“The energy of art is the first thing you experience.  How it feels and how it makes YOU feel is what draws you intrinsically into the essence of the work that is being created. As a process of visceral and visual story telling, the different collections  range from raw and ragged to highly textured and constructed and others – pure, simple and minimalist”

Why Paint?

Painting is a visceral medium  that allows you to bypass the conscious or unconscious self imposed controls and access different, wiser aspects of yourself.  It becomes both a metaphor for life, a trusted companion and a living, moving meditation that takes you beyond the current in to a deeper more intrinsic exploration of what is possible than what you are currently experiencing – no matter how long you have painted.

 For me, painting has been a lifelong journey that was given up after school and returned to after 20 years in the corporate world.   Over the last 20 plus years it has taught, led, guided, opened, frustrated and given me insights into aspects of my self that have been hidden in waiting for the opportunity to surge forward and upward to make the unseen seen.

 Painting gives you the freedom to do exactly what you have been taught all your life not to.  To make mistakes. To learn from them and carry on.  

  • We learn that not every project will survive but we can extract a lot of information from it for our own learning and growth.
  • Harvard Medical Research has now proven just 45 minutes of painting can actually reduce cortisol in your body, reduce anxiety, help people with depression, grief, cancer, dementia and much more. 
  • Acrylic paint teaches you forgiveness!!  – you can reinvent, recreate, re-balance or completely eliminate it and start again.
  • You learn to look beyond what you see and allow the unseen aspects, thoughts, conversations in your body to emerge without you having to sit in boring talk therapy and get your hands engaged in practical, juicy creations that show you more than you thought possible. 
  • It promotes stress relief, expands personal and creative growth, enhances problem solving and critical thinking skills as well as solution finding. 
  • With practice, thinking creatively becomes second nature! 
  • It can cultivate emotional growth, releasing emotions and enables you to change how you see situations from different perspectives.
  • Experimentation assists in teaching you risk taking and builds confidence in other areas of your life.
  • For those that have been through trauma, abuse, harassment, or working their way through medical conditions, painting forges connections BETWEEN the mind and body that enables new insights that enable healing and restoration of life. 
  • Builds positive mental and emotional well being.
  • It teaches you to be present in the moment.


And when you love doing something this much – why would you do anything else!!!





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