Ignite the Spirit of Your Business

Combining a long history of marketing, advertising, brand management and strategic planning together with working as an independant life and business coach for the last 20 years has given me a unique insight into the spirit of business and its owners!

This experience; merged with a powerful spiritual connection allows me to bring a completely different perspective to your brand, your business, your leadership style and enables me to help you find the right direction, balance and tone for your business.   

Achievement, Commitment, Trust

There are three key pillars that guide my work.

My work is led by the need to create a greater good, to create change to improve your experience and that of your team, and customers.

When I 'on-board' with you to guide and assist you to navigate your business I take that responsibility seriously and the investment you are making in yourself and it. 

Your business is one of the most unique forms of  self expression you can imagine and it will challenge you to find new depths of self knowledge and understanding and that is what lies at the heart of the work I do. 

From it's inception point, your business plan, your branding, how you communicate it, how you lead, manage and create work life balance to optimise your own performance,  is critical to your success. And that takes time, effort, understanding and energy to craft into its right shape. .  

I work completely independently - and the benefit of that - is that my focus is on YOU and your needs, not on selling you a prescribed package.  

Everything we do is pure 100% designed, crafted and tailored for you. Nothing less will do. 


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Love is the answer. Life is the journey.