Igniting the power of the 12 Constellations


The Order of the White Star Sutras has been gifted to you for the purpose of bringing about greater peace on earth.  The power within the pages you are about to create brings great life, light and energy to the world in a peaceful transition into the future.

The world of the light is one that has been governed for some years by the ability of the individual to learn to connect and create within the realms of existence as you know it.   This knowledge has been around for centuries.  The Order of the White Star Sutras is heralded as the creation that caused the beginning of all religions and the advent of man’s requirement to begin the ultimate journey of life.  The journey of the souls needs to be as one with the light and the greater forces for life.

The order of the Sutras brings into being the work of the Ancients for the purpose of teaching, enabling and empowering individuals to learn to take responsibility for their life, their learning and ultimately their own resurrection in the land of light. 

For the land of light is filled and founded on the core principles of Truth, Unconditional Love, and Empowerment.  Without these three participles the work does not exist. 

It is a simple yet profound way of life that brings with it great compassion, love and humility. It is founded through the ages of time, has contributed to a great many religions with its roots firmly in the world of ancient Egypt - in times that are not yet seen or open to the human eye. 

The world of life as we know it will cease to exist and the power of love and light will prevail with the advent of these teachings.  They are the foundation, the basis of a new world order, not for the sake of the order, but the sake of mankind and its need to bring a greater sense of peace to the world.

The value of the work you are about to do is immeasurable in pure physical terms.

The White Star Sutras is dedicated to the innumerable beings of light who guide and enable the creation of our planet, its systems and our ability as a human race to learn to evolve and bring ourselves back to light.

For all things are of light.

The planetary configuration at this time allows us to bend the ways of the past and bring into being the Order of the White Star Sutras for the purpose of bringing peace, harmony and a new world order to planet earth as you know it.

This journey has taken many lifetimes and years of dedication and research to finally be able to bring you the hope that is required on the planet at this time.  Knowledge of this way of being is ancient, beyond most human comprehension, and whilst there are many who can bring themselves to understand the power and doctrines of religious order, there are only a few in cosmic terms that can take the responsibility required to take their own path into the process of evolution.  This is about to change.  The Order of the White Star Sutras is born of the need of the human race to learn to reconfigure themselves into a new shape and form, and to emerge as lighter and brighter beings, free from the dictates of the past, the hallucinations of the reality and the limitations of the conformity.  The Order of the White Star Sutras brings into being the power of the great masters of light as they align themselves with the order and allow you to bring this light to the surfaces of human consciousness and teach the ways of the old for the purposes of the new.

The Order of the White Star Sutras brings into being the emission of light in all its radiance at this time, as the merging of the heavens with earth for the greatest good of mankind.  The merging of the two cultures bring into being an entire new way of being in the world and the teachings of the past will serve us well as we learn to adopt and become as one with each other.  The world is ready for this knowledge and to remove the veil of separation that exists between the worlds opens the gateways of inordinate proportion and possibilities.  Knowing is one thing. Being is another.

Giving ourselves time and space, permission to open the gateways through which the knowledge, experience and expertise is able to work opens the portals for greater wisdom, information and acceptance of the galaxies of light and information to become suddenly available. 

Whilst much of this information is beyond our requirement on earth at this time, there are a number of select pieces of information that will enable us to learn as individuals and as a collective consciousness that we exist beyond the physical form.  Caveat to this is the use of the information.  Its sole purpose is to be used as a teaching and healing tool for the greatest victory of all.  The unification of the human soul with its eternal family.

There has been much written on this already and this work is not intended to replace or supersede that great body of knowledge, only to bring into existence the possibility  of the world as a different place through the introduction of the new ways of being in this world.

Open to the work of life, we open ourselves to the great mantras of life, and in this space we give ourselves full kudos as the creators and illuminators of the planet.

Knowing that you are destined for great things, give yourself permission to stand in the space of living through the experience, breathe and let the light and information come to you now and know that you have come far to get here.  Love, light and blessings are yours now.  Take them for they are your birth right, and your luminous being is radiant as it has never been before.

Stay open, stay light and stay walking in the light.  It suits you well.

White Star Sutras

1:       Purity

The Essence of Goodness is Ours

The essence of purity lies in our ability to learn to create the vessel of perfection – the ultimate vehicle within which the spirit has the ability to perform its ultimate function.  The conditions of purity extend vastly through the disciplines of integrity, and our ability to learn to live free from and of judgement, prejudice.

The heart of purity lies in our ability to learn to live our lives as open, aware compassionate beings filled with the power of gentle and loving kindness that extends to all sentient (feeling and sensing) beings.  The extrication of all suffering, including the suffering of separation, and the ability to remove suffering lies at the heart of the Purity, as all beings learn to become one with the Great Inner Light, and the ultimate manifestation of the Great White Light.

Purity opens the gateways of the mind, heart and spirit to release and forgive, to open and surrender, to release and forgo all and anything that no longer serves you, your life, your way of being.  Purity brings with it an awareness of living as a fully aware sentient being that has infinite capacity for love, peace, tranquillity and knows no boundaries or limitations in the abundance of the universe.  Purity brings new sense of order to the world, as living as a fully integrated, aligned being brings a new sense of wonder, a clearer sense of direction, new knowledge, openings and insights to the world.

Purity works on all dimensions of self, the purification of the physical through the elimination or moderation of toxins, the purification of thoughts, words, ideas, action, and behaviours both internal and external to the world as we currently know it. 

Purity combines the power of light, love, forgiveness and brings ultimate transformations to relationships with self, as the vestiges of the past are surrendered and let go, the fears of the present are surrendered to a higher order and replaced with trust, and the infiniteness of all life is grasped in the hands of infants learning to understand the immensity of the great world and universe that we live with.

Life emerges newer, cleaner, brighter and new lives are created with a greater sense of understanding.  A higher appreciation for the beauty and uniqueness that lie within are cultivated.  A new emerging sense of strength is cultivated as one replaces all that is ‘wrong’ with self, to a new appreciation of all that is ‘right’ with self.     Dimensions of life that have sat dormant for years come to the surface for healing, acceptance and demand that they be resolved and dealt with – no longer able to live in the space that is the human form, the current physical body. 

Purity is just that.   A process of purification of all that no longer serves us - ideas, intentions, actions, thoughts, behaviours, beliefs, values, ingrained ‘environmental’ systems, (the self eco systems that are created through the life that we create for ourselves through all our choices). 

Purity is making the choice to live and be different, not necessarily an instant process, but definitely one of cultivation and emergence.   Unadulterated – unaffected by the human condition of become adult.  Becoming something in this world rather than knowing that you ARE something in this world simply by being.  Knowing that your inner core is not founded on the power of all things material, but that you are soul, spirit, great spirit and the very foundations of life, for life exist within you. 

Purity awakens a deep recognition that you are pure – at your innermost core of self, you are a pure, good and wondrous being waiting to emerge.

2:       Loyalty

Trust and Faith in the Greater Good

The power of loyalty holds the key to our faith.

  • Faith in ourselves
  • Faith in each other
  • Faith in the greater influences

Faith in our abilities- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, and in our ability to make good of all situations.  Faith in the greater good and that eventually ‘good’ will move the boulders of darkness and enable us to a point of new clarity, understanding and recognition of some greater, brighter part of ourselves. 

Loyalty that honours and appreciates the power and nurturing aspects of darkness, confusion, poverty, unknowing, loss of direction, that there will be light at the end of the tunnel and that we will bring ourselves to a point of deliberate ‘deliverance’ to our end goal, and to learn to truly appreciate that darkness as a great place to rest, heal and be at peace while we wait for the next adventure to unfold, and stay true to our path.

Loyalty provides the strength to stay on our path in the face of perceived adversity, negativity, and the power of external influences both seen and unseen.  Knowing, with a deep inner knowing that we will achieve our goal – no matter what we have to face along the way.

Loyalty – to keep going in the face of perceived set back, - the 1 step forward, 2 steps back (and sometimes a couple of steps sideways) that enable us to learn and gain new perspective. 

Commitment to finding the good in every situation and that everything exists for a reason and the gathering acceptance that our ‘job’ along the way is to learn to look at the entire journey as a ‘treasure hunt’.  There’s valuable treasure in every situation – find it. Be open to everything – no matter what you perceive it to be – positive or negative.  Remember, nothing has any value until you ‘make’ something out of it.  Learn to find the truth, the resource, to let go, to push forward, to move self and own understanding to new realms of knowledge, understanding, information.  Push and Relax. 

Loyalty is like a process of expansion and contraction and ultimately you know that whether you are expanding or contracting – something IS happening!!!!

3:       Power

The Art of Self Determination

Power comes from the Life Force – the energy of all life.    If we talk about power as energy we learn that it becomes somewhat dependant on dynamic interaction and reaction, causal and cosmic, from the concept of atomic structure, molecular interplay, action and reaction, and from our ability to learn to suspend, determine, and redirect energy in a particular direction.  Learning that all of life is particulate matter, and that as such, all matter is formed from the core atom which holds at its nucleus the core coding for all and everything in its life, of its life, and will adapt and change conditional to and upon the environment in which it is fostered, survives or expires.

‘Power’ in this instance is not an external focus.  Is it not about the ability to ‘have or exert power over someone something. 

It is about our ability to learn to understand and work with our own unique forces for change, internal, external, overriding and underlying conditions, and to identify, challenge and move the respective elements in order to create new direction, new alignment,  and create a new sub-scription.  (All things are ‘scripted’ i.e., the conditions for their existence – by learning to understand the current ‘script’ we are able to determine which aspects require ‘re-scripting’).

‘Power’ is the discipline of Em-powerment – meaning to ‘take the power’.  Power (as energy) is our innate ability to manifest the key elements and aspects of our life, change, betterment, into being through the power of Thought, Emotion and Being that which we are manifesting.

Knowing and understanding the concept of ‘Power’ brings us to a point of clarity that it comes with it a huge amount of freedom and that freedom comes at a cost.  Responsibility.  And that responsibility then moves beyond the power that we use for our own development and self determination, but teaches us the interplay and relationships between all things.  Seen and unseen. 

This then translates into learning – how ‘you’ are going to ‘use’ your power, for what purpose, for what reason, to what end or outcome.  Deliberate, considered, open and trusting.

4:       Love

Of the highest order is ultimately who we are.

There is not one being on this earth today that has not in some way the coding of the ultimate creator within its being.  For love comes in all shapes and sizes, but remains the eminent force through which we can learn to live, to see, to behave differently.  All things in life come to a point of acclimation at some time, and all things at their most simplistic can be distilled into two primary forces.  That which is love, and that which is not.  Anything that is not love, simply - is not love.  There are no grey areas, no doing it for somebody’s benefit, no turning that which is black into white nor otherwise.

There are no conditions of love.  There are no permutations of love.  Love simply is.  And we are either being love or we are not.  And when we are not, we are standing in something else.  Something else is driving our choices, our mistakes, our limitations, our conditions, our way of being, our need to be something else.  .

The choice becomes very simple.  Are we being all the love we are, or are we not?  Are we bringing light to the surface, or are we bringing something else?  Are we being as open, honest and forgiving as we can in that very moment, or are we being guarded and shrouded - for whatever reason?  Are we prepared to accept that loving requires us to be the stronger person, to be the one that forgives all the time, to be the one that makes the choice to be ; love- in-action. 

As with all aspects of the journey, learning to love and be love, is part of the ‘inner revolution and evolution’ that the sutra provides.  Learning to Love begins to craft a new style of being, as we learn to transcend the limitations of our conditions, upbringing, work, current understanding of love and what it can be, and learn for ourselves what it means.  It moves us through the stark reality of  how little we really know about it, and as we open ourselves to the possibility that it might be more than we had previously considered, we begin to understand that we ourselves are standing in ‘that place’ of  indifference and apparent uncaring of others.  Once here, we are then able to begin to affect the changes in our being, in order to learn to stand in the face of vulnerability, risk taking, and putting ourselves together in a different and more improved way than we had previously understood possible.  We move ourselves through the shallow reefs of affectation and politeness, into the depths of learning to care, and then further into the depths of learning to respect all living beings, with the ultimate goal of learning to become truly grateful for all living beings and the role they play in the world. 

5:       Justice

The ability of the Soul to bring itself to a point of balance and honour.

The world that we live in has its foundations in a system of law that takes the ‘role’ of justice out of our hands, and places it firmly in the laps of those supposedly more qualified to interpret and deal with the laws of the land, the justice system and the great patriarchal ‘parent’ who oversees all our judicial requirements.

Here though, is where we learn the power of the ultimate form of justice.  Justice is the ultimate form of Personal Responsibility as we learn that our soul and inner self leads us through the events in our lives that we require in order to bring ourselves to a new point of order and learn to honour our commitments on all levels of existence.  To shed the misdemeanours of the past, to release and relinquish our attachment to the wrong doings of self and others, and step into the ultimate power of forgiveness.  We learn to let go of all and any attachment to wounds and harm, and to cease to damage self through the attachment of blame, victim-hood or helplessness and self-inflicted causes of suffering. 

We step ourselves through the ultimate change process as we relinquish the need to control the outcome and become open to the fact that there is a higher and greater force of life and it is this force that will govern the ‘reality’ of justice in our lifetime and beyond.

Learning to work with Justice enables us to learn to take back our power from events, people and situations that we have allowed to become defining moments in our life.  We are then able to create a new balance in our perspective and sense of rightness, that enables us to bring ourselves to a new point of order and honour. 

Honour, in this context is our ability to align ourselves with the Order of Impeccability and to do no sin – to self or others, to honour our commitments to self and higher orders based on the foundations of integrity, alignment and truth.  We learn to trust that truth is evolutionary, and our role is to remain open and aware of the pure potential that is within all people, situations and events, to use our awakened perspective to bring ourselves to a new sense of rightness, and appreciation for the Greater Laws of the Universe that will prevail.  We learn and align with the acceptance of the ultimate accountability – our own.

6:      Compassion

The Order of Merit – to share, serves, to have a part of the well of Wisdom.

The concept of compassion leads us through learning about the power of wisdom, our infinite capacity for finding new sources of wisdom and truth through the platforms of understanding, sharing, moving ourselves around situations to find new perspectives, new understanding. 

We learn ways of being open to the wisdom that lies within, for the explicit purpose of learning and gaining wisdom from the events of life, relationships and our experiences.  The order of compassion includes the power of reflection, encompassing the situation into one vessel of ‘containment’, gratitude for the purpose of providing new understanding.  It teaches the value of oneness, but also the power of separation of elements of the situation – in order to see the whole more clearly, often we need to look closely at the parts. 

Imagine an orange.  The whole is encompassed in a complete vessel which to all intents looks like one single item.  Yet when we peel away the outer shell, we learn that there is another layer, of different texture, colour and smell.  Pith.  And beyond the pith there are membranes around the entire fruit.  And within the fruit, there are the different segments, each perfectly compartmentalised and each with its own unique construction of cells, and the ultimate testimony to its appeal to the bees – how many pips it has.  Its juice, flavour and aroma, texture, feel and ease with which we are able to peel, tidy and enjoy the orange are all other elements of the whole.

The journey of compassion leads us through learning to open our hearts and minds to wisdom within every moment of life, and bring to ourselves the wisdom that we need in order to identify and eliminate the causes of suffering from self and others.  Through the process of learning to ‘understand’ we increase our perception, our ability to more accurately read situations, people and events for the purpose of bringing peace and tranquillity to it, where previously there was conflict and confusion, emotional responses, and hardened thinking.

Compassion allows us to live with a gentle but formidable inner strength that enables ourselves to ‘see’ through the event, comment or situation, and create a deeper more effective understanding of the  cause of suffering, and ultimately to the identification, removal and elimination of that suffering.  It

allows us to grow new ‘eyes’ by enabling self to walk around the perceived problem, and bring about new ideas as to the why, and how, and reason for such being.

7:       Will

The fortitude of the Mind, the Strength of Character, the diligence of direction and purpose

Character is what we evolve as we learn to build the inner strength to deal with the challenges that we bring to ourselves.  As we learn to open ourselves to the possibility that we truly are the creator in our world, we learn to accept every situation and event as a learning opportunity in order to grow and evolve as a human being. 

Ignorance is the enemy of knowledge, and learning to gather and garner our will, into alignment with the greater good, to strive to move beyond ignorance and unknowing, and demand more of ourselves so that we in turn can learn to move in direct concurrence with the forces for good, brings great awareness and self-knowledge.

Will is described as our ability to learn to accurately discern and determine our rightful course of action, our path, our purpose, our alignment with the concept of ‘this or better’. 

It enables us to learn to bring into being a reduction of reliance on self as independent creator and to align with the greater forces of co-creation and through the power of choice learn to determine the ‘right’ course of action for self to evolve through to the next level as co-creator in service as a vehicle for the greater good.

The layers of will unfold as the petals of the lotus unleash themselves in the daylight.  It moves us through the levels of ‘control and influence’ that we have in our world, as we gradually learn to step aside from constriction into flow and guide the ever present ‘metamorphous of life’, gently cultivating the next seed that is ready to move into expansion and enlightenment. 

As we loosen our grip on control and conformity, we gradually open the gateways of choice, and learn to stand in the power of the present in order to look firstly at the past and where we have come from, to then look forward to the future in order to determine the path that lies in front, to the surrender the choice of what is best for the ‘highest good for all’.  The choice then becomes apparent, like the seed of the lotus that is then created in order to make fruit, for the next generation of life.

8:       Courage

The companion of choice

Courage is the conviction of the heart and its ability to influence the mind to confront the perceived power of fear and all it brings.

Courage comes from our ability to invest our trust in ourselves and those around us.  To believe beyond all doubt that we will succeed, and to rise to whatever challenge comes our way- usually simply to distract us from our path.

Courage brings the individual to alignment with great inner resolve, fortitude to withstand and endure all the influences of self and others, and to bring themselves to greater understanding of the peace that is required in the inner self, to create quiet in times of tension and confusion, to move on in the face of differences, and to stand in the courage of their own convictions. 

Living with heart requires access to the deepest roots of human existence through the heartstrings that pull in opposing directions, of needing to make choice and to choose the path that best fits with the greater good.  Living with Heart, is the ability to learn to access the truth about what is ‘heart felt’ and what is conditioned acceptance. 

Living with Heart is taking the journey to the innermost interior of the human form in order to uncover the truth about what they hold in greatest reverence how far they will go in order to protect and serve the sacredness of that form, and how quickly they are prepared to surrender it, in the face of needing to create new outcomes for the highest good.

9:       Joy

The resonance of light as a vibration that moves through the being in order to bring ‘into being’ new lighter state.

Joy is the natural state of life as we learn to remove the conditions of humanity and stand in fierce resolve to be nothing other than happy. To lift our natural tolerance for happiness upward to new thresholds we learn to remove the conditions and expectations of anything that is not Joy, and learn to accept Joyful as our natural state.

Joy is a resonance, a vibration that brings with it a sense of lightness, freedom from burden, from expectation, drudgery, and pain.  It is like a delicate flower that we learn to hold in our hands, as we learn to appreciate the beauty and splendour of our lives, and the new realities that we are creating. 

We learn to bring a sense of Awe to our world at the wonders that we see and experience with childlike appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us.  Joy is the unadulterated form of living in the present, as we learn to truly appreciate the purity of life, the wonder that it is, the power of creation in every living moment, and breathe our way out of the last moment, and into the next.

Joy is the heartfelt alignment of all of the power of goodness and greatness that we hold inside, awaiting for the magic of life to touch us and awaken us, to rekindle the fire of light and excitement back into our lives.

Joy is the acceptance of that ‘flame of light’ and our willingness to learn to see the world through new, fresh eyes, that are unashamed of the being that we have become, and are willing to be the being that we truly are. 

Through the active cultivation of the discipline of appreciation and gratitude, we learn to open ourselves to the positive influences that surround us, work with us, and help us to ‘be’ as children – open and ready to see, to learn, to explore.

Joy is what we create when we live our lives as sentient beings – aware, sensing, and feeling, alive and open, vulnerable and  strong  – a feeling of inner anticipation and  quivering with the abundance of connection with life. 

The belief and understanding in the power of Miracles.

10:     Beauty

There is only that which Heaven is.

Beauty is the eternal reflection of all that is in and of the heavens as we are within ourselves.  Beauty is the ability to learn to hold the infinite power of emptiness or vastness of the universe in our spirit and provide the opportunity and space for our inner light to radiate forth, just as the stars in the midnight sky.

Beauty brings to bear all the wonder of the heavens as they exist in their immortality and ability to continue to be consistent, ever present forces in the world, while remaining in constant vigil of the light that is required to shine.

Perspective of life is gained as we learn to appreciate the transient nature of life, and that we are but living in the briefest moment of time.  The reality that we are more than the simplistic beings we take ourselves for becomes evident, and we open ourselves in awe to the truth of our impermanent life. Humility breathes deep within as we appreciate momentarily the smallness of all we are in the vastness of all there is.

We bring new light and life into being through acceptance of the realms of the great beyond and learn to grow into a new sense of appreciation for all the aspects of life.  We learn to see the world, the simplicity and natural rhythms of the seasons, the changes, the ebb and flow of the evolutionary sands on the beach as markers in the passing of time, of transition of the movements that are occurring beyond the power of the clock.

Time ceases to be important as a manifestation or control factor of life, as we learn that we are part of the bigger plan, a greater order and more natural way of being.

Learning to bring beauty into our lives begin with disciplines of heart felt appreciation for the life we have, the opportunity we are given, and our ability to learn to be all that we are in this time and space.

It brings lessons of living in the present, appreciation of all of life, the smallest of creatures, the greatest of events.  All things are for a reason, and nothing is a co-incidence.

11:     Curiosity

Through the eyes of the child the world is a clear and curious place

The spirit of the curiosity brings with it a wholehearted thirst for discovery, knowledge and learning.  Never happy to settle in one place, lives are filled with the great questions of life – Why? How? When?  What? Who? 

Fearless in the quest for understanding we bring about the great transitions of knowledge through our own ability to imagine, to see, to tap into a greater source of knowledge than ourselves.  We learn to see the patterns of life, the patterns and teachings of nature, the simplicity of the bee and the complexity of its flight.  We have no fear of learning from our actions, changing our behaviour as we learn that something doesn’t work or create the outcome we require. 

Curiosity opens the heart and mind to discover new truth, new knowledge through the power and positive attributes of enquiry, challenge and confidence.  Truth that is ever evolving requires and demands that we continually update our internal knowledge base.  Fostering our ability to challenge the status quo and bring into being new, more highly evolved ideas, concepts and the bringing forth of a better solution founded on the combined strength of information, intuition and experience.  Curiosity teaches us to move, evolve, update ourselves, our thinking, to become as one with the halls of knowledge that exist and bring new light and information to the surface.

As we learn to live with the principle of experience and realisation, we learn that we can no longer sit on the side lines, and must learn to experience all things as part of life and living effectively, and as we discover, the true power of learning comes in the face of our own realisations and discoveries – not just those taught by others.  Through the power of curiosity, we grow and expand our consciousness, our wisdom, our knowledge of life, our ability to access and discern truth, to explore and fathom new ideas and extend our thinking and understanding in to new places, and to truly learn to exercise the power of the human mind and expansion of the human heart.

12:     Imagination

Where the mind is fertile, the seeds of inspiration take root

The receptivity of the human mind to that which is not known or foreign lends itself to greater wisdom, knowledge and the powers of creation, for all of life is founded on our ability to imagine and create new possibilities.    The power of pure potentiality lies in our ability to exist beyond our current form, and to bring ourselves to new greater states of being in life.

The essence of our ability to create, lies in our ability to learn to receive with open mind and open heart, free from conditioning of immediate judgement, criticism, and fear, and to be open to the possibilities that lay in the nucleus of new ideas.  Inspiration is often considered to be the primary communication device of the great ones.

Through our ability to provide the right ‘space’ and environment for the planting of the seeds of possibility we learn to grow and cultivate the seed.  We learn to create the right internal environment where ideas can be nurtured and grow, and we learn to accept the gifts of imagination with grace, for what we can perceive we can create.  Whatever lies outside our ability to imagine, lies outside our grasp.

Every time we ‘stop’ putting inspiration into action, we stop the process of creation to some extent. 

Imagination teaches us power of possibility and capacity, and the more we use it, the more we receive.  The more we trust it, the more we believe.  Imagination allows us to learn to accept the power and positive possibilities of manifestation, of bringing into being that which we hold in our hearts desire.  Through the power of imagination we are able to create miracles, to change the world, and to create new horizons and vastness of thinking that enables us to see the future differently, and to change our behaviour in the present accordingly.

Imagination enables us to see the world and the people in it, in a different light to see the power of pure potential in the future that we are creating, and to bring that image of the fullness of time, into being.  As ancient as it is, the power of visioning the future, creates new meaning today.


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