Point of Origin Marketing


is the heart of the marketing work that I do Working with new and established business owner to extract and crystalise the pure point of 'light' or inspiration from which their business has been created OR is about to be birthed.

Point of Origin builds the deep intrinsic appreciation and understanding of why you are doing what you do, combining both spiritual and strategic aspects for form the spear head from which all other marketing and business can radiate or flow. 



4 dimensions of discovery and design that inspire clarity, appreciation and context within which the story can be built.

Vision - what is the vision for the business and why do you want to take this journey? What are the motivations from which you are creating it?

VALUES define the culture that you are building in your own business and guide the behavioural aspects of how you lead, how you interact and how you make choices/decisions.

VIBE - generates a clear understanding of the energy signature of the business, how others feel knowing that they are part of your world, the energy and vibe that they get from working with you.

VOICE - clearly defines the tone, vocabulary and identifies the key structures within which you then build all your branded and non branded messages - formal, informal or social.




IT IS THE MEETING POINT with your target audience which is why we invest heavily in understanding the reality of your audiences.

Context - who they are, what do they do, what are they looking for, why do they need what you have, what problem do you solve, how do you solve it for them all give you the background layer of the picture you are creating.

Change- Do you understand the change that you want to make in their lives or business?  Really? At the root cause level what exactly are you shifting in their world? 

Communication - the story of YOUR story gets pulled apart and a new jigsaw of the picture you are creating begins to emerge for you to SEE more clearly what you actually need to do in order to speak clearly to them. 


Reach - in this module we explore the power of reach, reality and relationships.

No matter where you stand in the business world, you will benefit from understanding the matrix that you need to build in order to determine the best possible channels and avenues, methods and communication vehicles. 

Build clarity around the targets, the measureables, and build the action plan that builds the relationships you need to grow forward. 



Dig deep into your core motivations, your skills and expertise and tap into your own strengths to learn to plan, organise, lead and manage your marketing the way that creates a congruent, aligned and enduring message for your audience.

Discover your natural communication style, learn to tap into your own voice and find right way for you to share and express your innate talents while you drive the business forward. 

Leading with Love

My work compels me to ensure that more than creating a brand, that we create a Totem. Something that resonates deep within you, that provides a compass, guides and navigates your storms and your stories and enables you to learn to take the lead in your own business.

We delve deep into your own story, lean heavily into your personal and professional strengths, build a strong structure of understanding based purely on your WHO.  From there we continue to design and develop your work from the inside out.

Leading Change

Real Marketing is about leading change. Its about knowing and understanding the external and internal realities and learning how to read, navigate and chart a course for change through the ever changing environment that we live and operate in. It's about knowing the outcome that you want to create, the value that you and your products and services provide, how you Invite, Affirm, Challenge and Lead your customers on the journey through the step change process of awareness, trial, consideration and then forward to becoming loyal. Marketing is a change management process in its own right, as you learn to authentically express and communicate what you have to those who may not yet know that they need it, in order to provide them with sufficient motivation to step into engaging with you in their own process of discovery. Marketing is the pathway, a well structured, planned and organised journey or story that evolves and engages over time, that leads your 'tribe' through the days, weeks, years and generations that enable them to FEEL confident in their choice of supporting you, of liking you, of trusting you with their choices.


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