Are you ready to have some fun and enjoy your marketing?  

Some  of the most common stories I come across in my work is when clients come to me tired and frustrated because they are burnt out, confused and baffled  trying to work out where to start, have spent a huge amount of money on things that simply don't work or they have over invested in the wrong areas and are attracting the wrong clients, or even worse are making it all up as they go along with no clear budget or investment plan. 

Worst case scenarios - they have lost sight of their own passion and reason for being in business and quite understandably. 

Painting the Big Picture that enables you to truly understand what you are doing,  is one of the biggest opportunities you can capitalise on - and  in this slipstream visual world you need to  understand more than ever the real value that you provide to your clients, how they benefit from your work and why they need to find you.

Easy? Not really. 

 Marketing is an craft - a combination of strategic, creative, spiritual and science. It needs core dimensions to make it work - and some good old fashioned disciplines - planning, organising, leading and management.  Marketing is a long term investment in the intrinsic story about your brand, your story, and covers a huge range of topics from Strategy to implementation, direction, road map, quality, continuous improvement of your offer, multiple media channels, colour use, visual imagery, tone, crafting,  logos, standards, customer experience, supplier management to  name a few 

Combining 35 years Marketing experience, 16 product launches, project management, print and traditional media, clairvoyant and painter - I can give you a new perspective that will help make your job easier.

 Working as either a mentor or project manager -   together we grow your knowledge, understanding and appreciation of your true uniqueness, strengths and capabilities and demystify the magic you need to make your business and brand GROW the way you have always wanted it to.

Are you ready to take the journey of discovery?

"Love emerges from within like a radiant star filled with light and hope. It guides our path and brings us home to itself like a star in the midnight sky - gently beckoning, calling, entrancing and constant.

Ever present, it becomes the one thing we can trust, can align with and become more of.  It shines and reflects, encourages and speaks in its own way through our lives, our actions, our soul and spirit calling us ever closer home."

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Love is the answer. Life is the journey.