Express Yourself!

I love painting. It provides me with the space to find a different perspective and to learn new ways to look at life, situations and relationships and is invaluable when I want to learn new skills or approach to my work. Many of the stories painted come from my travels but the majority are inspired by intuition - that quiet voice in your body that tells you what to do next! That's why its such an important tool in my work. I paint to find, to see, to get a new appreciation for life, for the work that I do at the big picture level, helping others to find that voice within themselves. The majority of the work is currently in the process of being collated into a different shape, but the new work is all for sale and can be shipped to you by arrangement!!

If you are looking for fine art, don’t come here

It’s tribal

It’s earthy

It’s childlike

It’s power lies in its deep connections
with earth, light, sky, water, fire, air and spirit.

It’s full of sacred earth craft

It speaks volumes about our world, our society and calls to your inner tribal authentic being, not who you have become as a by-product of your upbringing.

Walk away

Scoff if you need to

Turn up your nose

Then Stop.

Turn around and look again.

Start feeling from the inside out

I mean, really feeling

See what you really see

Open your senses, shut up your chattering mind and let yourself explore.

All art work is for sale

If it resonates with you – chances are it’s yours.

Claim it, take it away and remember to pay me on the way!

I thank you for your contribution to my learning and recognition of your inner self.

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Love is the answer. Life is the journey.