DREAM BIG - create the vision, live now.

It’s never too soon to create a vision, to empower your imagination with the concept of what you are striving to create for yourself, your team or your business.  

The human brain works in a way that we now know enables us to receive impressions as pictures, which are then converted to words, translated to thought – streamlined into strategy, contextualised into goals and plans and then actions are identified. The more we invoke our imagination with what could be, the more we are 'inspirited' and motivated to bring it into being. We tap into our infinite resource and focus our subconscious mind to do what it does best – seek answers, information, find solutions, create new outcomes.

Whether you are an individual, a sole trader, a creative entrepreneur, a solo mum or dad, a hairdresser, painter, builder, candlestick maker, personal trainer, retailer, construction engineer architect, landscape gardener or cleaner, or none of the above - the rules are the same.

The Universe has one simple answer to every thought (on average 80,000 per day) and the answer is always ‘yes’ that’s why they say, be careful what you wish for!

When creating your vision, there are a few key clues to include:

  • The more visual and colourful it is – the more your imagination will work with it
  • The more Sensoric it is – see, feel, hear, taste, touch, the more you will create it. (The senses align all your natural energy to bring it into being which is why affirmations, dream boards, visual pictures, cut outs, screen savers etc all work really well in the creation process).
  • Create clear simple affirmations or positive statements written in the present that affirm what you are achieving/attaining and keep working with that in different ways to change YOUR energy to SHOW the universe what you are creating.
  • Use the power of visualisation to see yourself when you are where you want to be.
  • The bigger the idea – the more stimulating it will be, the more energised you will be.
  • The more you focus on the bigger picture, the more the strategy and ‘how to do it’ begin to evolve as you get in action with it.
  • The clearer your vision – the easier your decision making becomes, simply because the choice has to support the goal. If it doesn’t get you closer to the end result, you learn to say ‘no thankyou’ and find other options.
  • Whether the context is business, personal or family – a few facts remain the consistent.

Fact 1 – Everyone has a different brain, thoughts, values, ideas and concepts and the only way to begin to satisfy the need for synergy is to create a way for people to ‘SEE’ the same picture. Create your vision to share how you want the picture to be, so it’s the same picture for everyone.

Fact 2 - Only by inspiring our creativity, imaginations and engaging in active participation and open honest communication will we connect with the real well spring of ingenuity and talent that lays hidden deep within ourselves and others. Words and numbers are the by-product that support the delivery. A spreadsheet of numbers is not a vision and nor are scraps of paper with individual thoughts or journals with lots of different ideas. These are the prompts that you can use to begin to see the overall umbrella ‘big idea’ of what you are trying to achieve.

Fact 3 – Visioning is a human gift that has been with us since the earliest tribes on earth. There have always been those who seek the unseen, find the direction, show the journey, lead the tribe to the next land. It exists to provide the ability to protect and serve through identifying and creating change.

Fact 4 - Problem solving has become something that we avoid and finding answers is now the realm of ‘google it’ rather than sit down and work it out for ourselves or together. Visioning helps us to remember the art of dialogue, conversation, relationship and finding the unfound road, the meeting place where all minds connect and can see the way forward even with yourself!

Fact 5– Leadership is not management. Management is the act and process of planning, organising, and measuring. Leadership is the provision of love, direction, creation of safety and environment within which people can grow and thrive. The aspects need to be cohesive, aligned and consistent. Just the same as mum and dad need to have the same rules and an individual needs to find their unique balance point.

Fact 6 – Having a clear sense of direction, a clarity of purpose, knowing why we do what we do and what it contributes to in the long term, gives us a different perspective and new balance for life, work, family, and the fulfilment and satisfaction that we have at the end of the day – the emotional and mental benefit of doing something we really believe in.

Fact 7 – When we fail to provide the clarity of ‘true north’ or where we are heading and why, please don’t expect anyone to understand what you are endeavouring to achieve or to help.

If you are creating your vision for your business, make sure you are clear on the ‘not negotiable’s’ – ie the things you are not prepared to trade off or give away – ie market share, profitability, the company structure, how the business is financed, needing to pay the mortgage, compliance etc. These form the foundations from which you can then grow the bigger picture and know that what you are designing upholds those foundations and doesn’t change the inherent business requirements.

Depending on the size and complexity of the business, once the vision has been sculpted, the next step is to build the imperatives – the key things that you MUST DO in order for the vision to be met – financial, marketing, sales, people, products, innovation and from there strategy will evolve, actions and budgets can be developed.

If it’s a small owner operator – convert the idea to a simple one page design that covers the 9 key aspects of your business that could include; happiness, health, finances, customers, marketing, sales, products, growth, planning and organising.

If you are creating a vision for yourself – it’s a slightly different design. Begin with the really big picture then define 9 key areas for yourself that might include; happiness, career, relationship, family, friends, love, personal growth, wealth and adventures. Set the time line for 3 months, and then work out a simple 3 month plan of action to achieve and then review your progress and update on monthly basis.

Lead – yourself and others, with vision, clarity, insightfulness, wisdom and truth. Hold the dream, live the now.


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Love is the answer. Life is the journey.