Process of Awakening – the Layers of Growth

Layer 1

Layer 2

Layer  3

Layer  4

Layer  5







Awakening & Curious



Life long student

Material focussed


Problem attitude

Blame mentality

Restless  but content

Very low awareness of need for change

No regard for feelings of others

Reckless attitude

Some chemical or substance dependency – from coffee to?

High fear

Low Trust

Awakening new curiosity

Seeking out new ideas, new people

Trial of different experiences

Learning to meditate

Learning to connect and listen with self

Starting to think about changing different aspects of self.

Observing different aspects of others and self in different situations

Slow to recognise old habits taking over

Embark on ‘greater’ training and guidance

Developing new vision for life

Awareness developing of old limitations

Expanding self into new and different shape

Learning what values are important and how to live them

Learning to discern between old and new thinking & behaviours

Relationships start evolving.

Personal Conflict become evident

Awareness developing as new habits become more easily adopted.

New Values starting to become second nature

Living and learning on daily basis

Comfortable leaning into the flow of life and getting on with own purpose and vision

Integrated lifestyle beginning to show reward -harmony

At peace with most aspects of self and able to communicate and articulate what life is for you.

Role modelling



Learning & Experiencing constantly

Low Fear

High Trust

Layer 1: Indifference/“She’ll be right”

The ideology of indifference is one of ‘she’ll be right’.  The concept of feeling like no matter what you do it doesn’t matter because some one will always bail you out and that’s just fine with you. The belief is that you are okay and that there is no need to change, to do anything differently because it always works out anyway.  Living life aimlessly, moving from day to day, one day to the next, unclear, unmotivated, asleep in the time and space that you live in.  Feel helpless, unclear, unmotivated, all the time ‘pointing’ above or beyond and saying that its not up to you, because that’s the way you are, it is, and you cant change it and its got ‘nothing to do with you’.

Relationship with self is low, majority of time and energy is based on physical needs and wants, everything is external focus and there is low self awareness, low understanding of self, and low knowledge of what you think or believe and why.  Quality of relationships is veiled behind not wanting to get too close, to open up or do anything that will involve you changing, or growing into something else.

Work is done because that’s what you do, you go to work, do your job, go home, do what needs to be done (if you absolutely have to but better to sit down and do nothing or start partying)  go to bed, start all over again.

Life is dedicated to the concept of convenience, short term gratification, the next big purchase, the next thing that needs to be acquired.

Layer 2: Politeness/Brave Face

Putting on the façade, doing what needs to be done to keep up appearances, being nice to people on the phone, when you meet them, when you ask them how they are, not really caring about the outcome because all you want to do is think, talk and remain focussed on yourself.  Not really interested, simply going through the motions. 

Looking at others as a source of frustration, a source of pain, a source of needing to be tolerated, but feeling resentful, angry and constantly wondering why you put up with it.  Threatening you will leave, but never moving on, simply going through the motions or living life as the façade you have created.

Relationship with self closed, preferring not to access the truth even though you know there is something lurking below the surface that needs to be identified, but not willing to learn the truth, not willing to grow into the next stage for fear of creating change, evolving, upsetting the apple cart or even worse, ending up on your own.

What experiences you do undertake down the path of evolution are because others are doing it, or you want to do it, but not really engaged with it.    Gradually as this stage, things start to happen that either excite or scare you and you either get on board and start growing or move away and put ‘self’ back on the shelf.

Conversations are limited to the weather, sport, projects etc, but you continue to hold and hide the majority of what you truly think, feel and believe within yourself for fear of being seen as the trouble maker, being wrong, being the odd one out, never knowing if you fit in or not – or just being told you’re being stupid, emotional, etc.

Comparing is high, looking at those around, looking at what others have, and competition is high because of the perception that others are getting different treatment or different recognition.

Layer 3: Caring/Opening up & Learning to learn

Learning to care for yourself, about yourself, and learning to give yourself what you need to make yourself happy.  Learning to take responsibility for yourself, for the outcomes you create and learning a new way of being, thinking and feeling.  Understanding that you are part of a bigger system, that everything is part of everything else, and that you are part of that system.

Becoming willing to open up, to communicate authentically, to take risks with people, to put yourself on the line and risk rejection.

To start to exercise different ways of being with yourself, to start to live differently, to become more attuned to your own wants and needs and to create the right environment for yourself.

Exploring your own values, beliefs and developing greater self understanding, self worth, self belief and confidence as you learn how to re-engage with yourself.

Engaged with developing greater visions and capacity for love in life and learning to deal with conflict in a different way.

Work becomes more interesting, more rewarding as relationships develop beyond previous limitations, role becomes more fulfilling, and a better balance is achieved between the physical demands of work, relaxation, rest, play and enjoyment of all facets of life.

Layer 4:        Respect/Learning to Value Self & Others

The concept of developing greater respect brings us to the point of learning to truly appreciate the existence and contribution of everyone and everything around us.  Learning to open ourselves to the true multidimensionality of the world we live in, the relationships within which we operate, the power of the values that we live our lives by, and learning to be at peace with who we are and the lives we are living.  Learning as an ongoing process of evolution and accepting that everything that happens is truly for our highest good, respecting situations, people and events as being part of the whole, and that they have the right to their own mistakes, to their own learning to their own development.

Learning respect that stays in place no matter how emotional we are – respect for ourselves, other parties, other people that enables us to remain calm, centred and focussed on the learning and the outcome, rather than reacting our way through the challenges and unexpected learning experiences.

Learning to become as one with the world we live with, rather than on, learning to participate in the cycle of nature, the laws of the universe and becoming an active participant in the life we live, rather than a passive bystander.

Opening ourselves to new levels, new dimensions, new possibilities as we close the chapter, the close the door on different aspects of our life and learn to walk through the new doors that open with trust, faith and understanding that we are doing so for our own betterment – even though it may not show itself how at the time.

Respect for self is growing, developing, respect for others is emerging as we develop greater awareness and respect for ourselves, our environment, our behaviour, our own successes.

Confidence grows daily as walk the path we are destined and comfortable walking as part of ourselves grows more and more trusting of the inspiration, ideas and information we receive through putting more and more of ourselves into action with our own essence, creating our own destiny.


Reverence is a form of higher levels of self knowledge, self acceptance, self actualising the reality of our own lives.  It takes us into the essence of dedication, eagerness, enthusiasm, deep admiration of self and others.  Driven by underlying values of humility, acceptance, gratitude, faith, restoration of own spirit lies at the core of the development as we move and progress deeper into the space that is ours. 

We see ourselves as we really are, we become as one with ourselves, free from the need to continually reject parts of ourselves, and learn to accept all parts of ourselves as being related to the Divine itself, and learning to create our own destiny within that knowledge.

We are committed to ourselves, to our lives, to the roles we play, to learning as a way of life, of accepting the higher principles and living our daily devotion to self as creative force.

We learn to live in love, with love, of love, because of love as the primary force for all we do, because we accept everything, anything and all as part of the whole.  We release the need for separation, for exclusion and rejoice in the ability to participate in the greatest sense of belonging available to man.  The ability to belong and participate to the best of our ability in the divine plan, the process of creation by leading ourselves and leading others through our own actions.

We move into a state of grace – where we value ourselves, the very earth we live with, the people we live with, and live in a constant state of veneration – respect, virtue, dignity, character, heart felt deference, profound respect.

  • G – Gratitude
  • R – Respect
  • A – Acceptance
  • C – Compassion
  • E – Empathy & Energy

Gratitude      for all of life, for all we have, all our possibilities, our potential for the fact that we have the ability to create and use it for the highest good of all concerned.

Respect        for ourselves, others, all living things the world, earth and heavens above, for the power of creation and all of creation.

Acceptance:            Of all and everything as part of our life, our learning and our own process of evolution.  Acceptance of ourselves, our abilities and talents and the right to make choices for ourselves in line with highest order of goodness (doing no harm to self or others)

Compassion:           Living with heart felt respect and understanding of the process of life, living from the heart and giving ourselves and our compassion to self and others freely.

                        Freedom from judgement and the need to control we exercise our right to live freely and give others that same right.

Empathy:      Learning to see situations, events and people clearly by releasing the need for our own judgement and perspective, understanding that everything is a matter of perspective depending on where you stand.

                        Learning to see clearly the reality of all and everything to enable the power of choice to be made more clearly, more aligned with happiness and highest good.

Energy:         Living alert, aware and in flow with the energy of life and living as a multidimensional being that we are, self sufficient, accessing own energy for own development, nurturing and nourishment. Developing abundance consciousness to enable ability to give freely to others without ever having to with hold self, energy or love.

Signatures of Love





Love is multidimensional and many things to many people, but love carries a unique energy signature that captures our hearts and minds, and fills our Significant Self with the sense of rightness about our lives.  The Energy Signature of which we speak, is like the thumb print of the Great and Eternal Ones, who teach us in conjunction with our Significant Self to learn to love again, to learn to be open, willing, and to read the signs of when we are not being as loving as we could be.

Love as Detachment from Desire:

Desire comes from a perceived ‘need’ for something, for love, for energy, for information, for acquisition, for energy.  Desire is fuelled from the concept of lack, that we are less, inadequate, incomplete, and unformed.  From a need to have our needs met by another or something other than ourselves.  It gives rise to the feelings of needing other people, needing direction, needing, guidance, needing to be told what to do. Desire is one of the root causes of suffering as we live our lives disempowered by the concept that we don’t already have all that we require – of ourselves.  It brings with it the manifestations of greed, material acquisitions, fear of lack, poverty consciousness because we are always striving for the next ‘thing’ that is going to fill the void that we create between the desire for the acquisition, and the understanding that we perfect already.  The void then becomes the home for fear, for hunger, for addiction, for obsession that must be fed.

This area of love is fuelled by the notion that we love certain things, would love certain things, and that if we had them we would be complete.  It is often linked with wanting, attachment, ownership, grasping, craving, possessiveness, fear. 

Filled with the core concepts of wanting and acquiring, owning and possessing, we are isolated from ourselves and others believing that the only way we will be complete is when we are with another – and that they will make us complete, when we have that ‘thing’ we will be complete.

Life in this place centres around indulgence, instant gratification, short term pleasure, and insatiable need for the next ‘thing’ and then the next.  The more we have, the more we perceive we need, the more we are saddened by our inability to be happy with what we have.  ‘Possessions’ become addictive.

Fear, greed and all the associated concepts that pertain to love as being a thing that we can achieve, a possession we can attain to feed the need, that we are not getting what we truly need.

Elimination of Suffering:

Knowledge is the result of information + experience, come to through the process of learning and reflection – self realisation.

Knowing that we are the primary cause of either suffering or happiness in our own lives, leads us to a greater depth of understanding and compassion.  And as we learn to navigate our way through the process of evolution that is our lives, we learn to accommodate and stand in new and different space and engage with new awareness, new accommodation of self and others, and bring into being new ways of thinking, seeing and being in the world. 

Suffering is the antithesis of happiness – just as mediocrity is the antithesis of excellence.  It causes us to be distracted from our natural state, even though our conditioning often leads us believe that life is other than a pleasant place to be.   Holistically speaking, suffering is the effect or outcome achieved primarily through a handful of events:

  • Natural disaster – earthquake, floods, hurricanes
  • Painful illness or loss of a loved one
  • The suffering of change/impermanence.
    • our inability to learn to accept that all of life is temporary and that nothing is ever permanent. Anything that we fix our affection or attention onto that is external to us and that we put at the centre or as the cause of our happiness, will never fulfil nor satisfy us - including people and material possessions.
  • The suffering of existence
    • caused by the perpetual cycle of negative thoughts and feelings that we allow to govern our lives.

Love as Intuiting our Feelings:

Love as a feeling takes us into the next chapter of life into the concept of feelings.

Feelings of fondness, fascination, attraction.  Feelings that become a physical reaction so you can feel your body physically responding.


Learning to identify the true feeling, and learning to determine the truth of that feeling, rather than labelling everything you like as being something you love, learning to understand that love is feeling founded on the energy of trust, connection, openness, awakening, faith, joy, alignment with a greater good, sense of wonder at the world that you are living with, the immense joy of being as a flower that opens its face to the sun – we absorb and radiate.

Love in this instance of feelings enables us to learn about our different feelings and dimensions of love including things like compassion, kindness, sympathy, empathy, acceptance.



Love as Forgiving

The power of forgiveness is singularly one of the most powerful tools we can learn and engage with on a regular basis for the purposes of self healing, releasing the past and giving ourselves permission to move forward with our lives and learning, being willing to learn to explore our capacity for love.

Forgiveness is the power of letting go, not of condoning or agreeing with the behaviour of self or others, but simply giving ourselves permission to let go and let it be gone.

The more frequently we engage in the process of forgiveness the more readily we are able to move ourselves through the changes we need to bring into action in our own lives and enable ourselves to become all we are.

Forgiveness is a gift we give to ourselves – with the intention of recreating balance and healing in our own lives.

Forgiveness can take many forms.

We achieve forgiveness through the power of intention to let it go, to remove the past event, action or behaviour from ourselves, and surrender it to the universal forces of love.

  • Meditation
  • Writing and burning the letter
  • Pretending the other person is sitting in front of you and talking through the issue.
  • Asking for help from the support of the Universe to let it go
  • Requesting a Miracle.
  • Practising Forgiveness
  • Forgiving self for everything ever done & giving self permission to create the new.

Love as Miracles

Miracles – a change in perception!

Miracles are the universes way of creating a change of perception in self that allows us to see situations people or events more clearly. We engage with the power of Miracles through the divine and simple act of asking for one.



Love as Giving:

Giving the best of self, in all situations, giving support, knowledge, confidence, bringing about the revelation and awakening of knowledge through sharing of experiences, becoming vulnerable, transparent and making it safe for others to do the same. 

We learn to experience a new found inner freedom as we become more proficient at this thing called love.  It becomes easier to give, almost natural to simply give it away.  We develop and enjoy a greater sense of freedom where nothing is expected in return.  Pure and simple, ‘it’s’ given with no thought of anything in return. Genuine, spontaneous, innocent, impulsive and instinctive, selfless.  Given because we want to, where we begin to perform acts of kindness, giving, helping, sharing, and being patient and tolerant, acts of friendliness.

Love as Energy:

Love at this level, transcends everything we have ever experienced before.  Love as energy, love as unspoken knowing, of unwritten word, of simply knowing a complete and unfathomable acceptance that all and everything is as it is meant to be, aligned, in place, transmutable to those around us, it emanates from within as a force for good, a kindled fire that burns bright within us that shines for all the world to see.

This is not born from the love from others, it is birthed from within, as the force of life within each of us, that fuels and enables us to reach and connect with infinite love and light in the purest sense.

Being all the love you are – it radiates outward from us, to and for others, for the world around us, as we learn to feed and nurture the world and earth as well as those around us, in a natural, completely natural flow of life, with life.

There is increased capacity, inner strength, accepting and receptive, a summons to wholeness and integrity, a drive toward the source.  Love here is a resonance that we are moving toward a greater capacity, more is being fathomed, the vessel is increasing in size, and the ability to transmit love becomes an tangible feeling around the heart centre as it actively and consciously expands, increases is capacity even further, and begins to ‘glow’ again.  Eyes become clearer, skin becomes brighter, life becomes lighter and the joy of the simplicity of life is accepted and enjoyed.

Unity with Spirit

Love in this frame is complete and unconditional. It opens the gateways of our heart and heart of hearts to the possibilities of the ultimate unification and alignment with our Significant Self.  Of true limitless living.

We learn to step into the space of fearlessness, of complete unification and alignment with the highest realms of self as spirit.  We live authentically, congruently, aligned between heaven and earth, honouring the strength that we gain from both the masculine and feminine energies, the sun and the moon, the stars and the sun, the sky and the earth. 

As the vessel for love, we become it, in every sense of the word – our thoughts, actions, words, behaviour.  All is encompassing in the concept of love as we join together with our spirit, our soul, the essence of who we are to begin the next journey into the true dimensionality of our authentic selves.  The great essence of life.

Participle #8

Creating New Perspectives


Learning to exercise our powers of discernment in order to create new perspectives requires us to learn to strengthen our ability to see, to perceive, to exercise the power of reason, to conceive and create new ideas, draw inferences and use judgement.  To weight the idea through our entire self, to grow our aspects of consideration and to learn to exercise our innate creativity.


Most of us learn from an early age to work things out based on logic, rationale, analytical skills and for many of us this has been the primary decision making framework, and indeed thinking structure for many years.

However to be able to develop new and different ways of being, we must learn new and different ways of thinking and more importantly – seeing and sensing of the situation, its causes and its effects. We must learn to push ourselves beyond the gateways of our current levels of creativity and invite the imagination to come and teach, lead, show us how to see things from a new perspective. Learning to balance all components of the knowledge and energy in any given situation enables us to connect with more than simply the old pattern of that event.  Learning to develop all our senses enables us to see, feel, discern and learn more about ourselves and that situation so that we can make a complete choice.


The catalyst for our ‘fitness’ to create change, lies in our ability to allow our imagination to take the lead, to imagine ourselves creating a new outcome, to actively seek out new dimensions and possibilities, and to then think our way through situations and problems, and then allow our subconscious mind time to process the information before developing the outcome/result or conclusion.

Our ability to use our imagination is part of a powerful mechanism to engage the senses, to invite new possibilities into the frame.  How we think is a by product of years of habit which simply continues to reinvent the same outcomes as the past. 

The challenges that face us include the desire to recreate or reinvent old habits – doing what we have always done because that is the most comfortable way of doing it, doing what we know, doing what others tell us is best for us.

The challenge for creating new ways of being lies in our ability to become aware of our own limited thinking processes, its effect on us, our lives and those around us, as well as to create and accept the excitement of standing on the edge between old and new ways of being – consistently.

Thinking Styles

The Human mind has three modes of thinking





Recognition of patterns

Parallel thinking

Fills the need – hunger

Learning new body skills

Uses old neuron connections Can build new ones with new experiences

Trial and error learning

Heavily experienced based

Habit forming


Deductive Thinking

Either/Or mentality

Black & White

Dislikes ambiguity


Finite – operates within boundaries

Likes Goals, objectives, action plans – clear points of purpose

Linear Thinking



Challenges assumptions, status quo and paradigms

Invents new ways of thinking

Core motivation based on Value and sense of meaning

Moves past the old goals posts

Writes new ‘programmes’ for the mind

Infinite thinking

Holistic, integrative, sees whole picture

Can question itself and the environment.


“Feel” the skills

Learn by Doing

Reprogramme based on experience

Feels its way when in new terrority

Can handle ambiguity

Need review process to understand what has been learnt






Thrives on repetition


Creates new thinking and ideas

Gain different perspective

Improve ways of thinking and being

Removal of old ways of being

Clarity to see situations and events more clearly


Thrives on Chaos and instability




Habit bound

Takes time and effort to relearn new skills

Difficult to share or communicate what has been learnt



Operates within SAME rules




 Thinking Processes



 The Imagination

The imagination is one of the most powerful tools that exists in the human dimension as it provides the catalyst for all change.  Without imagination there is no possibility of inventiveness, curiosity, dreaming, or connection with the natural creative self.   


Create is defined in the dictionary is as - to cause to exist, to bring into being, originate.  To give rise to, bring about, produce.  Creation is the act of creating.   

Power Point:

The mind must be able to receive the inputs in order to challenge the old ideas,

to view the world differently, to turn it upside down, to look at it from the other side - to begin to see the connections - that make it work.

No matter who you are, creative spirit is part of your life.  It animates a style of being, a way of life filled with the desire to explore new ways of doing things, to bring dreams to reality, and lies deep within anyone who has the urge to tinker, to explore new possibilities, to leave things a little better than before. 

Creativity is vital in everything we do, and all areas of life – relationships, family, work, career, community, and growth.


Creativity is our ability to let go of all control, and trust the messages we are given our own inner wisdom and having the courage to act on that wisdom.

Creativity is a process of change, our ability to see the way things are, and the way we want them to be and to imagine and create new outstanding possibilities.


“creative people are always tinkering, asking ‘what makes sense here’, ‘what doesn’t’ and ‘can I do something about it”.



  • Pressure – to perform
  • Reward – creates competition not creativity
  • Evaluation – being judged either by self or others
  • Surveillance – being stalked, watched and supervised
  • Over control – telling exactly how things are meant to be
  • Time – needs to be open ended to save and explore the activity.
  • Competition –‘disables’ the concept of equality and self ingenuity.
  • Restricting choice -  allow self to choose based on what is of interest

Imagination thrives on:

  • Faith in your self   
    • to know that you have a power within you that is always available to you. 
  • Absence of judgement
    • Learning to silence the inner critic and learning to listen to our own inner guidance.

§  Precise Observation        

o   Seeing the world with the precision of a child – with no preconditions or past beliefs to cloud the reality.  Learning to see things we haven’t seen before.

  • Penetrating Questions    
    • The ability to ask deep and penetrating questions to truly learn to see differently.


Logic of either true or false

Linear - one way to do things

Single mindedness that needs certainty

Creates tension of needing to be right &/or fear of being wrong


With And

Creates wavelike fingers of potential

Possibilities, Expansion, Future

“c” is larger than the sum of its parts “ a +b”

Allows individuals and teams to grow

Leaders draw from inspiration of groups as well as themselves

Multiplier effect – bottom up + top down + new possibilities, ideas and innovation + scenario planning

Multiple options become transparent

More thorough Preparation



Creative Tactics – become a new daring you!

  • Dare to see people, situations and things through new perspectives
  • Dare to open your mind to the possibilities that can be.
  • Dare to take risks and truly move beyond the current fear zone.
  • Listen very carefully to yourself and find the answers that lie within.
  • Learn from everyone and everything that you do so you can take the learning and apply it to the next situation
  • Release the fear of making mistakes and learn to embrace it as an opportunity 

Becoming our Integrity – 9 disciplines of expanding perspective

Removal of ‘self from situations’ and teaching ourselves to stand ‘away’ from the situation or events of the day, interactions with others, outcomes that have come to pass in our lives, allows us re-contextualise, to learn from those opportunities Only when we remove ourselves and partake of something different do we begin to see the context of where we have been before, and where we need to remove limitation in order to create new outcome.

The power of the 9 Dimensions used in conjunction with the Integrity Model enables us to learn to align our selves more closely with the true essence of who we are.  They provide us with a template against which we can learn to evaluate, explore, identify and understand the areas of ‘change’ that we require, and how we can then learn to move and lead ourselves through that change in order to bring ourselves more closely aligned with our essence or authentic self.

Knowing where, how and why we want to be, where and how we want to invest ourselves is a huge, enormous aspect of self knowledge.

It is well to understand our beliefs, but until we are able to move beyond our beliefs, and move into new understanding and alignment with where and what we want to create for ourselves, all our beliefs provide us with is a magnet that continues to attract the same outcome for selves.

Move beyond the belief, if you seek to know truth.  Open yourself to the possibility that things are not as they appear.  Learn to know that you have the power to be more than you are.  By stepping beyond the ‘fence line’ of being all your current beliefs can create.

When you reach the point you have been before, you know you have reached the roadblock or limitation of your beliefs.

When your relationships reach the same point they have a hundred times before, know that you have reached the roadblock that is your beliefs.

Your conditioning, your culture, your internal culture that is yourself, created from the power of all your experiences, information, conditioning, past life experiences have all led you to that exact, singular point in your current life.

And know, right there, right then, that it is time to step into the great unknown, embrace the power of possibility, and pure potentiality.  Know exactly at that point that you choose to either say “See I told you so” or you can choose to let go of whatever the belief is that got you there again, and Choose to be open to the possibility that its time to be more for yourself.

You may have absolutely NO IDEA what that may mean in that moment – but you will know the moment after that.

Do it all again, or find a different way.

Expanding Integrity:


1)        Viewpoint

Where are you standing when you look at the world, at yourself, at the situations, events and challenges in your life?  Where is the source of your knowledge and perspective founded? Where are you referencing yourself?

Learning to see the world through the eyes of the great ones, the events in our lives from an entirely different view point, provides profound perspective, learning and moves our appreciation and capacity for new insights.

We learn to see the world without bias, free from all prejudice, with the intention of creating new, deeper understanding and wisdom.  Learning to make the conscious choice about HOW to perceive what we have seen, what you are actually seeing and striving to find the greatest truth and wisdom closest to the truth as you can find today.  Remember it will emerge another day as a greater learning as all truth is evolutionary and changes as our view of the world, our perceptions change and limitations and mysteries of self unravel further.

There are at least 9 dimensions of time that you can learn to see things from and as you learn to stand in the different dimensions of time, walk around the situation and stand in a place of complete openness to learning to see more clearly, new dimensions of information will open before you.

Process:        Event

                        Reflection from all sides/perspectives

                        Review all points

                        Determine which one is closer to the truth

                        If chose the negative option evaluate why


Objective:     To discover the basic reason for our own reaction and remove hardness of thinking, fixtures of stubbornness and unwillingness to move or change our perspective.  To develop clarity through broader perspective and viewpoints.


2)        Mindset:

Make the utmost effort to improve and purify your thoughts.  How your mind is ‘set’ is defined by the way that we behave, which is a by product of automatic thinking, habit and posturing.  What your mind is ‘set’ to is scripted by the power of your own beliefs, conditioning and the events of life that have created the repertoire of knowledge that you have.  Remember, all of life is evolutionary and we need to continually update the ‘data’ we are using to live effectively and happily.

Process:        Learn to hear and know what you are thinking and when you need to take responsibility to update or change the flow of thought you are creating.

Make time to review it – to see where you are in the present to understand where you have come from – every moment is dependant on the thoughts we were last thinking.

                        Acknowledge wrong thoughts – admit and correct

Objective:     Reflection on feelings is key trigger to learn where thoughts are impure and taking us off track.  Reflection at the end of the day enables us to clear and cleanse ourselves of unwanted ‘baggage’ accumulated throughout it.

3)        Power of Words

Be aware of the vocabulary that we use, and the impact that our words have on others.  The contamination of others and self with our words has an ongoing ripple effect as we ‘infect’ one, so they affect another.  Be aware also of repercussions of our words and the challenge that they present to others and whether we are contributing to the happiness or suffering of others through our words.

Examining the words used during the day give us a good indication our character and predisposition.  They teach us where we need to review our mental attitudes, and our prejudices as well as where we are struggling to bring forgiveness and light into our lives – and whether we are contributing to our own suffering or not.

When we are in a ‘dark mood’ then that is ours alone – the moment we utter it another it becomes shared.

Objective:     To speak truthfully, positively.  To refrain from speaking ill of others, telling lies, flattering or saying something that sows seeds of doubt, or self-doubt among friends.  Truth is valuable, when tempered with compassion and understanding of the fears that continue to ‘govern’ those around us.


4)   Our Work

‘Our work’ transposes into learning to understand that ‘we do our work honestly’

and that we refrain from procrastination, harm and self deception.  Learning to

stand in a place of complete integrity with self, leads us to learn to stand in

integrity with others, for the purpose of then cultivating the power of

impeccability – doing no sin to self or others.  How we do our work – reflects in

the actual work that we do, how we align our values in all aspects of our life –

including our careers, our relationships, and ensuring that we behave congruently

in aspects of self. 

Objective:     To create harmonic alignment of work with self to ensure talents are being utilised to optimum capability and as close as possible to Life’s Work and Purpose.

5) Congruent Living

We all have the same number of hours in a day – 24 hours 365 days per year. 

How we use these resources determines the kind of life we will have.

In the same 24 hours some people will become leaders, scholars, philosophers and

Learning to live the best life we can, in the present, focussed on the now and knowing that we aligning ourselves with our own sense of the future, brings greater fulfilment and sense of direction.  Step by step we continue to align, fine tune and bring ourselves into the life we choose for ourselves.

Process:        Reflect on each day of your life

                        Compare it with an Ideal Day

                        Find the areas for improvement

                        Define new possibilities

                        Re define how you will live your day

                        Have you Lived your day to its fullest?

Objective:     To live each 24 hours as if it were our entire life, and to enable ourselves to develop as much light in our lives within that time as possible.

6)       Honour of Effort

The concept of honouring our effort is learning to see where we have grown,

where we have faltered, and where we are in need of greater movement in


Objective:     to determine if we are investing the correct ‘amount’ of effort in the various aspects of our lives, including our own evolution. 

Process:        What contribution have I made to the world and myself today?

                        What have I learnt/contributed/improved in the world today?

                        What have I learnt/contributed/improved in myself today?

Have I invested the right energy in all facets of my life or am I putting too much energy into one area thus neglecting another?

7)        Asking & Accepting Help to align with Right Will

When we pray or ask for help, we emit spiritual/energy vibrations for a specific purpose.  Learning to ask for help requires humility and alignment with the highest good of all concerned. 

Learning to ask to for the removal stubbornness and pride and the causes of same and learning to operate from a position of willingness of self (‘will’ can be both positive and negative – wilful or willing)

Process:        Learn to ask on behalf of self and others when they are in need, and have no doubt they will receive what they need – for themselves and not necessarily what we think they need. Asking for help for self and for the highest good of all concerned leads us away from the temptation of creating and living by hidden agendas where we are led into the path of self destruction and away from true self.

Objective:     Our Will must be directed towards as much happiness and success of as many people as possible.

8)       Right Meditation

The discipline of concentration, connection and communication with Self as

primary source of guidance, and if desired through the development process

to learn to connect with  Higher Spirits within the Multidimensional world,

becoming attuned to the life force energy, feeling and working with it and then

becoming it.

Objective:     (Optional levels of development)

Primary:        To acquire true wisdom and with the power of that wisdom to be released from limitations that bind us to this earth. 

Intermediate:          To delve deeper into our own Inner World

Advanced:    To learn to communicate with the guardian and guiding spirits that work with us to co-create and become as one.

To acquire true wisdom and with the power of that wisdom to be released from

limitations that bind us to this earth.  To delve deeper into our own Inner World,

to learn to communicate with the guardian and guiding teachers that work with

  1. us. When we have attained Right Meditation our potential will be maximised and

we will gain access to the Great Wisdom of the entire Universe, align, accept and

become it.


9) Achieving Unification and Unity

Our destiny is the reunification of all elements of self, with our divine right order, the inner and sacred self, our soul.  Through the process of releasing attachment to all lower aspects of living, we step through the gateways of separation and embrace full unification of all aspects of self into one, enlightened being – the child, the adult, the parent and the significant self merge, and unleash our purity and luminosity through the removal of all limitation.

Process:        release and surrender all individual and sub sets of self requesting full and complete unification of all aspects of being, to live as Significant Self.

Objective;     To bring SELF to the forefront of all living, to live as peace, a fully alive being, free to enjoy the spontaneity and joy of living as living embodiment of radiant light.

Until one is committed there is hesitancy, a chance to draw back.

The moment one definitely commits oneself,

then the universe moves in too.

All sorts of things occur to help

that would never have otherwise appeared.

Participle #9

Pathway Home

The Encounters:

The Pathway Home is the ultimate in all creative expressions and experiences we can create for ourselves.  And, because it is a creative process, it is likely that we will experience some or all of these gateways or ‘growing pains’ at some stage or another during our development. 

Restless Discontent

A period during which we feel, desire, and want things to be better, different or to create a change in our lives.  Striving to find something that is and will improve our feelings of self worth, value and give us context and meaning for our lives. The voice of inner knowing is the key driver in here, so invest time in self to sit and listen and bring self to a clearer point of awareness to understand where you are becoming impatient in your life.  Impatience is a clear sign that you know that you can create something more, and are getting frustrated with how long it’s taking you!!!

Preparation (Research and development)

The phase where we go through the cupboards, do our research and begin to understand what exactly we want to be better, clearly defining our intention.  We attract and collect books, articles, thoughts, ideas, music and other meaningful pieces of flotsam to help us move in the right direction.

Follow the clues, the signs and let yourself be guided to discover new information that can enable you to create a bigger picture even if you don’t use all the information now.

Be receptive and open to new ideas, and listen accurately to yourself and others.

Avoid:            Self censorship – the inner voice of judgement – learn to understand that voice and discount the value of those comments.

Enjoy             Frustration:  The most emotional of them all is reality that with all creation there is an element of frustration – the feeling of anxiety, anguish, preparation.  Frustration is also the bodily indicator that we are not in action with what we need to be doing – so do whatever it takes to increase your own knowledge about how you teach yourself where you need to move, and where you need to listen.  Or you’ve hit a nerve, a fear, a trigger that there is something there waiting for you to find, discover or reveal to yourself, a fear to be confronted, a message that you need to hear.



Although no one enjoys frustration, it is an accepted part of the Creative process, and without it, many great people would not have achieved the things they have. 

The most common reason for things not working, people not achieving is the results they desire, is due largely to one common denominator.  They give up.  No problem is too big to find a solution to – no opportunity to hard.  Simply human nature dictates that we “give up” because we don’t trust the process, don’t understand that the feeling of frustration is part of the creative process and that we CAN find the solutions to all the things we desire.


All good ideas require time to incubate, to simmer and to come to life.   At this stage let all the ideas that you have mull over in your mind and do their own work.  This is the most passive stage of the entire process.

Most of the work here is done in the subconscious, the greater mind with the infinite capacity to continue thinking about things long after you have given up, or gone to sleep.

The sub conscious mind is far more suited to creative insight than the conscious – there are no judgements, ideas are free to combine and recombine with others, there is no predictable pattern to make things need to fit into certain moulds or preconceptions about how things should or could be.

The subconscious mind is also the store house of all information – so it can use all the available resources, memories, ideas, and learnings that we have had already, and contribute all of this to the solution finding process.

The subconscious mind also knows all our deep feelings and rich imagery that is the intellect of our senses.  It knows what is most obvious or apparent and presents it in a sense of ‘felt correctness’ otherwise known as our intuition.

There are many ways to allow the subconscious mind to come to the fore.  The most common is the form of Day dreaming or simply allowing the mind to wander.


This is the moment that gets the most glory and attention – and the one we strive for the most!!!!!  This is the feeling of knowing “this is it”.


Working out where we are holding ourselves back, and what we need to let go of to be able to move forward


The act of taking your insight and transforming it into action.  Translating the inspiration into reality is what makes your idea more than just a passing thought, it becomes useful to you and others.


Getting into action with the plans and enabling ourselves to achieve our own goals.


A time to refresh ourselves, our image and our lifestyles


The ongoing challenge of continuing with this improved lifestyle once we have started, maintaining focus and allowing for ‘divine timing’ vs our timing!!!



Embracing Change as Catalyst for Personal Evolution


Most people resist change because they:

  • believe they are succeeding and doing the best they can
  • avoid entering into anything that is ‘unknown’
  • prefer to stay inside their current comfort zones
  • live as if they were still 18
  • incongruent dimensions of maturity vs physical age
  • are gong through the motions but nothing new is eventuating so they give up
  • use the same old habits, patterns and thoughts.
  • think and feel they ‘know it all’ already
  • feel or believe they are ‘too old’ to learn
  • Make excuses using others as their alibi – family, friends, children, work etc.
  • know that being ‘too busy’ is more comfortable than making time for self to learn new ways of being.
  • believe that confidence comes first and action comes second.


Stability requires no development because no challenges are present to force the brain to make new connections.  Everything is done the way it always has been.

Chaos creates instability – forces the brain to scan across wide range of frequencies, experiences, and create new connections to deal with the new experience.

  • Real Change comes from deep within where we are in touch with meaning and value.
  • Real Change requires people to GET Uncomfortable – otherwise there is no reason to change.
  • It is the discomfort with the current situation and potential pain of failure that opens the doorway of possibilities.
  • We need to feel the old wires being pulled loose and new ones connected.

Our ‘effectiveness’ to live creatively through the changes we are creating for ourselves, depends on our ability to learn to operate from a point of Centre – or coming back to centre, free from the constraints and limitations of needing to control, or to be controlled by circumstance.   Like the pendulum, we all swing to the left and right, pull ourselves up and down, trust and flounder, look back, look forward, move forward, step sideways, - in some languages this is called dancing!!!!!

It all depends our level of emotional, mental maturity and security with self, and our ability to create and influence the outcomes that we require for ourselves.  This pendulum self is also influenced by the perceived amount of threat or danger to self, whether it is real, physical, perceived, emotional and our ability to behave with confidence and integrity in that situation.


Celebrate Your Fear

Fear is a vital part of the creative and evolutionary process, as this shows us the next steps we need to take, and allows us to grow.  

Fear is a celebration of a point of learning, the threshold that we step up to in order to move through the next gateway of our transition.  Fear enlightens us by teaching us that we are in need of new knowledge, new understanding, a new perspective or new experience to help us grasp it, embrace it and then learn from it and let it go!!!! 

Learn to embrace fear as a key aspect of self, because it keeps you safe when you are not sure where to go next, until you are ready to let it go and then move forward. 

Fear is fabulous.  It’s the greatest enabler of the work that we do for and of ourselves because we get to choose what we do with it!!!!

First and foremost we need to learn what we do to ourselves when we become ‘a feared’ (afraid).   It’s the identification and recognition of the fear and the willingness to engage it that matters first. 

Secondly encouraging self to move beyond the paralysis that it creates (which we see in the face of avoidance, procrastination, talking vs doing) and allow yourselves to continue to take the next step, the next step and then the next. 

Most fears will fit into one of the following categories:

Things that Happen –                  ageing, retirement, being alone, change, dying, relationship challenges, conflict.

Those that require Action –      making decisions, changing career, making friends, relationships, using the phone, losing weight, making a mistake.

Inner States of Mind:                  perceived potential rejection, success, failure, vulnerable, helplessness, disapproval


All of these relate to the fact that we don’t Believe we can Handle whatever

life may bring us.  So when we embrace it, we grow our character, our capacity for love, because love cannot live where fear is!!!!!  As long as we are growing fear to some extent will be there –it’s what we do with it that matters.  Pushing through it is less frightening than looking at it.

State or Trait of Fear

State of Fear


What you feel when you encounter

something unexpected and

potentially harmful i.e., walking down a

dark street at night

Fight or Flight – alert to present danger.


Trait of Fear


An attitude

Not connected with any present danger

Feeling of fear and avoiding action altogether

Imagined danger

Begins with an unhealed wound that has grown with

time and has become a large and independent force in

our lives.

Lingers in the mind

Taints or limits thoughts and behaviours

Clouds ideas and judgement.

The thief of our Birthright – talent and Opportunities



Following a traumatic or significant event, comment or happening in our lives, when healing does not occur – we develop ‘scar tissue’ around the wound and it becomes a continuous ‘sore spot’.  When others touch the old wounds we lash out them, become defensive, angry and fearful.

Where a situation appears the same as the one that wounded us, we revert to the wound for reference how to feel and react, thus we become governed by the past, rather than making a new choice about the present.  Few situations in life are the same, and are all filled with the power of new possibilities and new capacity to identify, heal, move on and be different in our lives.

The feeling is a lingering remnant reminding us of the pain we once felt.

When Healing does occur – we are filled with the fire of Self Confidence and the ability to move forward and develop greater courage and momentum.







Being congruent with Personal Integrity

Authentic confidence is a by product of growing character, capacity and learning to live with profound integrity.  It aligns all our inner resources, with our behaviour and links through our communications.  Authentic confidence brings together the intrinsic sense of inner knowing and self belief with our behaviours because we trust ourselves and our ability to deal with life, and even better, create the life we desire for self, as radiant, aligned with Significant Self.

Authentic confidence is defined as:

  • Full and complete belief in self - no matter what you are faced with you will deal with it.
  • Open and willing to learn from ‘mistakes’
  • Ability to get into action in own life
  • Willingness to make choices
  • Belief in self to be ABLE to do whatever we want, regardless of what it is.
  • A commitment made to self that we will do whatever it is, that we want and need in our lives.
  • Founded in Trust in self
  • A willingness to be UN comfortable
  • To solve problems
  • To listen, to align, and to act in accordance with our inner guidance and Significant Self.

Confidence is founded on 4 disciplines of “Might – the formidable power of self, strength, powerful, strong, having great intellect or ability, in a great degree.


Intellectual Might

Positive Indicators

Contra Indicators

§  Self reliance in our ability to construct and develop the  right thinking, ideas, thoughts,

§  Belief in capacity to correctly determine the correct direction and decisions for self.

§  Knowledge founded on truth.

§  Ability to exercise sound judgement combining the power of information with experience and insight to build intellectual capacity for problem solving, mental strength, discernment, clarity

§  Deal with issues of complexity and arrive at simple outcomes.

§  Do you???
Rely on others to determine where you are going in life and what you are going to do?

§  Wait until the last possible moment to make choices or decisions for fear of making the wrong choice

§  Waver and stand in the face of indecision?

§  Wait for something to happen in order to the respond and react rather than take responsibility for what you are choosing for self?

§  Make things harder, bigger and more complicated than they have to be in order to avoid having to do them?

§  Ignore the fact that there are choices and decisions to be made and just carry on in your own little world?


Behavioural Might

Positive Indicators

Contra Indicators

§  Believing in our own ability to take action, in our own ability to follow through with actions and be consistent. 

§  Finishing what we start, focus, energy, staying on purpose and organised. 

§  Believing in our ability to push through challenges, deal with conflict, choices, courage.

§  Believing in our ability to ask for help, learning that asking for help is a sign of intelligence and self love.

§  Trust yourself in the majority of situations you encounter to behave appropriately?

DO YOU???????

§  Procrastinate about getting started

§  Overanalyse your options

§  Lose sense of purpose and passion because you take too long

§  Avoid the real challenging issues and focus on minor issues

§  Mask your need for help pretending its all okay?

Emotional Might

Positive Indicators

Contra Indicators

§  Belief in our ability to know our own feelings – identify, name it and when we are feeling it.

§  Belief in ability to express our own feelings – appropriately

§  Belief in ability to connect with other human beings

§  Belief in ability to find love, compassion and understanding in all situations.

§  Ability to process through all the unpleasant emotions until you arrive back at a place of love and understanding.

§  Cultivate the ability to look for real meaning behind and in situations.

§  Belief in our ability to know that what we have to offer IS valuable.

Do you?????

§  Use confusion as a simple way to cover us unpleasant emotions you don’t want to deal with

§  Numb yourself to your feelings

§  Not understand what is going on in your life

§  Say ‘I’m Confused’ a lot

§  Edit feelings

§  Hide or disguise

§  Isolate self

§  Like to please others

§  Judge easily

§  Criticise everything and anything you don’t understand

§  Engage in negative thinking

§  Feel overwhelmed by others and the effect they have on you


Spiritual Might

Positive Indicators

Contra Indicators

§  Belief in the universe and that it is constantly evolving and there is a flow or pull toward the good in the world

§  Belief in the order of the universe – cycles of nature, part of something bigger

§  Belief in self as part of miracle of life – birth, death, growth, our own uniqueness, the changes of life earth, seasons, miracles of change and perceptions.

§  Belief in self in order to follow your inner guidance, evolutionary path and create own destiny

Do you??????

§  Try to control everything in your life

§  Have to be in control otherwise there wont be a positive outcome

§  Find it hard to trust the process of life

§  Have difficulty taking risks or being adventurous

§  Feel a deep sense of emotional restlessness


The point at which we stop going forward is the point we reach our Break in Confidence – the place we don’t trust ourselves.


The favourite excuse we use –normally infiltrates our whole, entire life, and

stops us from achieving the things we say we are going to achieve.

Avoidance, or denial, keeps us away from our fear.

Find the fear – find a way to remove it from yourself either through

exercise, painting, writing, or releasing exercises and move forward – or simply

confront it head on – and do it anyway!!!!!!


Reality – is where we are at present

Challenge – to get ourselves to a new and different space.







Benefits of learning to live with risk:

  • Creation Based Living
  • Spirit of creativity
  • Focussing on big picture not finite game
  • Unfolding possibilities
  • Play with boundaries
  • Live with broader perspective
  • Participate
  • Contribute and perform with Whole of Life
  • Be who we are
  • Achieve greater results
  • Active involvement

Confronting the Power of Pain.

Pain is the difference between the ‘what is’ (current reality)  and what you want it to be.  Hidden in here are a great number of answers about our emotional states, our anger, pain, physical pain, mental and physical wellness, health and well being.  Singularly the most common answer to all initial questions surrounding pain – of any kind – ‘oh I don’t know’.

Make a conscious choice to move into and work with the pain, to feel it, to identify it, to describe it if you can. Accept it work with it.  The more you make the pain part of you, accept and bring it into being, honour and acknowledge it, the less it will hurt.  Rejection and denial are what keep it there, so why would you actively encourage yourself to stay in that pain?

Feel the pain, look for the truth about your own hidden expectations or ideas about what it is ‘supposed’ to be like, and then see where the differences lay. 

Make a conscious choice to deliberately enter in to the realm of learning to work with the Cause of the Pain, not the effect.  Move yourself beyond the presenting physical symptoms as you learn to work with them, and move yourself (through the power of your imagination if needs be) closer and closer always to the Root Cause.  Without correct identification of the root cause, the symptom will always be there.

Its not about making other people wrong, its about learning to understand where we are living in the past with some old ingrained belief or image of how things ‘should be’ or ‘how it was then’ rather than living for the moment and learning to accept ‘it for what it is NOW.

Remember - the people who have the most difficulty are those who worry about the mistakes they have made, will make or are afraid they will make.



Transformation demands confrontation of ingrained beliefs.


Deep within us there lies a power house and undercurrent of  beliefs, a full and complete ‘reference library’ that includes videos, words, ideas, pictures, concepts, ideals, preconceptions and paradigms as to how the world is, how it is ‘supposed to be’ and how we behave within the world.

All of those beliefs are the sum total of everything we have ever encountered either actively or passively through observation, and we have ‘adopted’ them simply because we knew no better at the time. 

All of the events of our lives to this point have contributed to the library that we hold, and they in turn govern our behaviour in our present life.

As our beliefs, thoughts, actions and outcomes intertwine, twist and struggle to hold onto the past, stress is experienced as we struggle through the power and pull of the demand for things to be different for ourselves, and the internal requirement to remain comfortable.   Remember – every knot starts out as a simple piece of rope.

Our beliefs form the basis of a sub script for life, for choices, for how we are, how we think, behave.  They are the dynamic blueprint for living as we currently do, and as such are hardwired into our emotional circuitry and nervous system along with most other systems in our body.  They form the basis of our entire reference of life, and are what we use in order to make decisions about today – most often founded on something that happened a very long time ago.

It is now largely accepted that there are 7 generations of codings locked into our DNA, which lead us to continue to reinvent things that were handed down both physically and genetically – so not only are we dealing with our own history, in some instances we are faced with the challenge of unlocking genetic deviations as well.


For any situation that arises – we move into our personal library, find the belief that we will use for that situation (based on previous experience) and then use that belief as the template for the present situation. 

For every single aspect of our lives, including wealth, relationships, career, travel, creativity, how we view ourselves, how we behave, are all pre-programmed, much the same as we use the video recorder to tape programs or develop files in our computer.  We hold a vast library of information in our minds that give us the template for every situation based on the previous experience – which in turn creates our expectations of what we believe will be the outcome – before we have even thought about anything.

It is in this preconditioning that we find the clues that help us to create our own self healing, as we begin to understand “What we really think and believe”

Coupled with this minefield of potentially “mis-information” is something that is even more influential.


The Precepts of all Life remain the same.

Whatever we focus our attention on, is what we create.

The cycle, the process holds the same power the same energy,



That when we put negative thoughts, ideas, concepts and self talk in – that we will get positive, uplifting, nurturing outcomes.

The discipline of applying Virtuous thought – positive, uplifting, goal oriented, positive focussed outcomes is what leads us to having, being and becoming the things we want.

Positive affirmations, seeding, visualisation – utilisation of the power tools keeps us on track to creating a garden of the mind that is positive, nurturing and filled with wonderful things that feed us with faith, trust and belief.

Anything other than that is the equivalent of creating a land fill in our minds.



Problem:  When you think one way, and believe another!!!

Poverty consciousness is a way of life, and is instilled in us through the belief of separation and that we are not part of the infinite cycle of life.  We perceive that we are struggling, never able to ‘have, do or be’ all the things we want to be – because we believe that to be the case.

The contradiction that this creates is that our behaviour and our beliefs are not the same; therefore the universe will always deliver to us, what is at the core of our beliefs.  What we believe – we receive.

So no matter how hard we try and convince ourselves that we are doing the right thing, if our beliefs are not upgraded to match the thoughts, ultimately what will eventuate will be the result of the belief – not the thought.  Remember, the unconscious mind will dominate the conscious mind. 

Reality – we need a clear and realistic understanding of the Core Beliefs and those that surround each area of our life, so that we can begin to regain our “power”.  (For further understanding and assistance we recommend Louise Hay – You can Heal Your Life as a practical and down to earth to for evaluation and ‘re-construction’).

Change is about replacement of old habits, outmoded thinking, dated beliefs, ingrained stubbornness, ignorance, fear, and replacing it with something different.  Until we recognise this, we are fighting a loosing battle. Changing the way that we think and behave is the greatest challenge that we can face.

Creating with the Energy of the Future

The future hums like a silent ever quiet music.  It has its own vibration, its own distinct aura, energy signature and awaits the attunement of the being to learn to hear it.  The energy of the future holds the keys to the power that lies within, as it is the power that enables the significant self to emerge BECAUSE the inner being has been heard.  Sadly, because the voice of wisdom is often the quietest, the only way to hear the calling of the future, is for the body to create emotional signals, the inner agitation, the restlessness, the inner knowing that we are in need of doing something greater, different, with our lives, in the present, in the moment.  We become agitated with making the same choices we have in the past, and yearn to hear, feel and recognise the energy of the new future – whether than simply be an intuitive feeling,  a deep intrinsic sense of knowing, or a clear resounding sense of clarity or direction. Sometimes it forms like a soft energy ball, that we need to learn to ‘presence’ through the exploration of the energy, the idea, and at others we simply need to sit and wait for our perception of the situation to evolve, old paradigms to move, and be willing and open to see what is emerging.

It hums like a vibration that strums and resonates with the being as a live and vibrant source of continual evolution, bringing and delivering the energy that is needed in order to make it happen.  It brings with it the power of ‘death’ ending, destruction, removal, eradication because its focus is the future.  It cannot sustain the energy of the present, because as a soon as the present is, it is gone. There is but a moment in the breath of life, that is the present and every living moment on the planet is the future.  Our challenge is to learn to create the future differently from what we have created our present, or our past, in order to bring ourselves to that harmonic convergence – of spirit, of self, of human, of capacity, of our original reality.

From the history that we have created for ourselves, we learn to learn the difference in how we are creating our future.  In the past the focus and energy has been on having to make the right decision, strangle ourselves with complexity and at all times in our lives when we need to take responsibility for making the choices that we do. And now in full knowledge of the models we have used in the past to make our choices, we can learn to differentiate between the 3 we see here. 

The oldest model, bases all of our future on the past and the future has very little to do with us – we surrender all responsibility for it into the ether, and prefer to leave it there for fear that it will complicate matters and distract us from our comfort zone of doing what we have always done.   (See options #1)


Option #2, teaches us that when we align ourselves with the power of our aspiration, it enables us to learn to bring into being that which we focus on and align our choices, decisions and strategies to bring that stated aspiration into being.

With time and dedication what we learn to see is a pathway forward founded on the inner knowing, the power of our intuitive and sentient self that enables us to bring into being, to emerge from the situation new and different options based on the energy of the future.

The key point of difference, is where we stand in the choice point – needing to control, or being willing to partner in the role of creation. 

In #3, we learn to open the window of opportunity, through opening our minds, hearts and spirit to the pure potentiality that lies within, to see beyond the physical and to learn to sense, intuit and bring forth the information that is needed at that time.

  1. Suspend Judgement – choose, be willing and stand in the power of co-creation as an active and willing participant in the creation of unfolding a new different outcome.
  2. Observe, watch, see, feel – observe, observe, observe.  Enjoy the silence as you learn to watch, and be quiet.
  3. Reflect & Listen – quiet time is essential to learn to disconnect from needing to control the outcome and jump back into normal solution focus mode and let the new perceptions unfold internally.
  4. Formulate a new pathway based on the new energy and understandings
  5. Act in conjunction with inner guidance, founded on new energy.

Key conditions –

    • Love and energy of love to ensure that fear of future is kept at bay.
    • Trust – that you will receive exactly what you need, when you need it and not before, and not necessarily in the ‘package’ that you thought you were getting.
    • Willingness – to put aside all judgement and let the power of the new energy emerge.
    • Patience – to let it unfold the way it needs and has to
    • Tolerance – of those that would have you do it the old way.

The White Star Sutras provide the template for the evolution of mankind through its next process of ascension.  Throughout the ages there have been roadblocks, markers, ideals and ideologies that have provided you with the ability to move and segue into new dimensions of self realisation and self perpetuating prophecies.  This time there will be no ability to move and remove that which no longer serves, only to stand in the power of the present and to bring into being that which is manifest.  The coming of the age of man into the age of enlightenment is truly a benchmark in the time and space of evolution as we know it, and knowing what we know now, we would be irresponsible to think that we are anything like ‘getting there’ – even though we have made huge leaps into the realms of knowledge and experience that we require to face and create the future effectively.  The war that we are fighting is one that has been in and around for centuries and that is the war of opposites, duality and incomprehension based on the premise of differences born in the ages of time that no longer exist.


We are a living example of the humanity that forgot how to forgive, how to move forward, how to bring ourselves to new dimensions of consciousness through the power of thought, understanding and own evolution.  We are the tribe that will bring about the transition into the world as none other before us have and we cannot continue to take responsibility for the wrongs of others.  They must take their own responsibility for that which they have done.


We are not here to create a new religion.  We are not here to create a great super structure of financial control, nor to bring into being any great buildings within which to amass the hundreds of thousands who need somewhere to ‘go’ in order to feel like they are making their contribution.


We are here to teach you to love again, to bring your natural order of light and compassion to the fore, and to bring you to a new world order founded on the principles of love, light and the Brotherhood of White Star.


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Love is the answer. Life is the journey.