Destiny Awaits

My work as a Reiki Master Healer and Teacher has given rise to many unique experiences and while I am committed to teaching you the basics as I was taught, the true authentic value of the work that I teach is that it is pure and tailored to your unique needs. 

In the last 20 years I have trained and worked through multiple different modalities and your training will be grounded on these teachings and will include but is not limited to exposure to the full body of work that I have been given in a down to earth, simple 'life skill' approach. If you cant use it in every day life then it is no use to you!

You will often find my work signed as Spiritwalker -  which is the name that was given to me during one of my initiation session in Australia when working with the Ancient Ancestors in and around the Murray Darling Basin. It describes fully and clearly what I do - I walk (energetically) around you and all areas of your life, to identify the key issues, and  then work together with you to help bring resolution and trust back into your life. I work directly with many different masters and teachers from multiple realms. 

I have been given the gift of verbal and written light language for healing, speaking and toning during energy healing work to create greater fluidity through your energy field which in turn harmonises and balances your own natural body and latent healing abilities and transcends all time and space so past and present lives are cleared of residual issues.

I am a teacher, a healer, an artist, a mentor and earth healer - I work with individuals from all walks of life including business owners to improve their own leadership and personal development to improve work place cultures. 

I invite you to find me if your soul is ready for you to live more life than you currently are.

Be more.


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Love is the answer. Life is the journey.