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Sabbatica Xrentia means the journey back to where we have come from. Don't ask me how this arrived in my consciousness. It simply did. The words and meaning were translated to me one day when I was living on the shore line of Lake Rotorua in Ngongataha, and during a meditation one morning  I was told to write and teach this material.

I remember the cold wintery day as I was standing at the easel painting acrylics onto board and the piece was of earth mother revealing herself to me through the mountains and hills and her face appeared in front of me as simply as yours does when you look in the mirror... and the urges and prompting to take all the work I had done so far and do it differently.  

So below, is the first few pages, and as you can imagine, being nearly 13 chapters long is too long to publish it all here - so if it calls to you, or triggers something in you that you want to learn more - email me and  I will send you a pdf of the whole journey.

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Love is the answer, life is the journey.

Love You!


Sabbathica – The Sacred Journey Home


Sabbathica is dedicated to the ancient beings of light who govern this planet, who guide and restore our balance, who, through their gentle guidance bring us back to the place inside ourselves that we hold of the utmost value. That place of truth, of light and of being the greater being that exists inside ourselves.  The wiser, truer energy that works with us for the highest good of all mankind, creatures and the planet.


Sabbathica is a journey of light, for light, because of light and brings humans to a new awareness, an awakening of our truth, our authentic selves, a place of light, of love, of goodness.


Sabbathica is dedicated to the numerous beings of light, guides, guardians and teachers that work endlessly to help those of us in search of a greater meaning, truth context and the lightworkers way.


For ours is a journey that is guided by the heavens, by the great unseen in the wider scheme of things, and the knowledge that we carry inside us.  It governs our lives as an unseen calling that few ever take the time to acknowledge or listen to and provides the constant calling to go ‘home’.


This inner calling, the quiet inner desire to ‘go home’ calls many on the journey to the light, and brings with it a number of challenges, temptations.  The pull to get in to the dramas and energy demands of the past and our need to be as others would have us be,   to have the courage to walk away from the conformity of life as we know it, and to truly learn to trust the power and the calling of the inner voice.


Only in this way do we learn to understand the true power of who we are.  Only in this time and space as we walk the path, do we learn that we are truly more than we ever thought possible, and that our lives could actually consist of a great deal more.  That we could BE, a great deal more.


The ultimate goal is love.  A real, unbending love that is all things in the universe of life.  Love that goes beyond the pull of carnal knowledge ( sex as love, as touch as love, as words as love, doing for others as love).  It takes us on a journey into new realms of trust, truth, challenge and control, and brings us to a new point of understanding about ourselves, our true identity and our true sense of wonder at life itself.


This journey happens for all of us, at some time in our evolution, and as more and more souls begin to resonate with the new energy of the coming times it will become apparent that we have laid dormant for many years waiting for this time.  For the time is now, to begin the journey to the light, and to open yourself to the point of power that lies in your life.  This power is not power as others would know it.  This power comes from a deep and intrinsic sense of rightness, born of the power of integrity and knowledge of self, unified and encased in the human body.


This journey is the journey that allows the inner callings of home to be the leader, and to be followed, in trust, in faith and in authenticity that allows each being to find their own way home.  To the light.  In whatever way is right for them.


This journey enables and allows you to remain true to who YOU are, and not become a by-product of all the different principles and requirements of those around you or conforming to the latest trend or myth, or hype.  This journey is quiet, it is done of and for yourself because you are called to do it.  Wanting to do it, is not the same.  You, those of you, who have this calling in you will know.  You will respond to the words on the pages, you will know within yourself that this is what you want and you will know that you are in the ‘right’ place. 


There will be times that you will plateau, that you will get frustrated, that you will want to walk away.   And you will always come back to the journey, wherever is right for you to begin again.  That may be three steps backward, it may be on a different road, but the path is the same.  The journey home is the same end result.  So trust yourself and your own inner wisdom to know what is right for you.  Know that at any point in time you are being the best you can be and that nothing in the world will compare to the feeling that you get when you learn that you have joined the dots, found some more pieces of the jigsaw and put more of the journey behind you. Know that wherever you are, you are a student, because you can never be anything more in this lifetime.  There are no grand masters here, only those who have walked the path longer than others.  And still we learn.  Still we learn that we have more to clear, more to heal, more to bring to light of ourselves.  Know too, that all your darkness is a good and healing place, for in these places lies the greatest clues of our healing and the greatest ‘medicine’ of all. (‘Medicine’ is based on the ancient cultures of dealing with the whole, bringing into harmony that which is out of balance, and takes the form of talking, listening, herbs, vibrational medicines, and physical exercise).


Sabbathica is that journey. That walking forward in your life, to find your true purpose, your own voice, your own light and the inner radiance that we know exists.


Give yourself time to learn the steps to your inner wisdom, and you will find that you have more knowledge, greater understanding, and a wiser and more gentle approach to life regardless of where you come from or who you have been.

Essence of Teachings:

The essence of all teachings is the ability to learn to develop our innate Spiritual Intelligence and foster our inner wisdom through the power of integrity.  The ability to learn to discern the correct energy balance between the future and the past, developing the self discipline to carry on in the face of adversity and perceived challenge.   Knowing self beyond all things is the one mantle that we can truly own – beyond physical, material and industrial.  Knowledge of self is the most powerful thing we can cultivate – beyond money, material possessions and the materialistic self.  Self knowledge brings the value of the being to the full sense of worth and intrinsic understanding of the life path that we must take.  Regardless of those around us who would have us do it a different way or those we see doing it differently.


Stay in peace, throughout your journey.  Know that conflict is your friend and the greatest tool for teaching you where you are out of alignment with self and others, and that through the power of differentiation and alignment with the true infinite power of yourself, you awaken the learnings of the ancients and provide yourself with the ability to learn to become all things in your own life.


This is not a journey done as a team – but it is a journey that requires a few great ‘friends’ who are with you along the way.  They may be doing it their way, but it helps to know that you are not alone, and that somewhere along the way, the experience and learning that you have one day, will serve others in a different way.


Live long and prosper

Elohim of Light

Dimensions for discovery:

In the beginning
The Invitation, Aspiration, Turning the world
Accepting the Force
Significant Self Empowerment
Awakening of Spiritual Self Essence of Spiritual Intelligence
Power of Self Integrity

Participle #1       Meditation Overview,   7 Steps to new insights
Participle #2       Emerging New Balance Point, Dynamic Integration, Choice, Balance Point
Participle #3       Learning to Listen Listening & Discerning, Comprehensive listening

Participle #4       Leading Self Leadership, Accepting responsibility, Love
Participle #5       Multidimensionality Disciplines of EQ/SQ/RQ/PQ/GQ
Participle #6       Visioning We are what we seek, Old vs New, Purpose, Values, Visions
Participle #7       Being all the Love you are Character, Capacity, Integrity Layers, Signatures
Participle #8      Creating new Perspectives Thinking, Creativity, Becoming Integrity
Participle #9     Pathway home The Encounters, Counter forces of Personal Evolution, Celebrating Fear, Authentic Confidence, Confront the Power of Pain, Creating with the Energy of the Future



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Love is the answer. Life is the journey.